Sunday, May 07, 2006

Now I Know How the Coyote Feels

Dear Friends, Supporters and Newcomers to the Nall for Governor Campaign,

It has been a while since I last updated you on how the campaign is progressing. The fact is, so much has been happening I have only been able to do individual short posts announcing an event or sharing campaign coverage and have had no time for writing the long, detailed updates that I so enjoy writing and that most of you seem to enjoy reading.

On an aside...if there are any literary agents/publishers out there reading my articles covering my adventures in drug policy and prison reform in Alabama, and you happen to think I am talented and should perhaps turn all of this material into a book...please contact me.

I have heard one too many times things like, "You are a modern day Mark Twain, William Faulkner, Hunter S. Thompson" and things like the following which is posted over at Cup of Joe Powell

Next, one of the more unusual candidates in politics today is a wanna-be independent candidate for governor in Alabama. She offers to flash her bodacious ta-tas if you make a donation. At least she is a distinctively different type of candidate from ousted Judge Roy "10 Commandments" Moore. She also keeps a blog, which reads like one of the funniest Southern novels of the last decade, especially her attempt to see her brother in jail, which she couldn't, 'cause she and her mom were't wearing panties.

While I don't think I am nearly deserving of any such comparisons to three of the absolute greatest writers ever, it would be foolish to ignore the numerous positive responses I get from people all over the world after they read my work.

Now, to back up a bit and give everyone a brief rundown of events since April. The best way to do this is to just link to various coverage of the campaign.

Nall Officially Nominated as LP Candidate for Governor of Alabama

Nall Goes Back to Court

Coverage of News Conference on Capitol Steps

Woman Heads Libertarian Ticket

WAKA Talk Back

Libertarians Make it Official

More Excited than the Lt. Gov.

Huntsville Times Coverage of PTA Candidate Forum
Video of PTA Candidate Forum

Guest on 96 Rock

AP Coverage


Nall Launches Flash for Cash Campaign

Columbia Journalism Review Coverage

Free Talk Live

A Womans Fight for Freedom in the Birthplace of Rosa Parks and Helen Keller

National Media Blitz Begins

And this is where things stand now.

Last nights appearance on Alan Colmes was moved to Monday, May 8 at 10 p.m. CDT. When they called me the gentleman on the phone was very apologetic. I just laughed and told him that if the worst thing in your day is getting bumped off of a nationally syndicated radio show by the head of the CIA and Patrick Kennedy then you're probably doing ok in life. Further, Monday is a much better news day than Friday.

Alan Colmes has the greatest scrolling headline ticker about my appearance on the show. It seems he actually gets the meaning behind the campaign, unlike some others I have run into. Who would have thought people would be so uptight in the year 2006? I'll admit though that I am having fun watching them get their drawers in a wad over their own warped perception of my Flash for Cash Campaign.
The FOX News Version of Colmes site has a somewhat different spin on it though.

And I am currently #7 in Technorati Search

I can now honestly say that I know exactly what the Coyote feels like when his ass is strapped to that ACME Rocket!!

Many thanks to all of my readers, campaign advisors, supporters and friends for making all of this happen.
Help me get ballot access and then we will even more fun.

Your Compatriot in the Fight for Liberty,
Loretta Nall

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