Monday, May 05, 2008

Legislative Action This Week

The following bills are in the House Judiciary Cmte. this Wednesday, the final committee meeting day for the Alabama Legislature. The following bills, despite the fact that they are Senate Bills are in the House Judiciary Committee.

Smoking Ban Bill...KILL IT!
This bill would ban smoking in all public places, sports arenas, outdoor stadiums, work places and even privately owned bars and restaurants. The government does not have the right or the authority to determine what legal activities private business owners may engage in. Many bars and restaurants will go out of business if this bill passes. The solution is very simple.....if people do not wish to patronize an establishment that permits smoking they are free to go somewhere else and vice versa. We don't need government interference in private business.

Court Records Expungement Under Certain Conditions...SUPPORT IT!! SB540
This one is plain, common sense and Rep. Chris England is to be applauded for introducing it. This bill would allow people who were charged but never convicted of a crime to have their records expunged from the courts and from the Alabama crime database including pictures, fingerprints, electronic recordings and all other things related to a criminal record. It would also allow for the expungement of things like misdemeanor possession of marijuana after a few years so long as there have been no additional charges. It is a fabulous bill because it protects those of us who aren't criminals from being treated like we are.

Bill Preventing Governor or other authority from disarming law abiding citizens during states of Emergency...SUPPORT IT
This bill does exactly what the description says. In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina the New Orleans Police Dept. unlawfully disarmed law abiding, legal gun owning citizens when they were most vulnerable to crime. This bill would prevent that from happening in the state of Alabama. For the record...a Democrat named Marc Keahey introduced this bill and a Republican named Mike Ball argued against it saying that the police should always have the right to disarm anyone they choose even if no crime has been committed and no one has been placed under arrest. In other words Rep. Ball, who is a former state trooper, wants all discretion given to the police. HA! He won't hold office as a Republican in this state very long saying looney toon stuff like that. He'd even be hard pressed to be elected as a Democrat with that attitude. I know many gun totin' Liberals and love them all.

I may add to this list as the day goes on. In the meantime please use the contact information below to communicate with the Judiciary Committee your desires as they relate to these bills.

Alabama House Judiciary Committee Contact Info

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