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Letters from Marc Emery #2

Below are the letters Marc Emery has written me from prison and asked me to post online so that everyone knows what's happening to him. These may be somewhat out of chronological order, but that won't matter because the information is relevant no matter what order it is in.

If you are Canadian please use these letters by sending them to your elected officials, the Justice Minister and anyone else who will be instrumental in getting Marc transferred back to Canada.

Monday, Dec. 6, 2010,

Dear Loretta,

I sent you a letter yesterday asking you to do a number of things. This morning I saw you had put $150 on my account, so I am financially OK until Dec. 18 or so.

I am going to use you as a researcher/go-to person in a variety of requests. I already ask Jeremiah to do journalism and research on specific prison issues and Jodie gets swamped with my requests, but from you I'll often need you to find a phone number, fax number, address or send a request for catalogs (often books and magazines) or documents of a legal nature, BOP regulations etc.

My first request relates to work I do in the inmate library. In there I often fill out a cover letter and request for what amounts to a fast track deportation. Basically, as you can tell by (*stipulated deportation order and pursuant to A.R.S. 41-1604-14) letter, if an inmate meets the criteria set out in points 1-6 he can request to be deported after half of his sentence has been served.

We type in the inmates name, BOP number, address at DRJCF (although it's in top right corner too) on the cover letter (marked #1) and on the stipulated deportation order (marked #2). We type their name, BOP number & return address too. And they mail it completed to the addre3ss listed on the form letter (Atlanta ICE office). I've done about 15 of those in the last week. Here is what I would like you to find out for me by calling the Atlanta ICE office and asking the following questions.

1) What is the name of the field director in the Atlanta office that these letters go to?

2)What is the phone number?

3) What is the fax number?

4) Do they have an FAQ or information online or in reprint or policy paper about this ARS 41-1604-14 that you can get, make a copy of so that I can make additional copies?

5) What is the turn around time in processing these applications?

6) Does the field manager or staff there have any advice on making applications easier, more successful or clear for the purposes of getting the deportation to happen?

Another thing I need you to find is the definition of class 1,2,3,4,5,6, felonies. As you can see the eligibility for deportation at 1/2 time is to those with class 3 through 6 felonies.

I understand Class 1 is murder, arson, serious bad shit, but I'd like to know, if a list is available, what offense3s are in each class. Can you find that out and send me what you find?

I also need to know a place I can order Spanish language books/Spanish language magazines from. Retail is fine. We typically want to order only one copy of each. You might find stores online with outlets in Miami nearby. Print out their ordering info, list of titles. I especially need their phone, fax, email, terms and catalog.

I'm in charge of acquisitions so I need catalogs and online catalogs reprinted so I can order books, magazines and newspapers for the library.

Also enclosed is a print out called "Legal News" (I'll need this back). It's from the Winton, NC INS low security facility that just closed down its INS part at Rivers Correctional in Winton.

I want you to google that case: Case # 1:09-cv-00200 (RWR) Patel et al. US Bureau of Prisons et al.

The arguments made there are substantially the same arguments I made to Jeremiah in a 14 page letter I sent him Friday. Ask to get a copy of that letter faxed or emailed to you. It's meant to be a blog by me and it outlines my opinions on how GEO and the BOP discriminate against foreign nationals in this and probably other facilities contracted out.

One thing has changes, the limits on deposits. First deposit $300 made out Oct. 19. No further deposits were possible until Nov. 30 when $200 was put in. On Dec. 6, only 7 days later $150 was put in, exceeding the previous restricted limit of $300 in 10/11 days. As $350 has been put in a combined 7 days. The front office says the limit is now $300 per day in an inmates account. We won't test that threshold , but clearly $350 deposited in 7 days is a change from $300 max in 10 days.

So, progress is being made. I love my library job. I get to help inmates, get magazines, books, reference material for them. Today i helped an inmate arrange to get married here. The chaplain, warden and counselor are all giving him the run around but BOP policy is very clear on in-prison marriages. (Look up the policy at BOP) and they (the prison) require very little consent, it's just a few formalities, but the people here have never done one so they keep saying, "talk to the chaplain" who says, "I don't know anything about that, talk to the warden" who says, "the chaplain has to approve it." In fact, the chaplain has nothing to do with marriage approvals. If the inmate and his fiance legally qualify the warden MUST marry them at the earliest convenient opportunity with a justice of the peace present. The only stipulation is that it can't threaten the security of the prison (DUH!) and the inmate has to cover the cost of the Justice of the Peace and marriage license. So, I got out BOP policy, underlined and highlighted the clear policy for the warden to read and sent our would be groom to unit manager Carter with BOP policy and a polite summary of the run around so far and what is the correct prison procedure for in-prison marriages. Feels.....AWESOME!

So, I'll let you know when he is getting married. It's not complicated and there is almost nothing in the ordinary circumstances that can derail a prisoner who wants to marry a legally qualified woman. So far he's encountered a lot of, "I don't know how that's done, but there are many here in authority who seem unaware there is a BOP policy ON EVERYTHING and it's very clear.

So, I'll let you) and I'm hoping I get some magazines or paperbacks to add to the library shelves.

OK, more tomorrow. I know you are super busy already so I hope you'll forgive me getting you as my researcher - inmate rights liaison - helper - library assistant person. I hope you find helping me do good a fun thing.

I love you,

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