Monday, July 14, 2008

Waiting for the other high-heeled, red leather, spurred, cowboy boot to drop

Danny over at Doc's says there was a Troy King press conference planned for today but that it has been canceled because the Birmingham News didn't run a story about the rumors yesterday as planned.

So, they were actually going to run a story? But they decided not to? I'd be real interested in knowing the how and why of that.

Guess we're still waiting for the other high-heeled, red leather, cowboy boot to drop.....the suspense is KILLING me!

In the meantime Left in Alabama has an interesting piece on Troy King's Salary


Anonymous said...

In the national media world, it would be news if they had a story and held off on it. Is it news in Alabama? With the virtual monopolies that exist?

Brad blog is now reporting it too, and in the comments, the Locust Fork Journal now has a link to another deeper, darker story involving King's relations involving a gay murder-suicide in Florida...

Anonymous said...

interesting. Gossip from gay sites and liberal democrat sites is not reported on in the legitimate press and you find that telling. Most of us find it telling in that it is an obvious lie and yet you still repeat it. Consider the source, I say.