Sunday, July 13, 2008

Update on McCain Site and the Missing Name of Troy King

Danny over at Doc's Political Parlor is also carrying this story along with some possible and very plausible explanations as to why Troy King's name is no longer on the John McCain website.

One of the commenter's is someone I greatly respect and consider a friend....Rep. Cam Ward....but I am having a very hard time swallowing the explanation given as to why the Troy King news release was snatched down around 2:30 p.m. on July 11, 2008 a day or two after this story lit up the blogs. I mean...I guess it's possible that the website is undergoing a face lift and Troy King's news release just happened to get pulled right smack dab in the middle of this controversy. But I think it an unlikely coincidence.

As of now the jury is still out on whether any of these rumors about Troy King are true. The King camp is dead silent, so are all the news outlets in the state.


Freckles said...

Silence speaks louder than words, so it seems. If he confirms the rumors, it will incite a shitstorm not seen in Alabama in a long time (if ever). If he denies it, assuming the rumors are true, someone may come along and call him a liar and provide proof, destroying what shreds of credibility he has left. The longer they wait to either confirm or deny, the more suspicious we all get. I'm sure they're figuring out ways to spin this, pay off crucial people for their silence, and conduct major damage control. Or maybe they figure if they wait long enough, the rumors will die off and they can continue on as usual. No one in the MSM has the cojones to ask Mr. King about this point-blank, so I'm guessing this will all just die off without anyone really knowing.

If the news about him getting a divorce is true, why can't anyone report on that? It's a legitimate story, and many divorces of public figures around here have been reported in the past. Something is rotten in Denmark, to be sure!

Freckles said...

Another thought: If the rumors are entirely untrue, why in the hell has he waited this long to deny them? What does he have to fear? It's simple: "There have been rumors flying around about me, and they are simply untrue." The end.

Somehow I'm guessing it's not going to be that simple...

Anonymous said...


No public figure responds to internet rumors. Most thinking individuals know that any nitwit can say anything on the internet without any checks. Anyone looking at these rumors can see that they are being spread by people who hate King, t/f, they are not credible. Not one single mainstream media source (read with resources that would make them vulnerable to a defamation suit) have touched this story, b/c it simply is not true. The minute a credible source reports it, you can be sure King will not only deny these horrible lies, but his lawyer will be collecting the keys to the Birmingham News or whoever reports something that is demonstrably false on its face.

Anonymous said...

The reason that neither King nor anyone else will respond to the runmors is that to do so makes it a legitimate story. Thus far it is not in the mainstream press because they have to have evidence supporting their stories and thus far there is none. If Troy or the ALGOP addresses the rumors--even to deny them--you give the MSM a legitimage story to cover when, thus far, they have none.

Rick said...

Oh yes, "Anonymous." way to show your right-wing cred's here when you pathetically defend the Attorney General Hypocrite of Alabama. Veiled threats at liable sword rattling never EVER squelches the truth, you hillbilly!

If you were a real politico, you would use your name, instead of hiding your 'intimidating' words behind anonymity. Coward!

Anonymous said...

Daaaang Mr. Rothstien, you are right! What a bastion of courage you are RICK! Oh if only I could have the courage of RICK! RICK with the courage of a lion b/c he had the courage to stand up and reveal his true identity -the identity of RICK!! He has so much courage he can go ahead and ask the wizard for a brain!