Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Math Class

Ok. I've admitted that I have trouble with anything more complicated than basic math, which, to me is add, subtract, multiply, divide, fractions and decimals. When I took the COMPASS test I was told that it only included basic math. The person who told me that lied through their teeth. There was not one problem on that test that wasn't algebra. Most problems looked something like this

(Ay x Bz) + YKZ - RWN = 426


So, I bombed the test and got placed in remedial math.

Fine, thought I. I need to go back and get refreshed on everything anyway. I've been out of school 20 years and I have forgotten a great deal.

But, this math class that I'm in is ridiculous. Everything is computer based and the instructor is only in the classroom in case you don't understand something. The computer program they are using to teach basic math is very childish/PBS'ish. The math instructor on the screen wears a blue artists beret in some clips and in others he's like a nutty Albert Einstein/Bill Nye the Science Guy complete with a wild white wig and fake accent.

When I get an answer right big colorful, rainbow, dancing words come parading across my screen that say, FANTASTIC! GOOD JOB! GREAT WORK! YOU'RE AWESOME! I keep expecting Steve and Blue from Blues clues to pop up and sing

"We just found a number"
"We just found a number"
"We just found a number"
"Should we add subtract multiply or divide?"

It's so fucking insulting to be 34 years old and have colorful letters congratulate you for getting the correct answer to 2 + 2 = 4.

Adding insult to injury is the name of the program itself.
I feel like I am in kindergarten.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What Happened to Green Lightning Bugs?

I was sitting outside with the dogs yesterday as darkness fell and I saw tons of lightning bugs in the woods and all over the yard. They were all orange. When I was a kid there used to be green ones but I did not see one green one last night and haven't seen any green ones in a long time.

What happened to the green lightning bugs?

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Evidence Tampering "Standard Procedure" says Hoover Police Chief

I think I might faint!

Hoover Police Chief Nick Derzis has said that what Hoover Police did with the video of the beating of unconscious suspect Anthony Shannon Warren, is standard procedure.

What Hoover police did was to edit out the beating part, not report it to their superiors and only use the part of the tape that shows a Hoover Police officer (who was standing in the middle of the road during a high speed chase) being hit by the suspect who swerved to avoid a spike trip.

So, there you have it folks. Straight from the horses mouth. It is standard procedure for cops to tamper with evidence, not report police brutality to their superiors and only show the evidence that makes the police look good.

We already knew that....but hearing the police chief of the officers who tampered with the evidence in question actually admit such a thing is astounding.

But wait! That's not all...

The lawyer for the cops involved in the beating, Gayle Gear, said that police followed their training when they beat the unconscious suspect who had just been ejected from the van. No kidding. She said that.

So, police are taught to beat unconscious people and then tamper with the evidence.

Any questions?

Saturday, May 23, 2009

I think a re-prioritization is in order

Birmingham police chase that led to beating of suspect began after officer witnessed possible drug transaction

Chief gives few details, citing 3 investigations

Saturday, May 23, 2009
News staff writer

The January 2008 Birmingham police chase that ended with an unconscious suspect being beaten by five Birmingham police officers, and the firing of those officers this week, began after an officer witnessed a possible drug transaction, Birmingham police Chief A.C. Roper said Friday.

As the suspect, Anthony Shannon Warren, drove away, "the officer witnessed a traffic violation, so, of course, it is the officer's duty to pursue the suspect at this point," Roper said.

Roper's comments came in response to e-mailed questions from The News, asking for more details about the chase that ended with a wreck in Hoover in which Warren was thrown from his van and lay apparently unconscious while Birmingham officers beat him. Before the 22-minute chase ended, Warren's van struck a Hoover police officer.

Roper said he could not provide more detailed information about the incident, citing anticipated litigation and open investigations by his department and state and federal agencies.

"I'm sure other information will become available as we move forward," Roper said.

Yeah convenient that there was a 'traffic violation' so the officer could try and pull the suspect over. Sure, drugs are illegal, but is what someone might be about to put in their own body enough justification to initiate a high speed chase through a major metropolitan area where tens of thousands of lives are put in jeopardy? NO! I think the BHAM police and ALL other police departments need to re-prioritize what justifies a high speed chase. That any police department would jeopardize so many people to stop one person from ingesting any substance is beyond the pale.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Birmingham police beating video

I am late posting about this but wanted to get my 2 cents in. Watch the video. It's horrifying. The whole chase got started when the cops wanted to question the guy about....drum roll please..........DRUGS. Of course, all the cops and cop lovers over at think it is perfectly OK to beat an unconscious man. I have to disagree.


The reason we have a court system is so a judge can mete out just punishment after a jury of the accused' peers have heard the case and rendered a verdict. Cops are NOT judges OR juries and therefore have zero power under the law to do what they did in this video. I glad they all got fired and hope they are sent to prison where they belong. The only thing that separates them from the criminals they beat (while said criminals are unconscious) is they have government sanction to be a criminal. Cops are the biggest gang of all.

And, while I'm on my soapbox here, lets do away with these high speed chases on heavily congested interstates and densely in populated neighborhoods....especially if they are initiated because of drugs. Is it really worth innocent lives to chase down someone because they might have a joint or a rock on them? Just look at how many people could have been injured or killed because of the dumb ass, greedy, got-to-get-another-drug-feather-in-my-fucking-cap-so-we-can-get-more-BYRNE-grant-money-cops.

I will write more on this later. But do watch the video and go by the site linked above and leave your comments.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Loretta Goes to College!!

As of today I am officially enrolled at Central Alabama Community College in Alexander City. I will be studying to become a nurse. Tomorrow will be my first day of class and my first class is math.

I took the COMPASS test last week and knew I would need remedial math before I took the test. I can do the basic stuff, but when you start talking algebra and anything above that you might as well be speaking in an alien tongue as far as I'm concerned. My brain simply does not compute. Math was never fun in high school. Here's hoping it will be more interesting in college. Luckily my son Alex will be home from the Alabama School of Math and Science next week for the summer and he can tutor me. YAY for producing offspring more intelligent than myself!!!

I scored very high on the reading comprehension part (97) but totally bombed out on the writing part (61)....and I'm a writer. I write every day. I used to write for a magazine. I write letters to the editor every week (that are almost never edited by the newspaper staff)and yet made a 61 on the damn writing test. I ain't gonna lie neither....that hurt!

I guess my writing is entertaining and gets the points I wish to make across pretty clearly in country girl Alabama speak...but isn't grammatically correct. That should be easy enough to correct...easier than math anyway....though it won't be nearly as entertaining.

Anyway, y'all wish me luck. I'm gonna need it.

Drug Dealing Claim Raises Questions

My letter regarding Rep. Alvin Holmes claim that a drug dealer was operating out of the Alabama State House was published in today's Montgomery Advertiser.

Drug Dealing Claim Raises Questions

In response to Rep. Alvin Holmes' claim that a drug dealer set up shop in the Statehouse and now has a claim on his life, I have four things to say.

# Who were the drugs being dealt to?

# In order to find out the answer to that, I say we drug-test all elected officials and state employees and find out. If I have to be drug-tested to work at Wal-Mart, and kids have to be drug tested to play in the band, then those elected to run government, control the checkbook of the entire state and be in a position of power, which they use to put other people in prison for using drugs, certainly should be drug-tested.

And they should be in line way, way, way ahead of anyone else. I'll even supply the cups.

# If drugs were legal, then this would be a moot conversation and Rep. Holmes would not fear for his life.

# Anyone who thinks politicians don't use drugs is smoking way stronger stuff than I am.

Loretta Nall
Alexander City

Sunday, May 17, 2009


I finally found some geese the other day and am now the proud owner of four White Embden's. They currently look like furry lemons with webbed feet! CUTE!

I used to own an African Grey gander named Rowdy who was an absolute terror! I absolutely loved him and so did the rest of the family. He would follow us around the yard, bite us on the ass when we turned our back to him and honk with every word we said when trying to have a conversation. He was obnoxious, rude, mean, hateful and he by god ran this yard, which was full of chickens, goats and a really big Great Pyrenees dog named Goliath. Rowdy had a distinctive honk when someone would pull up in the yard. He also chased meter readers unmercifully and anyone else he didn't recognize. To this day people who haven't visited in a while will honk the horn because they think we still have him. They won't get out til we come out.

Rowdy's greatest moment came when the cops arrested me for writing a letter to the editor calling for legalization of marijuana. See, geese leave large, green splats of shit all over the yard and on the day the cops kicked in my door looking for weed Rowdy had left a nice package in the front walk way. As I was being led away in hand cuffs four suited detectives were down on their hands and knees examining, with great intensity, the large, green splat of goose shit. According to the false statement they had made up and attributed to my then 5 year-old daughter, I had thrown some weed out the back door that morning. They were apparently considering confiscating some goose shit for forensic analysis. I wish they had. That would have made the whole ordeal even more hysterical than it wound up being.

Rowdy was a free range goose, never penned up and I had him for about four years. Nothing bothered him because he was a mean bastard and it really does hurt when they pinch you. One weekend me and the family took off for Atlanta to one of my speaking gigs. When we returned home he was gone. Not a feather anywhere. Just simply gone. The whole family was brokenhearted. I've missed him every day since then and had thought about getting more but never did.

Then I got a call a few days ago that a lady had some for sale. I went to check them out and came home with four instead of two. They look like door steps in size. There is one big one who is going to run things. The other three follow that one's lead. One is teeny tiny. They all live in the pen with the chickens and ducks and the minute I put them in there they took over....even though they are much smaller in size than the rest of my birds. The little bitty one toddled off away from the others a couple days ago and the chickens got after it. Soon the whole heard of geese were surrounding the chickens and pinching them to get their little one back. It was hilarious. Now the chickens and ducks RUN from the geese.

I am very glad to have the marvelous barnyard fowl back in my yard. If any of you ever pull up out here after they are grown this is what you are most likely to encounter, so blow the horn first.

I'm so SICK of Rain

Two years ago when we had no rain at all and there were tornadoes made completely out of pollen and dust I swore I would never complain about rain again.


It has rained every day at my house with the exception of one day for the last two weeks. My garden, what little I've been able to plant is going to rot in the ground. The new patches we plowed up for more garden space have turned into 8 inch deep mud holes. All of the hog manure we loving plowed in has surely lost any benefit because the rain has washed it all away. My dogs can't go out and play and they are driving me NUTS in the house. My chickens and goats are absolutely miserable. The ducks and geese love it! Glad someone is enjoying the misery. Maybe if I could sprout some waterproof feathers I would enjoy it, too.

How bout y'all? Anyone else sick of this perpetual sogginess? Does anyone ever remember it raining this much in the month of May?

Friday, May 15, 2009

So, who was the 'State House Drug Dealer' Dealing Drugs To?

According to the Montgomery Advertiser State Rep. Alvin Holmes (D- Montgomery) claims that a janitor set up shop in the former office of a State Rep. and dealt drugs out of that office at the Alabama State House.

State Rep. Alvin Holmes, D-Montgomery, said he’s no stranger to death threats, but he’s concerned that someone who was allegedly involved in dealing drugs out of the State House is threatening his life.

Holmes informed the House that there are rumors circulating that there is “a hit out for him” in connection to the firing of House employee who allegedly conducted a drug operation on the fifth floor of the State House.

“I’ve not received any telephone calls or anything like that,” he said. “But the rumor that has been reported to me is that they’re going to get somebody to get me.”

I have four things to say.

1. Who were the drugs being dealt to?

2. In order to find out the answer to #1 I say we drug test all elected officials and state employees and find out. If I have to be drug tested to work at Wal-Mart, then those elected to run government, control the checkbook of the entire state and be in a position of power, which they use to put other people in prison for using drugs, certainly should be drug tested. And they should be in line way, way, way ahead of me.

3. If drugs were legal then this would be a moot conversation and Rep. Holmes would not fear for his life.

4. Many, many, many politicians use drugs. They have very demanding schedules. Amphetamines and cocaine are the choice drugs of most elected officials.

Power drugs.

My daughter ROCKS!!

Last night my daughter's beginning band class put on a spring concert performance at Horseshoe Bend School. In between songs awards were given to each student for participation. Two other students were given special awards. Bell was voted by her peers at THE MOST OUTSTANDING BAND MEMBER!!!!
And you know....she can flat tear up a saxophone. A regular Coltrane is my Bell. She and my son Alex make being a mom the best and most joyful thing in the world!!!

I would post a pic of her award but my scanner is on the blink.

Congratulations Bell. I Love You!!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Luther Strange Campaigns on Troy's Pig and Parody Song "Troy King and I'll Blow"

Tuscaloosa News

Audio courtesy of my friend Bob Kincaid at HeadOn Radio. I'm so Proud!

Not the way to start a campaign

During the 2008 presidential election that swept President Obama into office, the generation of college students and 20-somethings became a powerful force. From support groups on Facebook to the Youtube debates, the Internet offered candidates a way to reach millions of people for very little money. But Youtube can go very, very wrong.

Luther Strange, who declared his candidacy for Alabama's attorney general, decided the web's most popular video site would be the best way to announce his campaign. A Youtube video player placed his speech at the opening of his site, where Alabamians across the state could see it.

His speech was fairly tame. He says he want to restore ethics and respect to the office, but when the announcement ends things get interesting.

Youtube related videos appear on the player, including a rainbow flag thumbnail with a link to the video entitled, "Troy King and I'll Blow," which is set to the classic song, "King of the Road" and discusses rumors about King's "personal life." Something like this on the website of a major political candidate caught my eye, as I'm sure it did for others who viewed it.

My jaw hit the floor as I saw the video playing under a banner declaring "Luther Strange: New Leadership for Attorney General."

"No one's shocked at the recent news, my libido doesn't match my views," says the video, which was posted July 11, 2008. "My tale's for sale or rent," it continues.

He had just announced his candidacy, how could anyone get that negative on the first day of his campaign, even if he did have a great rhyme scheme. I was dumbfounded.

After pulling up another of the video links, I realized that the video was not produced by Strange's campaign, which was the first thought that popped into my head since it continued to play on his site. The shocked tone of the "Oh my God" his campaign manager let loose when I called to make sure she knew about the video also reassured me that it was a mistake.

But how do you over look something like that. Since they allowed a video called "Troy King and I'll Blow" onto the site, I assume this was Strange's first foray into Youtube. But did they not watch the video all the way through?

It's not Strange's first rodeo when it comes to Alabama politics. Strange lost a close race for the lieutenant governor's office to Jim Folsom Jr. in 2006, so I'm sure he understands that little things can decide an election. However, having a video that sings rumors about your opponent's sex life on your website is not really a small thing.

It is probably not the best way to start a campaign.

I also note that Luther Strange is using a JD Crowe toon of Troy and his pig. He's also broken the Ronald Reagan rule of 'never speaking ill of another Republican'. This election cycle is going to be a wonderful circus. Troy King is going to have a very rough time. I expect to see lots and lots if the pig and much play of the Troy King video's on YouTube. I've handed the AG's office to the challenger (D or R) with nothing more than a parody song and an inflatable pig. Who knew it would be this easy? Well, actually Troy helped a WHOLE lot!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Musical Directions for Oral Sex

Ok, so here is something that annoys me so bad I could go postal over it!

Now, I know I can be about as vulgar as they come, what with the inflatable pig and the rendition of Bobby Brown adapted for Troy and JW and I like to use the f-word and other choice offensive words here on my blog. A lot. The difference is that if you don't want to read my blog you don't have to. You can skip it. It isn't like you have to park in the same parking lot with it and have your ear drums rattled and assaulted by it.

Yesterday my husband and I stopped at the post office around 1 pm to get a money order. He went inside and I sat in the car. The car parked next to me was unoccupied, all four windows were down and the stereo was blasting the most vile racket I had ever heard. Without getting too graphic (which really ins't possible considering the nature of the noise) it was a young black man giving very explicit instructions on how he wanted his girl to perform oral sex on him. It included the words dick, sac, crack, tongue, ass, lick and suck and all sorts of variations on what could be done with those various body parts. I almost threw up. Had I been packing heat I might have shot up the stereo to save the innocent ears all over downtown. I know I would have gone to jail for that, but that is one of those things I am sure would be worth going to jail over.

For crying out loud there were little children out there with their moms and elderly people who had never even heard of such and this was LOUD. I turned NPR on and cranked my stereo (which is located in a 1998 Mercury Tracer and certainly no match for my opponents $18,000 sub woofer) all the way up in an effort to drown out the filth. One little old fella took shelter near my car and smiled at me and thanked me for at least trying to drown it out. I'm sure it helped me but didn't do much for the other folks seeking soundproof shelter from that thumping pile of garbage.

I'm always very hesitant to ask for government intervention on anything....but this has to stop. Isn't there something that could be done about this? I know it happens in every city and town in Alabama and across the nation. Every. Single. Day. I don't care what music people listen to. It can be as vulgar and filthy as they want. And it can be as loud as they want when they are driving down the road or in their own homes where it can't pollute anyone but those who wish to listen to it. However, I do care when they insist that I listen to their noise (be it rock, rap or country). I don't blast my Marilyn Manson screaming about the faggot anti-pope and make their kids ask questions about what it means. No parent should have to ever explain to their very young children what 'lick my sac' means. EVER! It's about having a tiny modicum of respect for your fellow humans while in the public space we all must share. It's a damn shame we need a law to enforce that....but apparently we do.

What can be done about this? Should I approach the City Council? Is there already a noise ordinance? What is the penalty for violating the ordinance? Can we make the fine like ten gazillion dollars? Can we make an ordinance that says you HAVE to TURN THAT SHIT OFF when you go in somewhere? I volunteer to do the job for minimum wage :) Imagine me an Alex City Police Officer enforcing the noise ordinance. Lordy what a scene!

Please advise. I've had enough assault on my ear drums and my common decency.

Anyone else?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Weed War Heats Up

Harvard Economics Professor Jeffrey Miron SPANKS former Drug Czar John Walters' Ass in this Anderson Cooper 360 video. I wonder why anyone cares what John Walters has to say? His 8 years of lying and junk science are over. He's about as credible as Dick Cheney who is also in the news a lot despite the fact that no one gives a fuck what he has to say unless it in under oath while being prosecuted for war crimes. Anyway, watch this video.

Friday, May 08, 2009

An End to Erectile Dysfunction Ads?

Two US Representatives have introduced a bill that would ban erectile dysfunction ads between the hours of 6 am and 10 pm. YAY!!!

Oh please let it be so! May no other parent ever hear the dreaded question...."Mommy, what's erectile dysfunction?"
How exactly do you 'splain' that to a young'un?

I've lost count of how many of those disgusting and sexually charged ads air on TV in a day. Every channel. Every other commercial it seems. With the man grinnin' ear to ear so you know he just got laid, or singing the praises of Viagra with all his buddies (Viva Viagra!) and the woman all a-bliss and glowing or the Levitra ads with the logo that looks like a vagina and I'm always like....

'EWWWWWWW'....Damn have that discussion with your doctor if you must have it with someone...but I'm not your doctor and I really don't want to hear about it."

To be fair I don't think any pharmaceutical drugs should be advertised. The US and Portugal (I think) are the only countries on earth who allow pharmaceutical companies to push their drugs on TV. It has taught a generation of Americans that there is a pill for everything that ails you when, in reality, there is not. Its been the cause of countless teens being given anti-depressants because they are teens and get on their parents nerves. Did any of you know that in every case of a major school shooting the shooter was on anti-depressants?

Every. Single. One.

I could go on and on and on about this topic but won't. I doubt very many people find the erectile dysfunction ads palatable and would be glad to see them go. I would like to see all of the pharma ads go and think this is a good start.

What do y'all think?

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Alabama State House Flooded

The Birmingham News is reporting that the Alabama State House is flooded with 4 ft. of water in the basement and cars and trash dumpsters are floating away.

I wonder what Ol Hank Erwin's take will be on this obvious act of wrath from his pissed off God? Might God have sent it to punish Hank for thwarting the will of the people on the Free the Hops bill as one FTH supporter asked me? Since the first miracle of Jesus was turning water into wine it may very well have been God's wrath aimed at Hank. Perhaps someone should mention to God that Hank is in the upper chamber and if God wants him to suffer that perhaps bringing down the roof on top of wherever Hank happens to be would be more effective. I would tell God but I don't believe in him.

What Hapened to HB434 The Michael Phillips Compassionate Care Act


I have been getting a number of emails and phone calls inquiring about the status of HB434. It seems that when I pulled the bill back in April I let the folks who were actively involved with ACC know, but forgot to post about it to my larger reading audience. Sorry about that. Here is what I can tell y'all about what happened.

Our bill, HB434, was slated to come up in judiciary committee on April 1. On the day before, our sponsor Rep. Patricia Todd, informed me she was ill and would not be in the legislature all week so she couldn't be in committee to talk about her bill. Rep. Laura Hall, who was the original bill sponsor, was conveniently absent from the committee that day and had indicated to our consultant that she would not be there the day it was voted on....whichever day that might happen to be. HB434 was then carried over til April 8.

Now, before the bill was to come up in committee I and another member of ACC contacted every member of the judiciary committee to determine if we had the votes to get the bill passed out of committee as written. WE DID! But, with Rep. Hall saying she wouldn't be there to vote on it (because she is running for Senate and didn't want that on her record) we didn't have the votes. It would have been a tie.

However, on April 7 Rep. Todd contacted me and said that the committee had sent word to her that they would NOT pass HB434 but would pass the version introduced in 2006. That was UNACCEPTABLE.

The 2006 bill was written by a certain lobby firm, who shall not be named, and not by the patients who actually need the marijuana as medicine. This lobby firm bill stipulated that medical marijuana could only be dispensed through an FDA licensed pharmacy. That pretty much killed the whole bill because marijuana is not an FDA approved drug and therefore cannot be dispensed by a pharmacy. That bill left patients with no safe, legal way to get their medication.

Since I refuse to drag very ill people from all corners of the state to fight for a bill that won't do a damn thing to protect them in acquiring their medication I pulled the bill this year when Rep. Todd told me what had happened. I saw no need to keep spending our meager resources when the outcome would have been far less than desirable.

So, what happens next?

I've spoken to our sponsor Rep. Todd about what comes next. She has voiced her willingness to help us craft a new bill for the next session during the break between sessions and to be the sponsor again next year. I want everyone reading this to know that we could not possibly have a better sponsor than Rep. Todd. Her plate was full this year and she took the medical marijuana bill as a favor. Next year she has indicated that it will be one of her priorities and when she sets her mind to something it has a way of actually happening. Rep. Todd knows all about medical marijuana. She was the executive director of AIDS Alabama for many years and had to resign that position in order to sponsor this bill. That, my friends, is dedication. None of what happened this year was her fault and she is deserving of our praise and thanks for taking the bill to begin with. Please email ( her and tell her how much you appreciate her help and how much you love her for having the courage to take on this highly controversial and politically charged issue.

Over the break between sessions we will be meeting with Rep. Todd and crafting another bill for the next legislative session. If you are a patient, physician, nurse or member of the clergy who would like to have some say in what goes in the bill then you need to email me at so I can let you know when and where we plan to meet.

Additionally, if you would like regular updates then you can join our Yahoo discussion group by clicking this link.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Uh Oh...Miss California Naked Pics Hit Internet

Well, wadda ya know? Miss California Carrie Prejean, who stole the show (but lost the crown) for her rambling, incoherent answer on gay marriage at the Miss USA pageant a few weeks ago, got picked up by National Organization for Marriage (between a man and woman of course) and became the leading contender for The Next Sarah Palin has been exposed for the fraud she is.

Not only were her boobs fake, apparently so were her morals, as new pictures have emerged on the internet which show Miss California Carrie Prejean partially naked.

Wonder how Alabama Republican Rep. Jay Love feels about his House Resolution commending her for being such an upstanding moral woman feels now? Bet'cha money he doesn't vote to rescind his commendation of Miss California.

TWITTER the Hops To Freedom

The Free the Hops supporters are urging Alabamians who TWITTER to send Senator Hank Erwin a message asking him to allow a Senate vote on Free the Hops. It seems ol Hank is busy once again thwarting the will of the people and trying to impose his own 'morality' on the rest of us. And he is bragging about it in Twitter. It should have been clear to Hank when the bill to allow Shelby Co. restaurants to continue serving alcohol on Sunday was passed, then vetoed by the Governor and then had the veto overrode by the House that people want alcohol in his district (and all others). None of us really give a damn what Hank Erwin thinks about beer or drinking. He doesn't have to drink if he is opposed to it...but that is no reason to stop others from doing so by using the threat of government force.

Mayhap Hank Erwin needs to be reminded about the first miracle of Christ, which, if my memory serves me correctly, was turning water into wine.

Anyhoo, GO HERE to get tweeting instructions.

With any luck we will only have one more year of this moron in Alabama government. He'll never be elected Lt. Gov. and Cam Ward will easily take his seat in the Senate. I wonder if Hank will move to Afghanistan and join the Taliban? He'd damn sure fit right in.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Legalize Drugs

My friend and fellow activist Dawn Palmer had a great letter published in today's Anniston Star.

Legalize drugs

There seems to be a feud going on with the Department of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and the National Rifle Association concerning whether or not the guns in Mexico are coming from the United States and arming the drug cartels.

There is a possible solution to both of their grievances as well as getting a hold on our drug-abuse problem — legalize all drugs.

Sounds horrible, doesn't it? However, legalizing all drugs would stop the cartels in their tracks and the flow of guns into Mexico, as well as taking the drug-abuse problem out of our criminal-justice system and putting it into the health-care system where it belongs. Then we could focus on the biggest drug pushers of them all, the pharmaceutical companies.

Dawn Palmer

Go Dawn Go!!

Sunday, May 03, 2009

BHAM News calls Troy King a "Weak Sister"

No Seriously.....They Did!!

Attorney General Troy King has worked hard to shoot down the perception he's a weak sister on gambling.

NO TROY...Don't Shoot the Pig!

Another BRILLIANT toon from our favorite editorial cartoonist J.D. Crowe Please visit his site and leave your comments.