Sunday, December 26, 2010

Letters from Marc Emery #4

Tuesday 5 pm
Dec. 7, 2010

Dear Loretta,

Today was another interesting day; the guy from Laos who's in here because he's not a US citizen (speaks perfect English, engaged to marry a Chinese-American, trying to marry her in Jan., when she visits him here in prison) but is not deportable because the US doesn't have a transfer treaty with Laos (or the following countries: Cambodia, Vietnam, Cuba); well the Justice of the Peace agreed to come out to the prison to conduct the marriage ceremony. That's the biggest hurdle overcome. Now the Warden or Chaplain really have no excuse at all not to allow the wedding, but they are still trying to find one. But, the BOP regulations are pretty clear, as we keep reminding them.

Today, inspectors were here from the BOP asking about the quality of the food we get served. BOY THAT WAS GOOD! I told them the only 'fresh' fruit we ever get is a scrawny orange that Florida/Georgia would be ashamed of, once every two days. Never an apple or banana or God forbid, Georgia is the "Peach State", how bout some peaches? The BOP requires we get fresh fruit every day. That's violated for sure! Then I said, "We get too much of the same repetitive corn/corn products and ground beef/ground chicken stuff day in and day out."

Getting our commissary is a total clusterfuck! We had to wait one hour to 90 minutes outside to get our purchase items. At 1 pm there were 100 guys lined up to pick up their items. The dispensing window did 1 inmate every 3-4 minutes, but that meant an average wait of 45-60 minutes. That'll have to change.

I worked on several treaty transfers today, a number of 1/2 deportations, ordered some more magazines on the library tab, and tonight the library opens from 7-9 pm, so it will be packed. I'm working evenings also. The key is to become indispensable as well as on top of everything. New inmates arrived today, another 75 to 100, including two Canadians. I haven't met them because they are in solitary (they couldn't process them readily into dorm even though they are fully aware they are arriving), one Swede, one Lebanese. Both speak English well. I gave them the orientation of this place (here's what really goes on and we're here to help.") Meaning the library staff which has evolved to be a multi-national brain trust of cynics and jailhouse lawyers. And they indicated they were appalled at how the place runs.

Yet, progress is happening. A spectacular new photocopier was turned on today in the library. What we can use it for or how often and how much it will cost remains unknown. (Loretta's note: They have thus far been unable to use it at all.) Tonight or tomorrow we will be read the riot act on who & how it can be used. I hope any of the knowledgeable library aides (that's us who work there) can use it on behalf of inmates. We shall see.

The computer was activated yesterday. It's in constant use even though it's not hooked to a printer , but we are lobbying to get it hooked up!

So, I need you to find out the following:

What is the subscription price of "Hola!"

It's a magazine from Spain
Phone: 91-781-17-64 or email them at

Another magazine I need subscription info on is 'Muy Interesante'

Put it out there! Need to find out if there is a group in Canada that assists Honduran refugees (from Honduras of course!)
I need books in Spanish, French, Portuguese, popular fiction in those languages. Ask my Facebook supporters to send paperbacks or softcovers to me for the inmates who read these languages. There are no books here at all in French (inmates from France, Caribbean and Quebec) and Portuguese (for Brazilians).

If anyone has a copy of Jean M. Auel's "Plains of Passage" book #4 in the series (English) that would be a great Christmas gift for one inmate.

If you are able to get parole regulations for prisoners in the Bahamas I'd appreciate it. There are two Bahamian's who are applying for treaty transfers back to the Bahama's (illegal entry into US) and want to know how much of their US sentence they would have to serve in the Bahamas.

The library under some weird rule cannot have books about religion --- at least they won't order them-- so if anyone wants to send me a book about philosophy or religious ideas in Western culture that would be welcome by some inmates who have asked.

Here is a list of Spanish magazines that I am requesting a year subscription to for the library;

Spanish Magazines

Don Balon
GO (en espanol)
Mechanica Popular (en espanol)
Men's Health (en espanol)
National Geographic (en espanol)
My Interesante
People (en espanol)
TV y Novelas
Pre Seso
El Zeta
Readers Digest (en espanol) and English
American Curves (in English and Spanish)

A magazine that would be extremely popular (perhaps the most popular) would be a 'girlie' magazine called 'American Curves', which is allowed in prisons (Loretta's notes: I have purchased a years subscription to National Geographic and American Curves for Marc so no need to duplicate those.)

These can be sen to me at;

Marc Scott Emery # 40252-086
Unit Q Pod 2
D Ray James Correctional Facility
PO Box 2000
Folkston GA, 31537

Or they can be sent directly to the Librarian at;

Mr. Folk, Librarian
PO Box 2000
Folkston, GA 31537-9000

Any subscription arriving that way will appear to be a subscription ordered by the librarian or library aide (me) in the normal course of events.

Broadway News in Seattle sells single copies (the latest issue) of many magazines as well as subscriptions. They are at
Subscriptions are cheaper at
Single copies should be mailed to me.

Loretta, I need a divorce package from Arizona. can you call up the county clerk in AZ, specifically Besbee AZ and send me a divorce packet?

I bought these shower shoes that are so good! The ones I was using (standard prison issue) were terrible (albeit tolerable) but I jumped at the chance to buy a new pair of actual super high quality shower shoes. Ask Dana for this money. I said to him I'd be a money pit in here. Tell him I'm doing God's work battling the Anti-Christ, so I'm worth it. I'll send him a letter thanking him. I called him yesterday to thank him for keeping me comfortable here.

I have a cold but I'm so busy and excited about my work that it doesn't bother me. I really appreciate that you are teaming up with me to research this stuff.

Thanks for being my Wing-Man.

Doing God's work Behind Bars

Peace & Justice


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trizzybob said...

can you convey my thoughts about class A misdeanor convictions in The Great State of Alabama, to Mr Emery and his jailhouse lawyers, which may turn into a possible fund raising event for any and every indigent prisoners, who has ever been convicted of a class A misdemeanor within said Great State, Most certainly a righteous deed, of the upmost importants, involving indigent prisoners, no doubt. Provided, however, that my thinkings be true, and can withstand attack by d'em dere fools who think d'eys got more better rights then I gots......., My arguement is as follows,,,,,,Under Alabama law the maximum authorized term of imprisonment for a class A misdemeanor is one year. However, for any one charged with a crime where the maximum authorized term of imprisonment is greater than six months, The U. S. Constitution not only guaranties an accused a trial by jury, it mandates it, in the first instance without unreasonible delay and without any coercion of any kind. I believe that Blanton v. North Los Vagas (1989) discribes, in the best terms, the reasons why six months is the clear line between a mandated jury trial and trial by a judge. And Callan v.Wilson 127 US 540 (1888) is a case in point as to why each and every conviction of a class A misdemeanor, tried in district or municipal court, is due to be overturned and all fines and court cost, imposed upon an accused, must be refunded. Futhermore, the federal Equal Protection Clause may forebid the enforcement of any stand alone municipal ordinance which has within it an act that could be prosecuted in a manner that would mandate a trial by jury in the first instance. And though I gotz me a Gee, Ee and a Dee, I could be wrong and I would not want to be the one who bankrupted every small town in the state. But Mr. Emery, being an evil Canadain and protected by armed guards, could easily get away with bankrupting every small town in the state.