Thursday, April 07, 2011

Morons and Dangerous Dogs

Why is it that most morons who own dogs go for the dangerous varieties? Like pit bulls, for instance?

This morning at 1:30 or so we were awakened to the most terrible ruckus you've ever heard in the yard. Three large pit bulls were at the back of the pig enclosure trying to get in and eat him. My German Shepherd, who is a house dog and only goes outside on a leash or gets in his fence (because I know he is a dangerous animal) damn near went through the window after them. My pit bull was locked safely away in the shop because I care for her well being and do not leave her out at night.

Two of these pit bulls I have never seen before. The one I have seen is, I am convinced, the parent to the stray we took in a few months ago (she's so sweet). One of the others was white and I never got a good look at the third one. They were barking at the pig and the pig was barking back at them.

Most people may be unaware that pigs can bark. Or maybe they can't and just mine does. But he damn sure barks. Loud. Just like a dog. And the pit bull puppy we have snorts, just like a pig, and farts like a champion! She can flat clear a room.

Anyway, I have no idea who owns this particular pack of roving pit bulls. I haven't seen them in any yards nearby and they ran off through the woods after my husband went out to scare them away. He didn't take the rifle because it was dark and we do have neighbors nearby so shooting blind was out of the question.

The white pit bull turned and barked at my husband and refused to run at first. Finally he/she gave ground and ran off in the woods with the other two.

While I don't know who owns the dogs I do know one thing about them...well maybe two.

1) They are complete fucking morons. If they think they can just let their damn dogs roam the neighborhood, where there are small children and my livestock, without there ever being conflict then morons are all they could be.

2) They are not rational enough to own any breed more dangerous than say a tea cup poodle. Owning dogs they refuse to manage and thereby endangering their neighbors and their neighbors pets means they are bad dog owners.

Why is it that stupid people want mean dogs? And by stupid I mean people who think it is ok to let their dogs destroy other peoples animals, run around on other peoples property and scare the living shit out of other people at 1:30 in the morning? And why pit bulls? Surely they read and watch the news and know what pit's are capable of if not properly trained and contained.

I, personally love the large scary breeds. They are my weapon of choice. And my large scary breeds (German Shepherd and Pit Bull) are contained on my property and never allowed to run around the neighborhood and frighten the neighbors. I have a neighbor who has a pit bull that is in my yard all day and night no matter how many times I ask him to keep her out of here or fire the BB gun at her or throw rocks. I'm getting damn tired of asking and if I can ever lay hands on her then she is going to the pound.

My husband and I went looking for a place to set up an ambush for the pack that attacked last night. We discovered that they had discovered our armadillo hole out in the woods and had murdered a harmless armadillo in a cruel and vicious way. I couldn't even look at it. And that royally pisses me off because I like to feed my dillers. They stand up on their hind legs and look at me sometimes and they look like kangaroos in the face. Cute and harmless. Now dead.

I know that those dogs will be back tonight as soon as things get quiet in the house. I know that 3 dogs is a pack and therefore much more dangerous than two dogs or one. And when they get here we will be waiting for them with a 30.06. Be damned if I will be afraid of going out in my own yard or letting my daughter walk through the woods on OUR property or having my pet pig and goats torn to pieces because some fuckhead douche bag thinks having mean dogs makes his dick look bigger. That's a bunch of bullshit. Earlier when I was outside with my dogs I heard them barking in the distance. My pit puppy came and cowered under my feet.

Behind the pig pen there are large tracks with sharp claw impressions. I think my pig is capable of handling one dog (he's a large, large powerful sucker with HUGE teeth) but three of the bastards would have eviscerated him. I'm actually kind of looking forward to tonight. Not that I like to kill things. Not at all. But having had experience with neighbors and their roaming canines before I have learned it is best to just handle shit and not tell them there was ever a problem. It is my job to protect my family and my pets. And I will do just that.

Note to dumb asses with small penises....owning dogs who are a danger to others that you refuse to contain doesn't make your dick any bigger. It only pisses off your neighbors and gets your dogs killed.


Don said...

I have 3 firearms....a semi-automatic .22, a 12 gauge pump shotgun, and a high-power Ruger hunting rifle. In many situations, and this seems like one, I'd prefer using my shotgun. I think it would be just as effective, not nearly as hard to hit something in poor or no light, and not as dangerous to anyone living nearby.

Mike M said...

That's not fair, not all people who raise pits have small penises. I have a wee willy but I have cats.

Loretta Nall said...

I need to invest in a shotgun Don.

LOL Mike...That isn't what I meant. I own a pit and don't have a penis at all :) I am referring to the people who get them because they wish to appear tough and then do not invest the time it takes to train and care for the dog properly. And those who let them run loose.

Almoderate said...

I really feel sorry for the dogs in these situations, too. I love German shepherds and pit bulls, and you're probably already aware that they're some of the sweetest and most loving dogs. Teaching them to be mean and/or letting them roam puts them as well as other people in so much danger.

Even if you have no regard for other human beings... Why would you want to risk someone shooting your beloved dog or having him hit by a car?

And any small breeds really aren't much better. My dad has owned nothing but small dogs, and every one of them was mean as a snake. They seem to bite more-- likely because people seem to be more comfortable approaching a strange dog if it's a smaller breed.

I don't think I could bring myself to shoot a gun near my home because other houses are so close by. But we do have some dogs that roam around here and do growl at my family. I found a safer solution that I was more comfortable with.

I bought a paintball gun. It hurts like a mother, but less chance of any permanent damage to neighbors.

sixstring said...

So, what happened? Did the pack return? Was this a wild pack or does someone own these dogs?
I had to kill an aggressive dog on our property when I was 12 years old. Why do people let their dogs run free? No compassion for their dogs. No respect for their neighbors. And probably not much respect for themselves.

Loretta Nall said...

The whole pack hasn't been back...yet. One of them came back and chased my geese. I couldn't get a clear shot off at it because it ran towards my neighbors house.

I saw the whole pack going up the road day before yesterday. They are all owned by someone. they are healthy and look well fed. And you are right their owner(s) don't give a damn about them or for their neighbors property. I hate to kill a dog but I refuse to be trapped in my own house or have my animals threatened. It isn't really the dogs fault but I am out of options.

Anonymous said...

Only once in my life had a dog for one day and that was enough for me, I got rid of it. It was a nuisance always following me everywhere, plus shitted and pissed everywhere in the house. I cannot understand why they are so unsecured and need attention all the time. I have seven cats and I love it, they are smart, clean and when you need their attention I call them and they come, when I do not need them, they look after themselves. It is cool. Could never understand why you need a dog.

Loretta Nall said...

Anon...some people are dog people and some people are cat people and there is nothing wrong with either one.