Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Survey Says

If you weren't already aware, a recent Cato analysis indicated that libertarians constitute a significant portion of the swing vote – even larger than the fabled `soccer moms' and `NASCAR dads.' While their work took a look at who libertarians are and how they voted in the past, we'd like to do something a bit different.

LibertarianLists is sponsoring an online survey to determine the presidential preferences of libertarians for the 2008 presidential elections. It also asks about various political issues to see how they will play in the upcoming election. It asks about name recognition of obscure candidates as well as favorability factors for most of the known or anticipated presidential candidates. It also measures the level of support Ron Paul is receiving from the libertarian community.

Please take a moment, if you are so inclined, and complete the survey here.

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Daniel Lewis said...

That is a great little survey Loretta. I put a link to it on I think that Ron Paul running as a republican is waking a lot of people up to Libertarian ideas. I have worked with some Ron Paul supporters and found several new Libertarians. With Ron Paul a lot of people are getting their first exposure to Libertarian ideas. I hope many Libertarians will take this opportunity to introduce themselves to people who like the ideas of Ron Paul. I am not out to convert people to be Libertarians, as much as I am out to find those who are already Libertarians, but just don’t know it.

Daniel Lewis