Sunday, December 26, 2010

Letters from Marc Emery #3

Sunday night 7 pm Dec. 5, 2010

Dear Loretta,

Jodie's visits were AWESOME! Only 5 inmates had visitors all day, most if not all inmates here are from Mexico, Colombia, Cuba or other Hispanic countries, living in the US (often with wives or family or children who are US citizens) for the past 2-30 years. They will be deported on release. It's all nutty! They could solve this problem by allowing any immigrant to work and pay taxes with no option to collect benefits for 10 years (until they've paid 10 years in taxes) and by legalizing drugs! The US taxpayer is paying a fortune for incarce3rating these people who normally work and support their families.

But visits are rare here, because all of them are from California or the Western, Southwestern States etc., None are from the Southeast.

Look forward to seeing you when you come with Jodie on Dec. 19.

You'll be needed to escort Jodie on Friday Dec. 17 to Sunday Dec. 19 (departing evening) Friday Dec. 31st to Sun. Jan. 2 (evening). These BHAM to Jacksonville flights should be booked ASAP for best prices. You may want to leave J'ville on Mondays but for the purposes of school of Monday you may need to leave on Sundays. Butu, then school is probably closed on Dec. 19 and Jan. 2 so perhaps hanging out with Jodie till Monday is a better idea. Talk to her about it.

By now you've probably put $100 on my commissary account somewhere between Dec. 12-16. Then I'm ok till Jan. 1 or so.

There are some other requests for current catalogs for magazine subscriptions, addresses of places, I'll get you to research it for me as nowhere in this place (unlike SeaTac) are we connected to email or the internet.

I've put out word to my supporters to send paperbacks, single copy magazines or magazine subscriptions to me or D Ray James C.F. Library. It's going to take a while but I'll get that library relevant yet! I already do legal forms for 1/2 time served deportation, appeals and other legal assistance in the library.

I also prepare job application paperwork for the Hispanic (700 out of 750 inmates here) inmates to get them jobs in the area they would prefer before they get assigned to the dreaded kitchen or dining hall at .12 cents an hour. Once you are assigned a job you can't quit for three months, or they threaten to send you to solitary. Kitchen work is 8 hours a day 5 days a week at .12 cents an hour! So, inmates come to me and I say, "Pick a job" (laundry, translating, orderly, clerking, medical aide etc.) and I'll write up a request application and direct it to the one guy who works here and can assign a job immediately. So far all of them have gotten the jobs they wanted. So, I like my library job. But, if they turn down my transfer application I've got numerous legal actions planned against this place based on the clear discrimination of deportable aliens (like me) vs. USA inmates. The BOP claims that they don't discriminate against foreign nationals incarcerated in US facilities but that is patently not true. This GEO group does/is allowed to deviate from BOP policy affecti8ng us as compared top USA inmates several areas.

My transfer paperwork is underway and is requi8red to be back in Washington, DC by Jan. 16. Then a decision on approval/rejection should be done by end of Feb. If approved it goes to Ottawa for their approval. If approved there I'd end up in Canada by July or August and out on parole by mid-November.


I hope to have the library ship shape by mid-Feb. At least if I'm stuck here I'll hopefully have a job I like and do good work on.

I'm busy now from 6 am when I get up; I eat, shower & shave, go to the library at 8 am, return to dorm at 10:30 am, write letter #1 til noon, lunch, begin letter #2, go to library at 1 pm, return to dorm at 3:45 pm, call Jodie for 5 minutes, finish letter #2, eat at 5:30 pm, return, write Jodie's daily letter, with additions after my mail arrives at 730 pm, finish Jodie's letter, do letter #3. By 10 pm I've looked at my mail, read most letters and glanced at the newspapers, which I take to the library next day, along with any magazines or paperbacks or hardcovers anyone has sent me to read or for the library. (Eventually my 12 subscriptions to magazines will start showing up too.)

So, that's my day from 6 am to 10:30 pm. When I'm exhausted I fall soundly asleep. That's each day Monday -Friday, no time to play cards or watch TV or movies or listen to radio. On weekends if I have a visit that is from 830 am to 330 pm. I'll write a letter or two (like this one now) to catch up. I do my laundry every 2 or 3 days (like today after Jodie's visit).

I pick up my commissary purchases on Tuesday morning. I commission the artists to make a special card for Jodie every 10 days or so, right now they are working on a special hand-done Christmas card for her from me. That costs me $4 in commissary goods. Any crafts or other services I require (any onion, green pepper, banana for example) costs .75 cents for an excellent banana, $1 for half an onion, $1 for half a green pepper, that gets paid out of my commissary. So, each week I have a few lists of items I have to get to pay debts.

I'm in no danger here. I get along fine with all the inmates and GEO staff. I'm polite and acknowledge that the C.O's are in charge. There's no privacy but it no longer bothers me. Our property is stored in two inconvenient bins I keep under my bunk but it will become more complicated when my property arrives from SeaTac. I'm looking forward to my book light, books, notes and photos of Jodie.

My money in the commissary accounts at SeaTac, Oklahoma City and Nevada Southern should begin arriving this week which is about $160 from OK City, $170 from SeaTac and $75 from Nevada Southern. That'll give Dana a break for a few weeks.

So, considering I've been here only 18 days my progress is good. Job I like at the incredible pay of $7.25 a week! Transfer paperwork underway. New shoes. Food for evenings ( I always have chicken, tuna, chocolate bars, potato chips, envelopes and stamps and whatever I need.) I'm super busy.

You are being super helpful with getting money on my commissary account Dana & Jodie's letters to me, escorting my wife. In fact, without you I'd be really screwed! You, after Jodie and Dana are the most important person in my life without question! THANKS!

And actually I would have been bored with the desert at Taft and I feel I have a purpose here, to help inmates , activate the library (we should have the photo copier operational this week, and a word processor is being put in, we use typewriters now to do paperwork for the inmates). I should get piles of mags for the library and books donated. I hardly have time to read anything myself anymore.

Love you, See you soon,

Loretta: need you to do these things.

I need magazine current subscription listing from

Broadway News
206-324-7323 (Ph)
206-324-2521 (fax)

I need current magazine subscription list from

Grant Publications

Need subscription rates to D Ray James Corr. facility for;

The Nassau Guardian Online (printed edition)
This is Nassau Bahamas

The Miami Herald - How much is a subscription of this paper to D Ray James CF?

(Loretta's Notes: I contacted both the newspapers and have yet to hear back from either of them)


Dave said...

It is a dark day in American History that our local schools are unable to afford education and we have the money to house a foreign pot seed seller.

Loretta Nall said...

Amen to that Dave! And, just last week, to add insult to injury, the Mobile Press Register reported that the biggest recipient of education stimulus dollars in Alabama was given to the prison system to prop it up for a mere three months. They got $118 MILLION dollars that should have gone to the schools.