Sunday, April 10, 2011

Medical Marijuana OpEd's in BHAM News and Press Register

Today I had OpEd's on HB386 The Michael Phillips Compassionate Care Act appear in both the Birmingham News and the Mobile Press Register

Birmingham News
Drug War Politics Hurt Medical Marijuana in State

Mobile Press Register
Alabama Should Allow Use of Medical Marijuana

Please go and leave a comment and also write a letter to the editor in response.

To send an LTE to the Birmingham News email it to

To send an LTE to the Press Register use this link

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Morons and Dangerous Dogs

Why is it that most morons who own dogs go for the dangerous varieties? Like pit bulls, for instance?

This morning at 1:30 or so we were awakened to the most terrible ruckus you've ever heard in the yard. Three large pit bulls were at the back of the pig enclosure trying to get in and eat him. My German Shepherd, who is a house dog and only goes outside on a leash or gets in his fence (because I know he is a dangerous animal) damn near went through the window after them. My pit bull was locked safely away in the shop because I care for her well being and do not leave her out at night.

Two of these pit bulls I have never seen before. The one I have seen is, I am convinced, the parent to the stray we took in a few months ago (she's so sweet). One of the others was white and I never got a good look at the third one. They were barking at the pig and the pig was barking back at them.

Most people may be unaware that pigs can bark. Or maybe they can't and just mine does. But he damn sure barks. Loud. Just like a dog. And the pit bull puppy we have snorts, just like a pig, and farts like a champion! She can flat clear a room.

Anyway, I have no idea who owns this particular pack of roving pit bulls. I haven't seen them in any yards nearby and they ran off through the woods after my husband went out to scare them away. He didn't take the rifle because it was dark and we do have neighbors nearby so shooting blind was out of the question.

The white pit bull turned and barked at my husband and refused to run at first. Finally he/she gave ground and ran off in the woods with the other two.

While I don't know who owns the dogs I do know one thing about them...well maybe two.

1) They are complete fucking morons. If they think they can just let their damn dogs roam the neighborhood, where there are small children and my livestock, without there ever being conflict then morons are all they could be.

2) They are not rational enough to own any breed more dangerous than say a tea cup poodle. Owning dogs they refuse to manage and thereby endangering their neighbors and their neighbors pets means they are bad dog owners.

Why is it that stupid people want mean dogs? And by stupid I mean people who think it is ok to let their dogs destroy other peoples animals, run around on other peoples property and scare the living shit out of other people at 1:30 in the morning? And why pit bulls? Surely they read and watch the news and know what pit's are capable of if not properly trained and contained.

I, personally love the large scary breeds. They are my weapon of choice. And my large scary breeds (German Shepherd and Pit Bull) are contained on my property and never allowed to run around the neighborhood and frighten the neighbors. I have a neighbor who has a pit bull that is in my yard all day and night no matter how many times I ask him to keep her out of here or fire the BB gun at her or throw rocks. I'm getting damn tired of asking and if I can ever lay hands on her then she is going to the pound.

My husband and I went looking for a place to set up an ambush for the pack that attacked last night. We discovered that they had discovered our armadillo hole out in the woods and had murdered a harmless armadillo in a cruel and vicious way. I couldn't even look at it. And that royally pisses me off because I like to feed my dillers. They stand up on their hind legs and look at me sometimes and they look like kangaroos in the face. Cute and harmless. Now dead.

I know that those dogs will be back tonight as soon as things get quiet in the house. I know that 3 dogs is a pack and therefore much more dangerous than two dogs or one. And when they get here we will be waiting for them with a 30.06. Be damned if I will be afraid of going out in my own yard or letting my daughter walk through the woods on OUR property or having my pet pig and goats torn to pieces because some fuckhead douche bag thinks having mean dogs makes his dick look bigger. That's a bunch of bullshit. Earlier when I was outside with my dogs I heard them barking in the distance. My pit puppy came and cowered under my feet.

Behind the pig pen there are large tracks with sharp claw impressions. I think my pig is capable of handling one dog (he's a large, large powerful sucker with HUGE teeth) but three of the bastards would have eviscerated him. I'm actually kind of looking forward to tonight. Not that I like to kill things. Not at all. But having had experience with neighbors and their roaming canines before I have learned it is best to just handle shit and not tell them there was ever a problem. It is my job to protect my family and my pets. And I will do just that.

Note to dumb asses with small penises....owning dogs who are a danger to others that you refuse to contain doesn't make your dick any bigger. It only pisses off your neighbors and gets your dogs killed.

Medical Marijuana Action Alert: Call Rep. Jim McCLendon

Medical Marijuana Action Alert:

Rep. Jim McLendon who represents Shelby and St. Clair counties and is head of the health committee where our medical marijuana bill has landed this session is hesitant to put it on the calendar. He doesn't believe that his constituents support the bill.

I need everyone in both those counties to call him up and let him know that, in fact, there is a lot of support in his district for this bill. Point out that Cam Ward, who also represented Shelby Co in the House always voted YES in committee (although we are unsure how Senator Ward will vote when this bill finally makes it to the full Senate) and not only did he not get voted out last election he moved up to the Senate.

Also point out that a 2004 statewide poll conducted by The Mobile Press Register and the University of South Alabama found that 76% of Alabamians support medical marijuana.

Here is his contact info. Please be polite and respectful. Ask him to please put the bill on the calendar. Next week would be sublime.

Home Phone 205-467-2656

Montgomery 334-242-7768


website Jim Mclendon

Saturday, April 02, 2011

HB386 Medical Marijuana Bill Filed in Alabama House

On Thursday HB386 The Michael Phillips Compassionate Care Act was filed in the Alabama House of Representatives by Rep. Patricia Todd (D- Birmingham). It has been assigned to the health committee.

Please contact the members of the Health Committee and ask them to pass this bill when it comes before them. Here is the letter I sent. Feel free to use it as a template and include your own personal story for wanting this bill passed.


Here is the email contact info for members of the health committee. If you had rather call then that info can be found here.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Dear Honorable Members of the House Health Committee,

My name is Loretta Nall and I am executive director of Alabamians for Compassionate Care, a group of patients, physicians, family members and caregivers working to pass comprehensive medical marijuana legislation in Alabama. This is our 8th year of working to get our bill passed out of the House. Last session it passed the judiciary committee for the first time.

On Thursday March 31, Rep. Patricia Todd our bill sponsor introduced HB386 into the House and it was assigned to the health committee.

Under this bill patients suffering from cancer, HIV/AIDS, MS, wasting syndrome, epilepsy, chronic pain and other debilitating medical conditions would be legally able to use marijuana with a recommendation from their doctor. Physicians who recommend and patients who use medical marijuana would be protected from prosecution under state law. This bill would in no way make it legal for anyone without a recommendation to use marijuana. Considering that the state is now looking at releasing non-violent drug offenders (many of whom are convicted of marijuana related offenses) and lowering penalties for personal possession it only makes sense to take medical marijuana users out of the prison equation. It costs $15,223 per year per prisoner just to house them in the DoC and that is if they are healthy. If they are suffering from one of the conditions listed above that cost rises exponentially.

More importantly it is morally wrong to imprison sick people for trying to feel better sand manage the symptoms of their illness. Just last week the National Cancer Institute admitted that THC the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana is anti-tumor. Here is what they had to say on their website. National Cancer Institute: Cannabis and Cancer

Another reason to support this bill is the potential tax revenue that will be generated. This week the Washington Times estimated that the medical cannabis industry is worth $1.7 billion. In Colorado, which has a population close in size to that of Alabama, the medical marijuana industry has generated $9 million in tax revenue and fees in the last year and generates $50,000 a month in new application fees.

15 states and the District of Columbia have passed medical marijuana legislation. It is time Alabama followed suit. The citizens of Alabama deserve all the same choices that patients in the other states where medical marijuana is legal have. Also, the VA (Veterans Administration) recently said that it would no longer enforce pain contracts against veterans using medical marijuana in states where it is legal. That leaves veterans in Alabama, many of whom use medical marijuana to treat their PTSD, subject to arrest, prosecution and imprisonment under state law. This is beyond wrong. Our veterans deserve better than that.

It can be argued that since the District of Columbia and the VA are both governed by the federal government that medical use of marijuana is no longer illegal under federal law.

Please give this bill consideration and vote YES when it comes before you in a few weeks. Members of Alabama Compassionate Care will be in Montgomery next week and following weeks to meet with you about this bill and answer your questions. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.