Tuesday, December 29, 2009

How's that drug war working out for y'all?

According to a report in today's Birmingham News Alabama teens use drugs at a rate higher than the national average.

How's that drug war working out for y'all? How has arresting and imprisoning everyone ever caught with a joint or any other illicit drug kept drugs out of the hands of kids? It hasn't. That's what I have been saying for years. What it has done is destroy our criminal justice system, corrupt our police officers, turn non-violent people into violent animals, destroyed families and bloated our prison system with people who do not need to be there to the taxpayer tune of $132 million a year.

Overall, alcohol and tobacco use has de­clined among Alabama teens, but marijuana use appears to be on the rise.

See how we've managed to decrease alcohol and tobacco consumption without locking up everyone who uses alcohol and tobacco? We used education to do that. We can do the same with marijuana and other drugs.

And this has to be the most ass backwards thinking I have ever encountered.

Carissa Anthony, coordinator of the Hoo­ver Coalition Promoting a Safe and Healthy Community, said the legalization of mari­juana in some states for medical use may be breaking down psychological barriers and making marijuana appear less harmful than it is.

So, other states making forward progress on marijuana laws is responsible for teenagers in Alabama smoking more pot? I'd like her to explain why marijuana use rates among teens are LOWER in states where it has been legalized for medical purposes, but here in Alabama, where it has not yet been legalized for medical purposes, teen usage rates are HIGHER. That's funny. In the most PROHIBITIONIST state of them all marijuana use rates are higher among teens than in states where it is legal for medical use and has been decriminalized for non-medical use. The clear solution is to legalize marijuana and use education campaigns to decrease use rates....just like we have been able to do with alcohol and tobacco.

See, if we want to decrease the number of our children who use drugs, the clear solution is to legalize drugs and use education to help kids make safe, healthy choices.

Drug Offenders: War on Drugs a Failure

The following letter from my friend Don Seibold appeared in response to my letter which was published a few days ago.

Drug offenders: War on drugs a failure

The recent letter about a way to save Alabama taxpayers millions of dollars yearly by releasing nonviolent drug offenders is spot on.

The so-called "war on drugs" has been a miserable failure that has cost our nation's taxpayers probably billions of dollars -- if not more -- of wasted money. It's past time to stop wasting our money on a failed effort and to use it in a more productive way, both nationally and here in Alabama.

Don Seibold

Don's letter also appeared in today's Mobile Press-Register

I hope that if you are reading this you, too, will write a letter.

Monday, December 28, 2009

More Ink

My letter to the editor regarding the massive budget shortfall at the Alabama Dept. of Corrections was also published in the Mobile Press-Register and the Tuscaloosa News.

A funny thing about the title of the letter in the Press-Register.....even though neither of the words "legalize" or "marijuana" appear anywhere in the letter the Press-Register titled it 'Save money by legalizing marijuana'.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Corrections: Release Inmates to Save Money

I had the following letter published in today's Birmingham News.

Corrections: Release inmates to save money

Much has been written recently about the dire financial circumstances of the Alabama Department of Corrections. According to a story in The Birmingham News, Commissioner Richard Allen said there will be a $15 million shortfall in 2010, which could lead to early releases and layoffs. The state's General Fund is ailing, and it isn't likely the $15 million will come from there. However, I have a simple plan that would provide the $15 million with gobs of money left over.

According to the department's Web site, there are currently 8,641 prisoners serving time for drug violations at a cost of $15,223 a year each. That costs Alabama taxpayers around $132 million a year. If the nonviolent drug offenders were released, that $15 million would be readily available, plus an additional $117 million left over. It's really a no-brainer.

Locking people up in our prison system because we disagree with their intoxicant of choice is responsible for the financial crises. What it hasn't done -- and never will do -- is stop people from using drugs, reduce violence associated with the drug trade or keep drugs out of the hands of children. Think of all the other worthy programs that $132 million could be used for.

Loretta Nall
Alexander City

Sunday, December 20, 2009


Piggy continues to do well. He got loose yesterday. You would not believe how fast that little devil can scoot! I didn't bother chasing him because, even if I could have gotten close enough to grab him, there is no way to hold him. They are a lot stronger than they look and there is no way to get a good grip because of the way they are shaped. So, I made him a Hansel and Gretel trail of dog food around the pen which lead back in. After he got tired of be-bopping through the yard and around in the woods looking for acorns he picked up the dog food trail and went back in his house.

He is such a happy little fellow. Makes all kinds of cute noises and is always happy to see me whether I am bringing him food or not. He wags his tail like a puppy and runs up to be scratched and loved on. He is a mess. Loves attention and loves to interact with the other animals. The other day we filled his barrel up with fresh hay. Now when I go out and call him the first thing I see is a moving mass of hay, then a nose comes poking out and the rest of him follows. There is a piggy shaped impression inside the barrel. It's so cute!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Alex City Drug Task Force Commander Admits Drug War is a Failure

Needless to say I am SHOCKED! Jay Turner was one of the pigs who raided my house back in 2002.

Drug bust nets four arrests

Turner said although Hill is only classified as mid-level, he is actually one of the most prominent dealers in the area. His arrest should put a short-lived dent in illegal drug operations in Camp Hill, according to Turner.

“It won’t stop it, but it should be something that stalls it for a while,” Turner said. “Others will pick up the slack where he leaves off.”

Jay Turner said, “It won’t stop it, but it should be something that stalls it for a while,” Turner said. “Others will pick up the slack where he leaves off.”

Wow I think that may be the first honest words that have ever come out of his mouth. Thanks Jay for admitting in writing that the drug war is an abject failure that does not meet any of its stated objectives.

Now if only Jay Turner would say, "I, Jay Turner, don't want the drug war to be over because I would be out of a job."

What other justification can be given for continuing a failed and costly policy?

Thursday, December 17, 2009

UPDATE: Alex City Cop Given Slap on Wrist

According to the Talladega Daily Home former Alex City police officer Mitchell Ray has been sentenced to 9 months, split, with 30 days in jail for assaulting a race fan, who he had in handcuffs, so badly that the guy had to be airlifted to UAB. Here is the original story and blog entry.

Hollingsworth sentenced former police officer Mitchell Ray, 36, to nine months, split, 30 days in jail and two years probation, for assault in the third degree. Ray was indicted for felony assault against a race fan while working as a security guard, but was convicted by a jury of the lesser included offense.

How come cops can commit felony assault and attempted murder and get a mere slap on the wrist? I am so sick of this double standard. I am also sick of having to find out news about my local police force from a newspaper that is two counties over. Would be nice if the Alex City Outlook would cover LOCAL NEWS.

A priceless moment

Yesterday was the last day of Fall semester at CACC. Our last assignment was a gripe speech for speech class. It could be done on anything in the world that gets under your skin that you want to complain about. I knew there would be some doosies...but I was completely unprepared for what happened near the end of class. The assignment was designed like this..

My biggest gripe about blank is blank....

I heard everything from gripes about the workplace to gripes about bad drivers to abortion to bad service at fast food restaurants. My gripe speech was on the news not actually being news anymore.

Near the end of class one little country, redneck girl got up and delivered the following gripe speech.

My biggest gripe about my Uncle ________ is his wife _______. Her full name is _____ _________. She is a nasty, filthy, rotten, whore who writes bad checks and has herpes, which she is spreading around to everything that walks in Coosa, Tallapoosa, Clay, Elmore and Talladega counties. She even slept with her first cousin. She cheated on my uncle in his bed, on his couch, and even in his truck. I ain't even gone set in it no more cause it's got leather seats and y'all know how stuff sticks to leather. Don't want to catch them herpes. Their house got repossessed cause she didn't make the payment cause she spent all her money on lingerie to show off for her boyfriend. Stay away from her. She works at _______ in _______, has a huge butt about this big (demonstrated by holding her hands about 10 ft. apart) and walks like this ( demonstration was also given). She used to drive a ______ but it got repossessed so now she drives a ________. Again, her name is _______ ______. The herpes.....she's got'em . She is a nasty bitch whore and I hate her.

I don't believe anyone in the class, including the instructor, was prepared for that. The instructor counseled her on the terms libel and slander to which she replied, "Yeah her and her momma has already called the cops on me for it twice."

Fuck...the whole thing was priceless.


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

What a complete Crock of SHIT!

2nd grader sent home for drawing Jesus on the cross

TAUNTON, Mass. (AP) - An 8-year-old boy was sent home from school and ordered to undergo a psychological evaluation after he was asked to make a Christmas drawing and came up with what appeared to be a stick figure of Jesus on a cross, the child's father said Tuesday.

Chester Johnson told WBZ-TV that his son made the drawing on Dec. 2 after his second-grade teacher asked children to sketch something that reminded them of the holiday.

Well, according to Christian tradition Jesus is the reason for the season, right?

An educational consultant working with the Johnson family said the teacher was also alarmed when the boy drew Xs for Jesus' eyes.

If my memory serves me correctly Jesus was DEAD on the cross so the X's for eyes were a proper depiction. What did they want from the kid...a picture of a live, suffering, stick-figure Jesus?

There is nothing wrong with what this kid did. According to the story his father said they had just visited some holy place where there were statues of the Crucifixion. And Christians are constantly bitching about "takin' Christ out of Christmas." This kid drew Jesus instead of Santa Claus, thereby putting the Christ back in Christmas, and he got sent home and commanded to undergo a psychological evaluation.

What am I missing here?

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Scholarship Baby!

Yesterday my son Alex was awarded a full Spirit of Auburn Founders scholarship that is worth almost $30,000. I cried. I am so incredibly proud of that kid for all of his amazing work through school. He has earned it. However, MIT is sniffing around and, if they offer him a scholarship, then he will be going to MIT.

Dumbest thing I have ever read

I lost a few IQ points after I read the following letter in this morning's Montgomery Advertiser

Why Should Schools Start Teaching Chinese?

Did you hear that two Montgomery public schools are going to add a new foreign language? Guess which language? Why, Chinese, of course.

It makes perfect sense -- if you live in liberal la-la land. Let's see, Montgomery has a Korean car manufacturing plant; the new county school superintendent recently visited Korea, but the educational bureaucrats decided to spend tax dollars on teaching the Chinese language.

It makes no sense trying to teach Chinese to teenagers who can barely communicate in English. But the liberal educators will never accept the fact that spending more and more money on more and more jazzy classes and snazzy programs does not produce young adults who are ready to contribute to society.

To see if the taxpayers are getting their money's worth, here is a public challenge for the new superintendent, Ms. Thompson. Please publish a report of the Sidney Lanier High School senior classes of 1958 and 2008.

Please compare the following: the number of students; the cost to educate each student (broken down into state and federal dollars); the percentage of students who graduated; and how much the spending and graduation rates have increased or decreased between 1958 and 2008.

Stan Alexander

What is it with Alabamians and their fear of an education? My husband used to work at a wire harness factory. One day he heard a redneck female co-worker say, "If any of my young'uns come home uh speakin' at Mexican shit I'll bust'em in the mouth."

Mr. Alexander let me explain to you why someone in the US and in Alabama needs to learn Chinese.

We owe them about $800 BILLION dollars. Perhaps it would be a good idea if we were able to communicate with them, no? There was a spectacular Saturday Night Live skit a few weeks ago about that. Watch it HERE
(h/t to ttownfeen for the link)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

My Son Has Been Accepted to Auburn!!

I am an extremely proud mom today! My handsome, sweet, and incredibly brilliant son Alex (pictured below with his girlfriend Livi at the ASMS Winter Formal) got his first college acceptance letter today from Auburn University. I opened it and immediately started crying. On his last ACT attempt he made a 31. On his frist try he made a 29. I expect he will go on a full scholarship. I'm so proud of him.

Larger picture at THIS LINK

Congratulations my AWESOME SON! (Although I am still holding out for MIT or Harvard)

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

FINALLY..I am done with Biology 201!!!

Took my final in Biology 201 Human Anatomy & Physiology today and I am extremely happy to be done with that class. I enjoyed it but the amount of information one has to soak up in 15 weeks is INSANE!!

Despite having bathed my brain in marijuana for some 23 years now I got out of that class with a 91! I am also on track to have an A+ in English 101 and and A- in Speech.

Next term I am taking Introduction to Psychology, Political Science, World History and, you'll love this one...Introduction to Law Enforcement. I plan to have a blog section devoted to the secrets of police tactics. Should be an absolute hoot!

Thursday, December 03, 2009


The police arrested a bank robbery suspect. Watch what happens to the hold up note.

The expressions on the suspects face are priceless.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

My Piggy is Awesome!

Here is a video of me playing with my completely spoiled rotten piglet!

This little pig is just amazing. He's a very social animal. Every time a goat or chicken or cat gets close to his pen he runs up and starts talking to it. A week ago he would run hide every time I went to feed him. Now, he runs right up to me and wants his first bite out of my hand. Not only that....but I found his special spot...right under his front right (hoof?...paw??...arm?) I've spoiled him so rotten that he will lay down for a belly rub with his head in his food bowl and eat and get scratched at the same time, as you will see near the end of the video.

He is absolutely precious!

Every single day this little animal becomes more fascinating! I have never owned a pig. My Uncle Shelton used to raise them to eat when I was a kid. I clearly remember two giant pigs that I helped raise from babies. Every day at feeding time I would go with Unc to feed them and they would roll over and want their bellies scratched with a stick. One day they were gone and a few weeks later the news that they were now the breakfast on my plate was given to me in a less than considerate manner. That's devastating to a kid...the first time they find out where meat comes from. It was devastating to me anyway. Word of advice...DON'T DO THAT TO YOUR KIDS!