Saturday, July 12, 2008

John McCain Website Scrubs Mention of Troy King


There are some bloggers who are backing away from the Troy King story. But, I ain't one of them. This is too rich and keeps getting richer. Instead of dying out when the MSM stories never materialized in Alabama this thing has only gotten bigger. I (like mooncat at LIA) have seen an upsurge in traffic that is comparable only to when the "Cleavage Campaign" hit the mainstream media and I was #1 on Countdown with Keith Olbermann. Mooncat also notes that media from all over the country are following this story. I can confrim from my own traffic that this is true. I know that in the last few days my site has seen traffic from the Washington Post, NYT, nearly every paper in Alabama, CNN, MSNBC and on and on. This'uns HOT!

According to Left in Alabama and Fishbowl America Republican presidential nominee John McCain has scrubbed his site of any mention of Troy King. Search the site for yourself. I did. I came up empty on a number of different searches. And that's news worthy because Troy King IS Campaign Chair for the state of Alabama for McCain. But you won't find the Official campaign news release anywhere but google cache. Fishbowl America has a nice screen shot of it before it was taken down. (Great job Fishbowl!!)

Hey sukey, sukey what's the deal with Camp McCain taking down the news release? I certainly won't buy that it is coincidence.

Another reason I am not backing down from this is the complete and utter lack of denial coming from the AG's office. Sure, it could be said that this is a case of "Make the Bastard deny it!" but if someone accuses you of doing something that you didn't do, then what is the first thing you do? You say, "No I didn't" or "You lying sacks of shit quit gossipin" or even, "Prove it!"....although that last one is a little more dangerous in this case. You don't just let people talk smack about you and not say anything. Especially if you are the Attorney General of a very red, totally anti-gay state and what is being said is that you, yourself, are in fact, gay. Those kinds of rumors down here could very well ruin a career.

I know that lack of denial isn't proof of guilt...and that the accused are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty ( the accused in this case has been leading by example...remember his refusal to afford DNA testing to death row inmates?)...but it further serves to feed the rumor mill. I mean at least with the blow-up pig King's office acknowledged it after a while. And you have to admit this is much bigger and carries much more serious implications than a blow-up pig.

Then there's the complete and utter lack of denial coming from individual news media personalities and MSM newspapers in Alabama that have been named as 'about to print stories'. I mean seems to me like some of the ones that have been named in this thing would at least say, "We don't print gossip" or "You fibbers...I never said any such thing" or "We're not wasting our time on any such filth". But all we are getting is deafening silence.

So, I'm sticking with this thing.


Norman said...

It does seem curious doesn't it? Why would he not deny the allegations? Left in Alabama says it appears he will stick it out. Hell, if he hadn't stuck it out in the first place, he wouldn't be in trouble. I wish his wife would speak out and clear this whole thing up. Or the McCain campaign. You'd think they would move really fast to make a clean break from him if it's true. How many more hits can McCain take from his surrogates?

John Killian said...

My search found three references to Troy King on the McCain website.

Loretta Nall said...

john K...what search term are you using? I'm using "Troy King" and "Troy King John McCain" and "Troy King Alabama Chair" and "Troy King Alabama News Release" and "Alabama Chair" and I'm cioming up empty.

I do see a few references to a tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King and a few links to news stories generated from McCain visiting Alabama....but none of the ones that I have combed through so far has the name Troy King in it.

Please post the links that you found on the searches here.

Anonymous said...

McCain scrubs not. Cached copy of the deleted press release:

Loretta Nall said...

That's google and not McCain's website. He can't erase Google. Plus...I linked to that cached release in my original post.