Thursday, April 07, 2011

Medical Marijuana Action Alert: Call Rep. Jim McCLendon

Medical Marijuana Action Alert:

Rep. Jim McLendon who represents Shelby and St. Clair counties and is head of the health committee where our medical marijuana bill has landed this session is hesitant to put it on the calendar. He doesn't believe that his constituents support the bill.

I need everyone in both those counties to call him up and let him know that, in fact, there is a lot of support in his district for this bill. Point out that Cam Ward, who also represented Shelby Co in the House always voted YES in committee (although we are unsure how Senator Ward will vote when this bill finally makes it to the full Senate) and not only did he not get voted out last election he moved up to the Senate.

Also point out that a 2004 statewide poll conducted by The Mobile Press Register and the University of South Alabama found that 76% of Alabamians support medical marijuana.

Here is his contact info. Please be polite and respectful. Ask him to please put the bill on the calendar. Next week would be sublime.

Home Phone 205-467-2656

Montgomery 334-242-7768


website Jim Mclendon


Almoderate said...

Thanks for bringing this to my attention, Loretta. I actually am one of Rep. McClendon's constituents, so I will be sure to contact him on this.

Loretta Nall said...

Bless yo AlaMod. I thought that might be the case. I sent you an email yesterday but don't know if you are using the same address that you were a year or so ago.

Almoderate said...

Nope. I had certain people clogging it with attachments, and it filled up ages ago. I switched to a simple gmail account.

I needed to contact McClendon regarding another more personal issue anyway, so I killed two birds in one stone.

I don't know if I ever shared with you that MY Bella was diagnosed on the autism spectrum (very high functioning, possible Aspies but too young to tell) last February. The private schools refused to deal with us at all, and while I'd love to home school it's not a possibility for us at this time. Bella's condition makes it more difficult for her, but she doesn't require a special classroom environment, and what she does require doesn't hinder other students. (Little things like letting her sit next to the teacher or by herself.)

We were fortunate enough to be able to participate in the public pre-K system, and let me tell you that I was highly impressed by her teachers there. They've really worked with us and with her, and she's made so much improvement. After having so many people treat my child like an outcast over such a little thing, to have her in a nurturing environment is really moving.

And then the zone lines changed. It's literally in front of my house. We were never formally notified and only learned of the change by chance. And registration for 5K is later this month. We of course put in a request so that she could still attend the other school, but I don't want her lost in a pile of paperwork, so I figured it couldn't hurt to contact McClendon in addition to that to see if there's anything he could do.