Monday, December 27, 2010

Letters from Marc Emery #5

Friday, Dec. 10, 2010 10:30 am to Noon

Dear Loretta,

I hope you are reading my letters to Jodie because then you know about my hell night when we got moved because our dorm heater was dysfunctional (as it had been for 3 weeks but no one cared to fix it until they were in violation of the law when the outside temps dropped below freezing.) Then we got terrorized by SWAT-style C.O's herding us around to a filthy, unready dorm; We got returned the next day, and now we think our existing dorm (Q-2) is like the Hilton. Changing perspective!

Among my 2 million requests our law library brain trust needs a directory or addresses for

*Presidential pardons
*Attorney Generals Office at Department of Justice
*Directory of Bureau of Prisons from director, transfer division
*ICE, including regional offices
*Addresses of all federal detention centers (there's about 30-50 in the USA)

This is so we can write on behalf of prisoners. Check to see if there is a book or something that is a guide/reference handbook to the Dept. of Justice regarding contacting various departments.

I need a reprint of an article that appeared in Forbes once with the pot leaf on the front page "Inside Dope" I think it was called, by Quentin hardy. From the net is fine. (Loretta's note: I have this printed and ready to send)

Any exposes you can find on GEO and any lawsuits against them. Any lawsuits by INS prisoners like us against BOP/GEO/CCA. Reprint those and send them. (Loretta's Note: This has not yet been done. If any of you reading this want to help fill Marc's requests this would be a great thing to research for him and send to him. Also finding the contact information listed above would be a wonderful thing to do. I try to fill as many of his requests as I can but fall behind due to traveling to see him, family duties, school and my work as executive director of ACC. Any and all help from his supporters to get this information to him will be greatly appreciated)

If any of your people want to send paperbacks or magazines in excellent condition, one per envelope, I'm sure Dana can work out a postage compensation fund.

As you can see I'm determined to change this place by sheer force of will and with my army of supporters. One paperback book or magazine foes a long way here. The quality of letter writing by my correspondents is getting very good. I read Jodie some very touching and inspiring letters from several people I received in just one day all saying I've changed their life in substantial and fundamental ways. Since Jodie's been fragile the past two weeks (she's feeling overwhelmed) I try to remind her she's making a huge impact and keeping my reputation higher than ever. The Knowledge Network (in Canada) ran "Prince of Pot" movie nationwide again Wednesday right after the Angus Reid headlines "Canada wants Prince of Pot Returned Home" showed up days earlier. "The Principle of Pot" 3 DVD's that's out now is selling well and I really like that movie, too.

This week I received 12 new or like new magazines from December so already the magazine library rack looks greatly improved. I got a nice atlas of the solar system in Spanish, Billy Gibbons "Rock-N-Roll Gear head" big coffee table book and a few other good books for the library, none of which have been stolen yet. (magazines only get taken by the staff it seems. The Chaplain walked off with the latest issue of Rolling Stone magazine that I donated and said, "Back in an hour." 24 hours later no Rolling Stone magazine.

Hello! 8th Commandment "Thou shalt not steal"

(Loretta's notes: The magazine in question was eventually returned)

I am in good spirits and am pleased you will be escorting Jodie next weekend and visiting me on Sunday. She needs a lot to get done including a letter to the DOJ on my behalf by mid-Jan signed by elected officials in Canada and the US (hopefully) urging my transfer. The trip to see me is exhausting and its gloomy, rainy, dark at 4:00 pm in Vancouver and the Holiday season is particularly hard on her without me there.

And no doubt you have burdens yourself, but i hope your two children are not amongst your problems. (Loretta's note: My kids are no problem at all. They are spectacular and we are very, very close) I look forward to meeting them one day.

I watched an Auburn vs. Alabama State (Loretta's note: It was actually the SEC Championship game Marc watched...Auburn vs. South Carolina) last weekend because I know Auburn is your team and Alex's (my son) University. That quarterback Cam Newton is AMAZING! (Loretta's Note: Damn right!) 13-0 for the season;l that's a hell of a record. On the news this morning was some business about his father refusing to attend the Heisman trophy award ceremony (which Newton is sure to win). You'll have to explain what that is all about and why such a thing got on the news in a letter or when I see you in person. (Loretta's note: I did explain all about the NCAA investigation and why Cecil Newton did not attend the Heisman ceremony to Marc when I visited a few weeks ago)

I read in Time Magazine of some mean, bastard sheriff who arrested Willie Nelson for pot (Texas I think) that he hoped Willie would get sent to his jail where he would delight in making 73 year old Willie "cook and clean all day." What a piece of SHIT! Read that in the new Time magazine a supporter sent me to put in the library, but it was just a quote by the sheriff beside Willie's mugshot.

There is a full page ad in Wednesday's USA Today for CNBC's "Marijuana USA" special on Wednesday night. It's a full page image of a black & white suit with a big pot leaf on it. The same marijuana growers alas who contributed to sinking Prop. 19 no doubt.

Keep reading all my letters to Jodie and Dana and you, of course, I need you to know what's going on.

Love you,

P.S. Get a catalog or online website for this store in Miami

Revistas & Periodicos Inc.
Foreign books, newspapers, and magazines
7971 SW 40th St.
Suite 10
Miami, FL 33155
Phone 305-264-4516

This place handles Spanish language material I need to order for the library as well as giving specific information to supporters who want to help me replenish the library.
I have ordered a catalog but I can use a few and I want you to have one to advise supporters on Facebook

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