Sunday, April 10, 2011

Medical Marijuana OpEd's in BHAM News and Press Register

Today I had OpEd's on HB386 The Michael Phillips Compassionate Care Act appear in both the Birmingham News and the Mobile Press Register

Birmingham News
Drug War Politics Hurt Medical Marijuana in State

Mobile Press Register
Alabama Should Allow Use of Medical Marijuana

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To send an LTE to the Press Register use this link


sixstring said...

Fantastic! And these were run as Op Eds, not LTEs.
IMO, this was some of your best work.
I'm so glad you brought up the TRA. Few people know that Alabama recognized that marijuana had medical value over 30 years ago.
And the socialized medicene comment was great.

Loretta Nall said...

Thanks sixstring. It was funny how the oped in both papers came about. I sent Joey Kennedy at the BHAM News a note letting him know that HB386 had been introduced. He replied asking me for a 700 word oped by Wednesday for publication today.

After I sent it to him I decided to trim it down and submit it as an LTE to various other papers. Francis Coleman at the Press Register emailed me back and said she was considering it for publication in today's "Insights" section....but said it was too short and asked if I could add a few hundred words. Never been asked to make it bigger for a newspaper before. So, I sent her the full version and the rest is history.

Anonymous said...

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