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So, I've Been a Really Good Girl this Year

It's that time of year where most of us begin to reflect on the things that happened in our lives in the previous 12 months. In 2007 I really focused all of my energy and work inside Alabama, as opposed to years past, when I spent much of my time on issues outside the state. The 2007 year in review will look scant when compared to the 2006 Year in Review. However, I find that work inside the state is much more fulfilling for me because Alabama is my home and I love her. Not to mention that if I intend to live out all of my days here then there's some shit that's gotta change.

Let's review shall we?

January 2007 was something of a slow month.

LTE on dependence of the criminal justice system on drug prohibition published in the Mobile Press-Register

Invited to Speak at MENSA Gathering


Began holding Compassionate Care meetings on a regular basis

I reviewed Barry Cooper's "Never Get Busted" video

The review of that video set off a chain reaction of Barry Cooper threats, personal attacks, demands, child-like behavior and finally the threat of legal action over my opinion of his DVD. I still stand by that opinion, by the way. Most of the correspondence is linked at the bottom of the page linked above if you care to read it.

Attended Vigil for Billy Jack Gaither

In mid-Feb. a coach at my kids school paddled a student so hard that it left large rectangular bruises on his back, buttocks and legs. The coach had the misfortune of paddling a kid whose mom works with my husband. WHen I got wind of it and saw the pictures I decided to do something about it.

It's Child Abuse

Protest at Horseshoe Bend School

Parents Allege Assault After Sons Paddling

An Invitation for the Community to come to the Table

This case is ongoing.

March 2007

Back to Court

More Court Shenannigan's

My MeMaw Dies and I Pay Tribute to Her Buttermilk

Protested the Alabama Legislative body's HEIST of our bank accounts

Appeared on the NORML podcast

My explanation of why the State of Alabama is WRONG and I am RIGHT

Another Court Appearance

More Gems from my Trial Transcript

D.A. taints Nall Jury Pool

After 4 1/2 years my case is DISMISSED On 420 Oh Hell Yeah!

Former Candidate for Governor Cleared of Marijuana Charges

Drug Charges Against Alex City Gubernatorial Candidate Dropped

One Time Candidate Beats Drug Case


LTE's on medical marijuana written by members of Compassionate Care

Let Doctors Treat Their Patients

Medical Marijuana Gets Panel Hearing

House Panel Hears Case for Medical Marijuana


Loretta Goes to Church

Alabama Senate Brawl

Fighting Legislators Deserve Students' Treatment

Which Ways Hooters?


Nall Addresses MENSA

An Admitted Child Sodomizer Walks Free

My comments in that post got me an invite to appear on Hannity & Colmes

Loretta Nall on the Attack Machine

And Where is Troy King, btw?

The Drug Court Discussion Begins

Hillary Clinton Copies my Cleavage Campaign


Fighting Back Against Reefer Madness

Critics Resort to Reefer Madness

Relax Medical Marijuana Laws

Two Letters in the Birmingham News

My Brother Dies on me While Riding Down the Interstate

What Happens if you can't afford car insurance?

Working Poor Being Harassed

Drug Courts Expand in Alabama


Leave Pot Smokers Alone

Remove Pot Smokers from Drug Court Equation

Loretta LIVE from Wal-Mart

Incarceration No Cure for Addiction


Beam Me Up Scotty...There's No Intelligent Life at Wal-Mart

Things Wal-Mart customers do that piss me off!

Veteran Alabama Political Commentator Bob Ingram Dies

A Gripe About the Food Stamp Program

Half of Alabama drug arrests are for simple possession of marijuana

Squandered Resources in War on Drugs

Back to my real life

Now, November was the most fun month of all. It started when "King Troy" our Attorney General hinted that he would waste legislative time and taxpayer money trying to make the anti-obscenity law in Alabama tougher. Seeing as how the courts have already ruled that Alabamian's do not have a constitutional right to sexual privacy I'm not entirely certain how it could be tougher. Apparently though it wasn't tough enough to close down an adult novelty store in Hoover. Hence King Troy's misstep in my favor. When he announced that he might take it back before the legislature I decided that if Troy wanted to focus on sex toys then, by God, that's what we'd do. So, I started a

Sex Toys for Troy King Drive which I kicked off by sending Troy an inflatable, penetratable pig!

The next day the Mobile Press-Register ran with the story Woman Fights King on Sex Toys

And then editorial cartoon genius J.D. Crowe really summed it up with the following editorial cartoons.

The Tuscaloosa News penned a stellar editorial about the need for folks like me in Alabama politics

Internet Helps "Sex Toys for Troy King" reach nation (with what has to be the best opening line ever!)

Press-Register Editorial: Scrap the Sex Toys Law and Let's Move On

Sex Toys for Troy Makes Rolling Stone & DAME Magazines

Legislator Pre-Files Bill to Repeal Sex Toy Ban


J.D. Crowe Strikes Again

Aside from the funny that J.D. provided December has not been such a great month so far. On Dec. 5, seven friends and I set out for a trip to New Orleans for the International Drug Policy Reform Conference. This was the first time I had ever taken an Alabama delegation with me to one of these. A few of my fellow travelers were medical marijuana patients who were going to the conference to learn more about how to get the Compassionate Care Act passed in Alabama and to meet other people with similar conditions. All was well until the morning we were scheduled to depart for home. I found one of our members had suddenly and unexpectedly passed in his sleep during the night.

You can read about Michael Paul Phillips and his tragic death here

See Photos of Michael Having Fun in New Orleans

You can read the eulogy I gave at his funeral here

Here are some other pictures from the New Orleans trip.

So, that's where I stand right now and the year isn't over yet. I emailed the reporter for Rolling Stone yesterday to ask when the issue with "Sex Toys for Troy" would be out and he told me that the editor's at RS are waiting to see if anyone gets arrested before Christmas before they run it. I inquired as to who might possibly be arrested and on what charges and he said if anyone it would likely be the girls behind the counter at Love Stuff but, that Troy could also potentially come after me, too.

For distribution.

Of an inflatable pig.


Can you imagine the media circus my arrest would generate? Me arrested and jailed right before Christmas because I was generous and sent Troy King an early gift? Ah, well, no good deed goes unpunished I guess.

Here's a shot of me presenting the girls at Love Stuff with an autographed print of the original "Sex Toys for Troy" cartoon. I'm sending Don Siegelman one of those prints for Christmas to hang on his prison wall. I know he could use a laugh.

It's been a busy and productive year for me here in Alabama and I think I have been a very good girl overall. So, Santa (or any reader in the mood to play Santa to me this year) I'd really like the following.

A Day at the Spa (gift certificates available online :) )

Money is always well received and is put to good use as you can see from the past 12 months of activity.

A digital camera

A digital video camera

Or...just send me some love.

Happy Holiday's Y'all!!!

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