Monday, July 14, 2008

And the Troy King Gay Watch Continues

It's Monday morning and still no MSM on the very unsettling rumors flying around the internet about Alabama Attorney General Troy King.

Here are some new tidbits though. According to commenter's over at Doc's Political Parlor

#33 says, "King’s trial lawyer friends are working over time to preserve their strangle hold on litigation against drug companies. King was supposed to meet with one company on Friday, but sent his deputy. The trial lawyers are concerned that if King leaves, they will lose out."

It was also stated that King was expected to be at the District Attorney's convention in South Alabama this weekend but was a no show. Someone also pointed out that it's no secret that King and the Alabama DA's don't get along to well so maybe that is why he didn't show up.

I am waiting on word from someone who attends church with him at First Baptist in Montgomery to tell us whether he was there with his family or not yesterday. You know he teaches a Sunday School class of 3 year-olds? His not being at church is not telling in and of itself....I mean I used to lie on Sunday morning so I could stay home and watch 'Wild Kingdom'...maybe he does too! I would have gone to Montgomery and seen for myself if he was at church or not....but I only go to church for weddings and funerals. Plus, everyone in Alabama politics knows me by sight...I wouldn't be a bit surprised if Troy has a photo of me on the back of his office door to throw darts I couldn't go and be just a new visitor and blend in and I don't want to offend the sanctity of church to other people by showing up just to spy on Troy King.

I'm not ready to call it either way. Some bloggers have backed away from covering this and apologized for their part in it. I, myself, don't see anything wrong with discussing rumors that you hear in your circles, especially ones like this, and I still think that there is likely to be something to it. The silence from the MSM who are reported to be working on this is a real red flag to me. That and the fact that the discussion has raged on some Alabama newspaper forums unchecked says something too. All of the forums that I have seen it on are heavily moderated and usually really racy stuff like this get yanked and the user banned for a short period of time.

I do want to say that the comments about Troy King's wife and children were uncalled for. I admit that I laughed at a couple of them on other sites (I'm human and have a depraved sense of humor) but felt for the most part they were way off base. His family hasn't done anything to deserve those and I feel badly for them, especially if this turns out to be true. I have not allowed anyone commenting on here to post things about his wife and kids. I won't allow it either so don't try....the comments will be deleted.

So, it's another day of tick...tock....tick....tock....tick....tock


Anonymous said...

It's a strange silence from the right-wingers who were first e-mailing to confirm this story, then tried out several trial balloons of "it's not true" - before disappearing.

The MSM in Alabam have lost their two best Republican investigative reporters, so maybe they no personnel left to get to the bottom of this?

WAPI in Birmingham just called and I will be on the radio at 10:15 talking about it...

Loretta Nall said...

I'll listen in on WAPI

Brian said...

"The silence from the MSM who are reported to be working on this is a real red flag to me."

Give me a break. The MSM would LOVE to run with this story full bore. It sells papers. They aren't running it because it is nothing but innuendo and speculation at this point. They are being what I like to call "responsible."

Anonymous said...

you are right Brian. MSM cannot report baseless slander just because they don't like the subject of the smear campaign. Those rights are apparantly reserved for the blogosphere.

Loretta Nall said...

We'll see what happens Brian and anon...his using innocent children who have nothing to do with this in his defense is really me or hate me you gotta admit that

Brian said...

It's not repulsive. A bit curious maybe, but not repulsive. I can imagine wanting to shield my children from smears.

Loretta Nall said...

It smacks of straw grabbing desperation to me...but hey..."What about the children" works real well in so many other instances....why not this one too?

Anonymous said...

your sleazy friend over at locust fork published his children's names and ages. That is so low I can't imagine what kind of slime would do such a thing. To purposely direct invective toward the man's children in an effort to pressure him to resign over baseless political smears.

Loretta Nall said...

That is public information and readily available in a couple of different places.

It is not posted here nor have I allowed anyone to post comments here that talk about his wife and children.

What does anything posted at Locust Fork have to do with this blog?