Friday, May 15, 2009

So, who was the 'State House Drug Dealer' Dealing Drugs To?

According to the Montgomery Advertiser State Rep. Alvin Holmes (D- Montgomery) claims that a janitor set up shop in the former office of a State Rep. and dealt drugs out of that office at the Alabama State House.

State Rep. Alvin Holmes, D-Montgomery, said he’s no stranger to death threats, but he’s concerned that someone who was allegedly involved in dealing drugs out of the State House is threatening his life.

Holmes informed the House that there are rumors circulating that there is “a hit out for him” in connection to the firing of House employee who allegedly conducted a drug operation on the fifth floor of the State House.

“I’ve not received any telephone calls or anything like that,” he said. “But the rumor that has been reported to me is that they’re going to get somebody to get me.”

I have four things to say.

1. Who were the drugs being dealt to?

2. In order to find out the answer to #1 I say we drug test all elected officials and state employees and find out. If I have to be drug tested to work at Wal-Mart, then those elected to run government, control the checkbook of the entire state and be in a position of power, which they use to put other people in prison for using drugs, certainly should be drug tested. And they should be in line way, way, way ahead of me.

3. If drugs were legal then this would be a moot conversation and Rep. Holmes would not fear for his life.

4. Many, many, many politicians use drugs. They have very demanding schedules. Amphetamines and cocaine are the choice drugs of most elected officials.

Power drugs.

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