Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Attorney says "Teel is innocent"

From the Talladega Daily Home

Teel's attorney says his client 'looks forward to proving his innocence'


SYLACAUGA — The attorney for a recently arrested assistant district attorney in Coosa County stated his client “looks forward to proving his innocence.”

Authorities charged Frank Teel, a Sylacauga resident who also practices law in Rockford, and Gadsden lawyer Frank Bailey, 58, with extortion, bribery and ethics violations on Wednesday.

Teel’s attorney, Rod Giddens of Sylacauga, spoke on his client’s behalf in response to news reports and information released by Attorney General Troy King’s office.

Giddens said Teel, 59, and Bailey represented Roger Firestone of Etowah County in a civil claim against Carl Weaver of Gadsden. Giddens also said the two attorneys attempted to settle the claim through Weaver’s attorney, Jay Stover.

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Here's the thing. In Alabama, and probably everywhere else, it borders on impossible to get a DA or an Assistant DA arrested. The fact that the ABI did arrest both Teel and Bailey leads me to believe that they have the goods on both of them.

I've got calls lined up for later today with a family member of one of the murder victims as well as someone from Gadsden who says that attorney Jay Stover has been involved in previous extortion attempts.

Check back later for more...

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Word on the street in Coosa County

Frank Teel

As most of you who know anything about Coosa County, Alabama can imagine, the whole county is abuzz with talk of the Frank Teel extortion case.

In every store I've been in, that has been the conversation. No one seems surprised about it. They've all lived under the oppressive rule of the Teel monarchy for years. Most say they are surprised it took this long. Everybody has a horror story about retired Judge Robert Teel, including yours truly. He was truly an evil man. One business owner told me yesterday that when Robert Teel retired he went into seclusion. If I had mistreated and pissed off nearly every citizen in my county for as many years as he did I probably go into deep hiding, too. Deep, deep hiding.

One conversation I had with a Coosa Co. business owner yesterday focused on the $5 million dollar extortion plot and how that money might have been split. This particular business owner said they believe it would have gone down like this.

$1 million for Frank Teel
$1 million for Frank Bailey
$1 million for DA Fred Thompson (Teel's boss)
$1 million for Judge John E. Rochester (Fred Thompson's boss of sorts and former law partner)
$1 million for the Coosa Co. Sheriff Terry Wilson

Why? Because all of those people would have had to be involved in order to make a capital murder indictment go away. And that rings true. At the very least Fred Thompson would have had to know because there really is no way for the assistant DA to make something like that happen without the DA knowing.

A few days ago I got an email from a friend of Carl Weaver (victim of alleged extortion plot) in Gadsden denying that Weaver had anything to do with the grow op found at the murder scene. They claim that Weaver had an altercation with one of the homicide victims about 9 months prior to the murders and that the survivor, Firestone, hired Bailey and Teel to represent him in a civil case against Weaver. From what I can determine the civil suit claims Weaver is in some way responsible for the murders and attempted murder. This person claims they (Teel, Bailey) decided shake down Weaver because he supposedly has a lot of money. Weaver owns a company called Techtrix in Gadsden, which was given a commendation by the Alabama legislature back when Guy Hunt was Governor. Techtrix Commendation

Someone on the Gadsden forums is claiming that Weaver was connected to the grow op and had beaten cocaine distribution and possession charges in the past by paying his way out of it. I haven't found anything to back that up media-wise.

Another thing no media outlet is reporting is who owned the 165 acres of land that the three victims were leasing in Coosa Co. at the time of the murders. According to an article in the Daily Home the hunting lodge was described as basically a shack made out of odds and ends pieces of wood with a tin roof. Former Sheriff Bill Evans believed that the people leasing the cabin (victims) were connected to the grow op because of the trail leading from the cabin to the plants. I want to know who owned that land. I think it is an important piece of this puzzle.

And how, in 1995 when the State of Alabama had choppers in the air looking for pot plants, did 1,300 of them get overlooked in a prime pot growing location along the Coosa River? Waterways, including small creek beds and streams, are always targeted. My guess is that someone with enough power and money paid the 'authorities' to you know...just pretend they didn't see it. Had to. According to the Alabama Dept. of Public Safety website, Alabama has had aircraft of various sorts in the air looking for marijuana plants since 1973. So, it wasn't overlooked by accident.

I asked for and received permission to post the email sent to me by a friend of Carl Weaver's . Here it is in its entirety.

I wanted to let you know that Carl Weaver is a friend of ours and he never owned any pot plants, never hired any guards and had nothing to do with the original murders. He was a target for the shake down because he is thought to have a lot of money and that's the only reason they went after him. From the very beginning he co-operated with the authorities and his actions were guided by their agents. As his friend, I wanted to set the record straight.

My response:

Thanks for your email. Please feel free to post your comments on my blog. I am happy to have your views represented there.

I was merely trying to connect the dots in the extremely puzzling case. Why was your friend Mr. Weaver facing a possible grand jury indictment for capital murder?

Friends response:

Hi Loretta, I understand it's a confusing case but to answer your question....he was never facing indictment. That was the leverage being used to extort the money. The surviving victim hired Mr. Bailey to sue the people arrested for the crime and somehow the assistant D. A. got involved. About nine months before the murders, Mr. Weaver had an altercation with one of the victims...that's the only involvment....and it was decided Carl might have deep pockets and would be a good candidate for a shakedown. The assistant D.A. threatened to see that Carl was indicted for the crime even though he had taped confessions admitting Mr. Weaver was not involved. After being approached, Carl sought legal counsel, his lawyer made the necessary contact with the ABI and from there on, that office ran the investigation.

It's going to be one heck of a story when the details are all released and I wouldn't be surprised if a number of other Coosa County officials are drawn into the crime.

I asked this person if they knew who owned the land that the murders and attempted murders took place on and they said they didn't know.

We had a nice, civil discourse, which is a rare thing when I blog about such a high profile case. Usually both sides wind up wanting to cut my head off (let's hope I don't get burned alive for talking about this one). This person was very polite. But, I can't buy into everything they said. For instance, how could someone be charged with capital murder if there wasn't evidence connecting them to a capital murder? Not to say that I trust the cops or the judicial morons running the show here, I don't. Can't stand any of them and hope they all go to state prison for the rest of their lives. But, still, how could one be connected to a capital murder if there was absolutely no evidence that they had anything to do with it? I don't get that part. Then again people go to prison all the time for things they didn't do, including being sentenced to death for capital murders they did not commit. Just ask the Innocence Project.

This morning when I looked at my email there were two comments on this post from the sister of murder victim Darell Coleman. She is convinced that Mr. Weaver should have been arrested 15 years ago when this happened and that he is responsible. I have given her my email address and asked her to contact me with her side of events. Maybe she will be able to answer the question of who owned the property in question. The one thing I will caution her against is bringing in the feds. They shouldn't be brought into this case unless there is just no other way. Why? Because if the DA and lawyer are guilty of what they are accused of then an Alabama state prison would be much better accommodations for their crimes. Federal prisons are much too nice for the likes of these swine.

If I hear from Denise Coleman today I will ask permission to post her side of the story.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Carl Weaver and lawyer Jay Stover lay trap for Teel

According to the AP:

Associated Press - May 21, 2010 3:34 PM ET

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) - A lawyer for a Gadsden businessman says they alerted police after a Coosa County prosecutor and a private lawyer offered to keep the businessman from being indicted in a murder case in exchange for a $5 million payoff.

Attorney Jay Stover said Friday that he and his client, Carl Weaver, contacted Gadsden police in March after Weaver was offered the deal by Coosa County assistant district attorney Frank Teel of Sylacauga and Gadsden attorney Frank Wayne Bailey.

Bailey's lawyer says his client will be cleared and Frank Teel's lawyer is supposed to release a statement sometime today. Wonder who his lawyer is?

An attorney friend of mine told me that it is practically impossible for an assistant DA to make a capital murder charge go away without the knowledge of the DA, who in this case, is none other than Fred Thompson of Clay County. Had this case actually made it to court my buddy Judge John E. Rochester would have presided over the case. Wonder if Thompson was in on the deal?

$5 million the price of 'justice' in Coosa County

Frank Teel

There is more this morning on Assistant Coosa County DA Frank Selman Teel attempting to extort $5 million in exchange for rigging the grand jury to not return a capital murder indictment against Mr. Carl Weaver in the 1995 double murder and attempted murder in Coosa County.

Court records: Assistant D.A. wanted $5 million to prevent murder indictment

Here's my guess.

Weaver, they guy who the Gadsden lawyer and DA (Teel) (in the county next to me), were trying to extort money from, was the owner of the 1,000 marijuana plants found at the scene of the two murders and one attempted murder and likely employed the six men to stand guard over the crop. Firestone, after he was beaten and almost burned to death didn't come off this information to police....saving it for later use as leverage or maybe he was scared and didn't want to implicate himself in the grow-op. So, maybe Firestone tries to extort money from Weaver with the threat that he would tell everything, implicating Weaver as the guy who ordered the hits/owned the marijuana.

Weaver refuses and hires this attorney, Stover, who plays along nicely, apparently. Obviously DA Teel and lawyer Frank Bailey already knew everything from Firestone. So, one of them came up with the idea to sell a Grand Jury indictment verdict...meaning that no indictment would be handed down by the grand jury in Coosa County against Weaver if he coughed up $5 million.

Two things....1) I've often said "You can have as much justice as you can afford" and this is confirmation of that and 2) If this really is over 1,000 marijuana plants, which according to overblown police estimates would be worth $2 million on the streets, then it backs up what I always say on here and other places....it isn't the marijuana that kills people.....it's the lucrative cash to be made from black market, which wouldn't even exist if people would wise up and legalize it for adult use. There would be no more incentive for corruption like this....at least where marijuana is concerned. But, DA's and Judges and cops don't want it legalized for that very reason. They like those kinds of incentives.

For those of you not familiar with the Coosa County injustice system let me lay it out for you. The Teel's have something like a monarchy over it. There was an old man Robert (Bobby) Teel who was on the bench (municipal?) in 2000. I don't know if he is still alive or not. When he left the bench his son, I believe, Carlton took over the judgeship and Frank Teel, who is the assistant DA, is the brother of old man Teel and probably the uncle of Carlton Teel. Christ...it's like incest! The old Judge Teel put me in jail for not having car insurance right after that law was passed in 2000.

Another interesting thing is that if this case had gotten to court in Coosa Co. then none other than Judge John E. Rochester would have presided over it. And, y'all know there is no love lost between myself and the Rochester clan. Wouldn't be surprised if he wound up being in on it somehow....oh man that would make my day.

And just where do you suppose Teel was going to get his $1 million dollar check cashed? Cash Advance? Pay Day Loans? First National Bank of Rockford (or whatever bank might be there)?

I find it hard to believe he was really that stupid. Arrogance is more likely the culprit. If my family controlled the entire judicial system in one county then I'd probably feel invincible, too.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Coosa D.A. Frank Teel Arrested for Extortion

The Birmingham News is reporting more on the arrest of Coosa County DA Frank Teel and Gadsden Attorney Frank Bailey.

"The assistant district attorney for Coosa County and a Gadsden attorney arrested Wednesday night used the threat of capital murder charges in a 1995 double homicide to try and extort $1 million."

The Gadsden Times has reported Bailey, 58, represented a third man who survived the incident, Roger Darrell Firestone, of Hokes Bluff, in a potential lawsuit. Teel, 59, was associated with the case.

"That was the source of their bargaining," Chris Bence, spokesman for Attorney General Troy King, told The Birmingham News.

Here is a photo line up of the three
men indicted in the murders and attempted murder.

Bailey is the lawyer for the guy that survived.

Nodine Lawyer: "It's only a crime to be an addict if you are poor"

Or so says Dennis Knizley, attorney for Mobile County Commissioner Steve Nodine.

According to the Press-Register Knizley had this to say after being asked by a reporter if Nodine had a drug problem.

"Commissioner Nodine takes legally prescribed Lortab like many, many other people do," Knizley said. "Some people, sometimes, may have issues with prescribed pain medications, some people like Rush Limbaugh, Brett Favre. It doesn't mean it's criminal."

Riiiiight....it's only criminal if you aren't, elected, rich, powerful and connected...like Rush Limbaugh, Brett Favre, Richard Shelby's son Claude, Judge John Rochester's son Alex, Spencer Baccus' son (I forget his name) and apparently Steve Nodine.

Raise your hand if you think it would be a criminal matter if you were addicted to Lortab and obtained 2400 of them in 4 states illegally over the last 9 months.

John Tyson, who prayed over Steve Nodine yesterday, said "it was "notable" that Nodine appeared in court today because the original plan was for Nodine to check into a rehabilitation center."

Knizley said the commissioner does not plan on going into rehabilitation.

Coosa Co. Asst. D.A. Teel arrested in Gadsden

Frank Sherman Teel

Frank Bailey

From the Gadsden Times

Two attorneys arrested, jailed

By Lisa Rogers
Times Staff Writer

Published: Wednesday, May 19, 2010 at 10:44 p.m.
Last Modified: Wednesday, May 19, 2010 at 10:45 p.m.

Gadsden attorney Frank Bailey and an assistant district attorney from Coosa County were booked in at the Etowah County jail Wednesday night, but information about the charges was not released.

Bailey, 58, and Frank Sherman Teel, 59, were booked about 7:30 p.m.

Teel is an assistant district attorney in Coosa County. Both men are being detained for other agencies, jail records show.

Sources say the arrests are connected.

Read the rest

Boy oh boy I can't wait to see what this is all about. I don't know Frank Teel personally....but I knew his father (strike that...not father...brother) who was the District Court Judge in Coosa Co. for years...and I hated him. He was a monster.

And why is it that when attorneys and elected officials are arrested we are often not informed of the reason why right away? Yet, the common folks who get arrested have their name, picture, warrant, charges and drawer size splashed all over the front page of the hometown newspaper by sunrise?

Stay tuned....

Nodine Updates

Nodine abused truck, gas card privileges...no oversight

Items seized from Nodine's truck

Items found in search of Downs home revealed

Attorney: Nodine hasn't killed anyone

Baldwin Co. Sheriff says there may be video of Angel Downs shooting

Investigators fine spent .40 caliber shells, blood, clothing etc in Nodine's truck

Mobile D.A. John Tyson says prayer for Steve Nodine

Goooood Grief! How many other suspected murderers has DA John Tyson prayed over in the past? If I am not mistaken Tyson will be over the impeachment proceedings against Steve Nodine, which start today, unless he has recused himself and I missed it. Wouldn't that make saying a public prayer for Nodine a conflict of interest?

Wonder what he prayed for?

BTW, this was the first Outback prayer meeting that Nodine had ever attended.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Latest on Steve Nodine case

The Press-Register is apparently running an individual story on every mini-story contained in previous stories about County Commissioner Steve Nodine, who is the only named suspect in the murder of his long time mistress Angel Downs.

Today's story is about Nodine showing up at the oil spill command center in early May so drunk/hopped up on pills that he was asked to leave or face arrest. (Arrest...yeah right).

I wonder, did Nodine drive himself to the oil spill command center? If so, why was he allowed to leave if he was that intoxicated? Did no one care about potential deaths he might cause on the highway or potential lawsuits that would have inevitably followed had he killed someone while roaring up and down the road in his county truck?

It also goes on to mention an article by a guy named Shane McBryde who used to be good friends with Nodine. McBryde was in radio and Nodine was in advertising. They became fast friends and McBryde "helped Nodine score weed". Later, McBryde was hired as the spokesperson for the Mobile County Sheriff's Dept. No shit! Wonder how many piss ant marijuana busts he commented on as spokesperson for the Mobile Co. Sheriff's Dept. under former Sheriff Jack Tillman?

These people have no concept of what shame or hypocrisy are. Makes me want to vomit!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Impeachment charges brought against Steve Nodine

A grand jury in Mobile has brought impeachment charges against County Commissioner Steve Nodine. These charges are not related to Steve Nodine being named the only suspect in the murder of his mistress, Angel Downs.

The Mobile County grand jury issued five impeachment charges: willful neglect of duty, corruption in office, incompetency, intemperance in the use of alcohol or narcotics, and offenses involving moral turpitude.

Those charges include:

According to the bill, Nodine has been accused of:

* Using his county-issued pickup truck for "personal and recreational pursuits" including using the vehicle to conduct "a long term, open and notorious extramarital affair" with Angel Downs. At one point, in 2008, he lost one county truck during Mardi Gras for six days. More recently, Nodine drove a county truck to Don Carlos restaurant in Daphne after drinking beer on the beach and spending the day with Downs, the bill says.

* Asking for county reimbursement for alcohol, fuel and food in New Orleans that were not related to his official duties.

* Committing multiple acts of domestic violence in his extra-marital relationship with Downs, including stalking, harassment, verbal and physical abuse, and threats. During two such incidents, the bill says, Nodine invoked his official position as a commissioner to dissuade Downs from seeking police protection.

* Using fraudulent prescriptions to obtain more than 2,400 hydrocodone pills from at least nine pharmacies in four states between March 2009 and January 2010.

The bill also says a May 11 drug test showed Nodine had marijuana and opiates in his system.

The grand jury recommended that Nodine be removed from office.

Will any charges be filed against him for doctor shopping?

What a piece of work this guy is. How in the hell do you lose a truck for six days?

I have a feeling that before all is said and done Mr. Steve Nodine will be found to be connected to some of the largest drug traffickers in Mobile and possibly in the nation. One of my professors said he once worked for the ABI and that in every town in Alabama one of a handful of powerful people controls the drug trade. A judge, D.A., police chief, sheriff, or a county commissioner. Someone with a lot of money and a lot of power pulled a lot of strings and twisted a lot of arms for Nodine to be able to get away with all of these things for as long as he did.

The sad thing is that he makes all people who consume cannabis in a responsible manner look bad. I am actually very surprised that Mr. Nodine is involved with marijuana at all. Usually the power trippers prefer cocaine/crack/meth.

Steve Nodine named Suspect in murder of Angel Downs

Baldwin County D.A. Judy Newcomb says Steve Nodine is only suspect in Angel Downs Murder.

Newcomb said all the evidence points to him although he still hasn't been charged.

Baldwin DA: "Angel Downs Case A Murder Investigation"

From the Mobile Press-Register Angel Downs case a murder investigation

MOBILE, Ala. -- The shooting death of a Gulf Shores Realtor is being treated as a murder investigation, the Baldwin County District Attorney's Office said today.

Read the rest

High Profile Defense Attorney joins Nodine Marijuana Case Defense

Well-known criminal defense lawyer appears in court with Nodine's attorney in pot case

MOBILE, Ala. -- Mobile County Commissioner Stephne Nodine's attorney, Matt Green, walked into the grand jury room this morning with well-known southwest Alabama criminal defense lawyer Jeff Deen.

The grand jury is expected to report this afternoon whether it has indicted Nodine on drug charges in connection with a small amount of marijuana found inside his county-issued truck in December.

It's really sad that this slime ball is in any way associated with marijuana. The only thing linking the marijuana story and the Angel Downs death story together are Nodine. Marijuana has nothing to do with this. Even if Nodine had been arrested for possession of it, like us commoners would have been, he would have been out of jail in a few minutes on a misdemeanor charge and Ms. Downs would likely still be dead, if in fact, Nodine is the one who pulled the trigger. Nodine is the bad guy here....not the weed.

For more on the Steve Nodine marijuana case go here and here.

Steve Nodine Angel Downs case borders on unreal

From the Mobile Press-Register

Investigators confirm gun used to shoot Commissioner Nodine's girlfriend was hers

GULF SHORES, Ala. Police investigating the shooting death of Mobile County Commissioner Stephen Nodine's girlfriend have confirmed that she owned the gun that was used but have not determined who pulled the trigger.

Gulf Shores Police Lt. Dennis King also said this morning that Nodine, the only "person of interest" in the case, changed his clothes before meeting with investigators after the death of Angel Downs.

Baldwin Co. D.A Judy Newcomb said that forensic scientists did not conduct a gunpowder residue test on Downs' hand. She said Alabama's forensic scientists never perform that test because they believe it is unreliable.

WHAT?!?!?!?!? Since when is this test unreliable? If one shoots oneself in the head then there will be gunpowder and blood on the hands. This is the first time I have ever heard such a thing. Has D.A. Judy Newcomb ever used gunpowder residue test results to imprison anyone in Baldwin County? If so, will those people get new trials?

Where are the clothes that Nodine was wearing before he talked to police? If he shot her then there would most likely be gunpowder and blood on his clothing. Is that test unreliable, too? Has his home been searched? Was the truck cleaned before police impounded it? Why did it take three hours before Nodine turned himself into police? Why did he check himself into a psych ward yesterday? Is someone covering for him?

I don't need to tell any of you that things would be vastly different if it were you or I, first caught with marijuana and, then suspected in the death of our lover. We'd still be in jail on the first charge.

Also, how come Nodine, a "Family Values" Republican, was able to run around with Angel Downs in public for years, while elected, and no one say anything about it or use it against him during an election or not cause his "Family Values" supporters to call for his removal from office?

Just what is going on here?

BTW, DA Judy Newcomb says there will be news about the Nodine marijuana incident sometime today.

AP: After 40 years and $1 TRILLION dollars drug war has never met stated objectives

The Associated Press has begun a series of articles on the abysmal failure of the drug war.

U.S. war on drugs has met none of its goals

I've been saying that since 2002, writing to papers about it, doing local and national media about it, ran for Governor with the main platform plank of ending the drug war in Alabama. And, people call me crazy, a lunatic dope smoker, a druggie and all sorts of other nice things. But, they can call me whatever they want because I am RIGHT and they are WRONG.

See, the drug war wasn't designed to succeed, at least not at the stated objectives laid out in the beginning. What it has succeeded at is destabilizing entire nations (Colombia, Afghanistan, Mexico etc..) and expanding centralized federal government power into rural areas of the US (like Alabama) through the use of BYRNE grants, which gives police departments money for every drug arrest they make....not convictions they get, not major dealers they take down. See, there aren't many major kingpins arrested and imprisoned because if they take out the big fish and there are no little fish to arrest, prosecute, imprison and therefore no justification for these goddamn drug task forces who love to kill family pets in front of children, or murder 92 year old little old ladies then plant cocaine in her house and say she shot first or, arrest nearly the entire black population of a tiny Texas town, or target a mother based on a letter to the editor and make up lies and attribute them to that mothers five-year-old daughter to get a warrant, or demand to search every vehicle they stop and threaten to bring the dogs out on you, even though they have no right to do so.

The list of shit cops and the government could no longer do to the citizens of the US if we ended the drug war is almost endless.

So, let's end it.

Get off your ass today and do something. Write a letter to the editor in response to this article, make a sign and stand on the street corner, talk to your elected officials and show them this news article, show up at campaign rallies and ask what the candidate plans to do to end the drug war. If you keep sitting around waiting for someone else to step up and do what every American citizen who understands the Constitution is morally obligated to do, or you wait until they come to arrest you or get the wrong address and shoot you, your dogs, terrorize your kids and give your elderly relatives heart attacks then, this will rage on forever. If you aren't fighting back against the drug war then you are a major part of the problem.

There are only two ways to handle drugs.

1) Regulate them like alcohol and tobacco, which would reduce the rate of preventable overdose deaths, the spread of deadly diseases, property crimes committed by addicts needing a way to get their drugs, gang violence, the police state the drug war has created, meth labs where children are exposed to deadly chemicals, restrict who has access to them (drug dealers don't ask kids for ID), reduce the funds that terrorist organizations use to blow us up, and use the lucrative billions of dollars to fund things like better education for our kids, treatment for people who become addicted, create jobs, fund medicare, medicaid, and social security, reserve prison beds for the really bad people like murderers and child molesters and rapists and those fuckers on Wall Street.


2) Allow violent, criminal drug cartels to control drugs, continue to watch kids and other loved ones die needlessly because they got a polluted product or used too much not knowing the purity, continue the destruction of the family unit, increase the number of people who use drugs, increase the spread of deadly diseases, allow gangs to continue to operate, continue to fund terrorist organizations who use illicit drugs as a way to fund their activities, see more children living in meth labs, have more property crimes, increased availability of drugs to everyone who wants them, more murders, more overcrowded prisons, increase the power of the police state and the federal government intrusion into our daily lives, and make yourself a target for a botched drug raid even if you have nothing to do with drugs. This is what we currently have.

In short, if you support the second option, drug prohibition, then you support the drug dealers and you are responsible for everyone killed by cops or dealers, every pet slaughtered, every granny given a heart attack or shot, every kid who dies from an overdose or from a polluted product, every kid who lives in a meth lab, every dollar that goes to cage someone for ingesting a substance not sanctioned by the giant pharma companies (who really control the government), every new case of HIV/AIDS and Hep C., every gang terrorizing neighborhoods, every property crime committed to get drugs, every teacher given a pink slip because you think it is more important to punish someone for doing something that is none of your goddamn business anyway than it is to give a child a sound education, which reduces the chances that they will use drugs or wind up in prison....and on and on and on.

You don't have to like drugs or use drugs to grasp that the drug war has failed and will always fail. There are far superior and less costly ways, both in dollars spent and in lives destroyed, to deal with drug abuse and addiction.

If you support letting the criminal cartels control all the billions of dollars made in the drug trade then I hope your house is the next 'wrong address' the cops get. And don't think it can't happen to you....even if you are a politician. Most Americans won't accept this truth until some jack-booted drug task force cop kicks them in the teeth. I hope you aren't one of those Americans.

So, what will you do to end this Unconstitutional madness?

76 year old granny suffers heart attack in botched drug raid

Atlanta Journal Constitution

An elderly Polk County woman suffered a heart attack after police mistakenly came to her home with guns drawn, looking for drug suspects.

Polk police officers and agents from the federal Drug Enforcement Administration went to Helen Pruett's double-wide trailer Tuesday morning to serve an arrest warrant but mistakenly went to the wrong home.

"It was not a search warrant," Polk County police Chief Kenny Dodd told WSB Radio. "She came to the door, opened it and talked with us on the steps. The house was never breached."

"These were considered high-risk warrants,"
Dodd said. "These individuals are known drug dealers and they were looking at a lot of time in federal prison, so obviously, when we serve those types of warrants, we usually go in with guns drawn just to protect ourselves."

"It was not a search warrant."...."These were considered high risk warrants."

So, was there a damn warrant or not? Either they had a warrant or they didn't, regardless of what kind of warrant it may have been. Good thing Ms. Helen Pruett didn't have a cuddly little lap dog, too or it would have surely been shot and killed.

How many more innocent people are we going to allow to be scared to death, shot to death, have their homes illegally invaded by government sanctioned thugs and have their pets killed in front of children before we say ENOUGH!?

The drug war, which isn't really a war on drugs as they are inanimate objects, must stop. It is a war on American citizens. There was a new report yesterday from the AP and being carried on Fox News which points out that 40 years and $1 TRILLION later the drug war has been an abject failure, not once meeting any of its stated objectives.

So, how much longer will we allow it to continue. It appears that not much of anyone gives a damn. And they won't give a damn until the cops get the wrong address (which will be their address) and come storm trooping through the door killing pets in front of children and giving MeMaws heart attacks.

Will you only care when it happens to you or will you stand up and fight back now....before it happens to you and your family? It doesn't matter if you love drugs, hate drugs, or don't give a damn about drugs, you must do something to end this failed and extremely costly policy. It affects you in a very negative way regardless of your opinion of drugs or drug users. For every person sent to prison in Alabama for one year for a non-violent drug offense an Alabama teacher gets a pink slip.

In the drug war everyone is a suspect. The cops can come rampaging through your home at any time, regardless of whether you have anything to do with drugs or not. They can shoot and kill you, your pets, your children, give your elderly relatives/guests heart attacks and get away with it because they are cops and they rarely punish their own. Even when they do 'punish' their own it is far from the type of punishment you or I would receive if we did the same thing. Just look at the Kathryn Johnston case, or look at the Corey May story. Take a gander at the long list of botched drug raids and deaths related to them.

Will you only care when it happens to you or someone you love?

(H/T Thomason Tracts

Attorney for Angel Downs' family says..'Killer will be convicted'

Attorney says Downs' killer "Will be convicted"

Interesting....since no one is saying yet whether Ms. Downs took her own life or was shot by Steve Nodine or someone else. I wonder if the attorney for the family would make that statement if he didn't have some information from the autopsy that showed Ms. Downs' did not kill herself.

Comments are not being allowed on al.com for this particular story...if you've read the comments on other related stories you will understand why. Feel free to comment here. Please keep it civil.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

More on the Stephen Nodine/Angel Downs case

According to the Mobile Press-Register County Commissioner Steve Nodine, who has been named a person of interest in the death of his mistress Angel Downs, has checked himself into the psych ward at the Mobile Infirmary Medical Center.

Also, according to the Press-Register, Angel Downs had spoken with friends about 30 minutes before she was found shot to death and had planned to meet them for a cookout at the complex where they all lived around the time of her death.

Monday, May 10, 2010

How you Can Help Marc Emery

Please go HERE and find out what kinds of things you can be doing to help Marc Emery serve his five year prison term in Canada.


In case you're missing it

Mobile County Commissioner Stephen Nodine's mistress turned up dead yesterday around the time he was leaving her house in his county truck.

From the Press Register.....

Nodine talks to police about woman's shooting death

Gulf Shores shooting victim identified

Sheriff says he did not ask for Commissioner's help in locating Stephen Nodine

Neighbors say Nodine was at victim's home all day

Warrant sought for Nodine's Mobile County Truck in shooting death case

Nodine's truck, victims house searched

Downs, Nodine seen at beach on day of shooting

Some of you will remember Mr. Nodine from a few months ago when he was allegedly caught with marijuana in his county vehicle. I wondered at the time if he wasn't set up for the marijuana charge. It all seemed a little too convenient for me. No doubt I am reassessing that theory in light of this story.

Did he really kill her and drive away thinking no one would see him? Did she kill herself in front of him and he just drove away without summoning help?

Marc Emery to be Extradited to the US

I just learned from Jodie Emery that my longtime very close friend, mentor, and freedom fighter Marc Emery will be extradited to the US to spend 5 years in federal prison for selling marijuana seeds over the internet. Marc turned himself in at 9 a.m. this morning to await his fate.

It is a sad day for Justice in America and Canada. I talked to Marc Friday evening and he was in good spirits and still holding out some hope that the Canadian Injustice Minister Rob Nicholson would refuse to sign the extradition order. Today was the last day to sign it.

Marc only sold seeds from a natural plant that grows wild all over the earth. How is it that we have allowed our respective governments to outlaw nature and cruelly persecute those of us who refuse to bow down to their tyranny?

Truth is, Marc's case has nothing to do with selling marijuana seeds over the internet. There are many other Canadian based marijuana seed sellers, located on the exact same block as Marc in Vancouver, B.C. The only difference between those seed sellers and Marc is that Marc used the millions of dollars he made to fund a movement to end marijuana prohibition, which does more harm to society than marijuana will ever do. He was a brilliant, loudmouth, belligerent, indefatigable, non-violent, civil disobedient thorn in the asses of the American and Canadian governments for many, many, years.

Marc used his proceeds from the sales of marijuana seeds to contribute to nearly everyone working on ending marijuana prohibition on every part of the globe. He funded rallies, marches, ballot petitions, organizations, campaigns, and individuals. He founded political parties and ran for office nearly every election and inspired others to do the same. Yours truly, included. He was my sole funder from 2002-2005. He hired me to work for him as news anchor for web based Pot TV News. He sent me all over the US, Canada, and even to Colombia, South America, to study and report on the disastrous consequences of the drug war. He inspired me to stand up and fight marijuana prohibition in the scariest and most difficult place to bring about change in the US, and quite possibly, the entire world. Alabama.

Marc convinced me to run for Governor of Alabama. His influence in getting the conversation started in Alabama about the dire need to end prohibition cannot be overstated. In short, Marc inspired me and thousands of others like me to stand up and fight back against an immoral and deadly government policy that goes against the very principles upon which the United States of America was founded. And the American government hates dissenters.

His success in organizing a global battle against prohibition is why he was arrested. Not because he sold marijuana seeds. But, because he fought the government.

The other seed sellers pocketed their money. Not saying there is a thing wrong with making money or keeping the money you make. I'm just saying that if Marc's arrest was really about selling marijuana seeds then the other marijuana seed sellers, on his same block in Vancouver, would have also been arrested and extradited to the US.

Another thing that confirms that this is political persecution is the very words of former head of the DEA Karen Tandy on the day Marc was arrested.

"Today's DEA arrest of Marc Scott Emery, publisher of Cannabis Culture Magazine, and founder of a marijuana legalization group - is a significant blow not only to the marijuana trafficking trade in the US and Canada but also to the marijuana legalization movement. Hundreds of thousands of Emery's illicit profits are known to have been channeled to marijuana legalization groups active in the US and Canada. Drug legalization lobbyists now have one less pot of money to rely on."

I guess Tandy and the DEA thought that all of the thousands of people Marc inspired to fight back would just pack up our bongs, go home and get back into our smoke-filled closets and hide from the all powerful government. I guess she didn't count on us actually believing in what we are doing and that, while having money to fight against prohibition is nice, lots of it isn't really required. It doesn't cost much to email a letter to the editor, stand on a busy street corner with a sign, talk to your elected officials about the drug war, talk to your family and friends about the drug war, or get involved in the political process. Money is secondary to true freedom fighters. We fight every day whether we have money or not.

What former head of the DEA Tandy and current head Michele Leonheart have done is galvanize a movement. Shit....they thought Marc was a pain in the ass on the outside...just wait til he gets settled in prison and starts organizing from the inside. Heh...my mouth is watering just thinking about it.

To all of those inspired by Marc over the years, hold strong. Marc Emery is the strongest willed individual I have ever encountered. He already has the next five years of his life in prison planned. He is going to learn French and Spanish. He's going to write a book about his amazing life. He's going to communicate with the troops on the outside, and inspire those in federal prison with him. Within a week or two of his arrival I can almost guarantee that there will be a demonstration of some sort outside the prison where he is. No one knows where that will be yet. When he gets out he is going to run for Prime Minister of Canada.

I will try and get Jodie on the phone later today for any other details she may have. Also check Cannabis Culture often for new details and on what you can do. This case was started under the Bush administration and should have been dropped when President Obama took office. I think petitioning President Obama to pardon Marc, or, at the very least, allow him to serve his time in Canada, is in order.

This is America and there should be NO POLITICAL PRISONERS here.

Marc Emery is a Political Prisoner.

We're now on par with the former Soviet Union, China, and many third world despots who have, throughout history, imprisoned their political opponents and political dissenters.

Oh Goodie More Prohibition! That's Just What We Need

From the Huntsville Times

Salvia, K2 to be outlawed July 1

By Victoria Cumbow, The Huntsville Times
May 10, 2010, 7:30AM

Deborah SouleDave Dieter / The Huntsville TimesDeborah Soule, executive director for Partnership for a Drug Free CommunityHUNTSVILLE, AL -- On July 1, salvia and several legal herbs treated with K2 will become illegal in the state of Alabama, thanks to a bill passed by the Alabama Legislature and signed by Gov. Bob Riley in April.

While some consider it a victory in the fight against drugs, others argue that it will only contribute to putting the products into the hands of teens.

"This is a very good day for the state of Alabama," said Deborah Soule, executive director of Partnership for a Drug Free Community.

Read the rest

When has prohibition of anything ever worked in recorded history?

I know people get tired of hearing me say it, but legalizing marijuana (for adult use) and taxing it would bring in a minimum of $130 million (and that is a real low ball estimate). Releasing all non-violent drug prisoners would save another $132 million. Not to mention all the money that would be saved in the court system, which is over run by non-violent drug offenders who have no business being arrested and tried for a victimless 'crime'. We could also downsize the bloated police departments and their 'drug task forces' could be done away with completely.

We only have two options when it comes to drug policy. We can take control of the market and use the lucrative billions to fund better education, infrastructure, and other worthy programs or we can keep it in the hands of the modern day Al Capone's and fund crime, violence, death, disease and destruction. The latter is what we currently have now and obviously it isn't working out so well.

Every time a person is arrested, tried and imprisoned in Alabama for one year over marijuana and now salvia and K2/Spice one teacher gets a pink slip.

Despite decades of people like Ms. Soule pushing for more prohibitionist laws Alabama ranks #1 in teen drug use according to the Annual Pride Survey. Think about that....we have the toughest drug prohibition laws in the US and the highest rates of drug use in the nation among our teens.

All prohibition does is drive the drugs and those who use them underground where there are absolutely no safety nets like checking ID, knowing what is in a product, the purity of product. Prohibition makes any drug easier to get and increases the danger factor to the maximum. This won't stop kids from getting drugs. What it will do is ensure that more will die from polluted products and preventable overdose deaths.

The only people who support prohibition are the politicians, cops, drug dealers and people like Ms. Soule, all of who profit directly from prohibition at the expense of the lives of our kids.

I'd love to challenge Ms. Soule to a public debate on the drug laws and their complete lack of effectiveness. Wonder if she would be brave enough to take me on?

Friday, May 07, 2010

Global Marijuana March in Birmingham Tomorrow May 8

Please come out Saturday May 8th to 2330 Highland Avenue South in Birmingham (the big house next to Caldwell Park) starting around 3:30pm so that we can gather to walk down to 5 Points in support of the Worldwide Marijuana March. We will leave from 2330 around 4:00pm, so be sure to arrive before then. Also, after the march, come on back to 2330 Highland Ave. for a meet-n-greet and potluck meal. If you're able to, please bring a meat dish, casserole, side item or drink to share and if you plan on bringing something, please list it on the Alabama NORML or Alabamians for Compassionate Care Wall, so that we won't end up with 40 coleslaws and nothing else:) That way, we can self-coordinate the menu.

I'll send out an invite for the march and potluck in the middle of next week, but until then, spread the word about the march and potluck dinner and make plans to be there next Saturday, May 8th!

Bring a positive attitude and prepare to get involved. I believe we are at a crossroads for cannabis law reform in this country and the more people we can get involved who are committed to reform, the faster it will happen. As always, plan to leave any currently prohibited plants at home and try to dress sharp. Remember, we are trying to effect positive change not reinforce negative stereotypes. When people outside our community see a polite, peaceful demonstration with scores of individuals standing up for a cause, they won't be able to dismiss us easily.

Also, keep in mind that Sunday, May 9th is Mother's Day, so don't forget to tell your mother how much you appreciate her! Heck, bring her to the rally!

See you all on Saturday, May 8th!

Anniston Deputies go to Wrong Address....Murder Family Pet

Yet another disturbing story about cops committing puppycide. This time in Anniston, Alabama.

From the Anniston Star Deputies get address wrong...murder family pet.

And this one wasn't even a drug raid. They were serving civil papers, went to the wrong house, dog (a blue heeler) broke his chain and barked, deputy fired and missed, called for back-up, back up and animal control arrive, dog forgets about them and begins to chase cars, comes back into his own yard, is shot in the hip (how fucking cruel), growls when approached because he is in very serious pain and they shoot him in the head.

Not a damn thing will happen to the cops. However, if you or I shot a police dog, one who has been trained to attack humans, we'd get a long time in prison, because police consider the dogs as officers.

Well, I consider my dog Saul, the most awesome German Shepherd ever, a full fledged member of my family, but they could kill him and get full immunity.

Just goes to show that the cops get the wrong address all the time and no human or animal is safe as long as they are allowed to go storm trooping in and open fire on anything that moves or refuses to obey their commands and then face no consequences for their actions. Wonder if it has ever been explained to them that dogs don't exactly understand being yelled at by strangers toting guns.

This poor puppy was doing his job and protecting his masters home and property. All he did was bark then run away. If he took time out of his planned mauling of the deputies to chase cars then he obviously wasn't a threat to any of them. They killed him because they think that's fun and because they know they can get away with it.

God I hate cops! Pretty soon we will hear a story about cops opening fire on a goddamn goldfish. They'll say..."He was hopped up on drugs and had the strength of ten goldfish...like a piranha I tell you! Swam at me in a threatening manner Sarge...Refused to put his fins behind his back...I had no choice but to shoot him!" And it'll be ok because the cop was following procedure.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Fucking Drug Warrior Mother Fuckers

I've tried to watch the following video of a SWAT team in Missouri breaking into a home, firing seven rounds into the family dogs, while the small children looked on, and then charging the parents with child endangerment, because they had a couple joints in the house....but I can't do it. It is too disturbing and horrible and ...God I just don't even have a word for it. But, I implore those of you, especially those of you who think you support the goddamn drug war, to watch it. Are you proud of what your tax dollars are paying for? If you answer yes to that question then I hope your house is the next one raided because the cops got the wrong address (happens all the time), and that they kill your beloved puppies while your precious children look on.

There's more HERE

Send this to all your drug warrior friends.

I'll never understand how the cops think they are on the right side of this issue and consider themselves hero's.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Co-Founder of Anti-Gay Family Research Council is.....GAY

According to Miami New Times George Reckers, who co-founded Family Research Council with James Dobson, hired a male hooker to accompany him to Europe on a ten day vacation. Said he needed the young lad, which he found on RentBoy.com to assist him with his 'luggage'.

Reminds me of when Alabama Attorney General Troy King hired his own Homecoming King luggage boy to 'assist' him during his travels....and at the office....and even at the YMCA, so some have said.

Pretty soon I am going to just have to start assuming that any Christian male who spews hated for gays, is, in fact, gay.

Damn...I wish I was as good of a smartass as King Cockfight

If you like to laugh at stupid politicians in Alabama then this one is not to be missed.

Prepared to laugh til you nearly pass out as you read King Cockfight's take on the new Tim James Sex Offender Ad

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

I should have run for Governor again...Is it too late?

The following is a collection of Alabama gubernatorial hopeful campaign ads. These particular ads are Republican. Not picking on them...just haven't watched all of the other ads yet and had to mention these because they are so damn dumb and uninformative....as usual.

After watching them you will have a much better understanding of why Alabama is as fucked up as it is.

Tim James English Only Driver License Exam Ad

Tim James Sex Offender Ad

So, Tim, can sex offenders only register in English? BTW, got any real ideas on issues that actually matter to the masses of unemployed people who have lost their homes, cars, and are about to run out of unemployment benefits?

Next up is Ten Commandments Judge Roy Moore's 'Brand New Day' song...sung by brothers (just in case there is a black person in Alabama who might actually consider voting for Roy Moore)....No shit. Brothers.

And here is the same song being sung by a country white person in case Roy's super majority white base gets pissed off about the whole brother thing.

And what about you Roy? Got any ideas other than Jesus, marble statues, and how government can insert itself more vigorously into our private daily lives, Mr. "Small government conservative"? I'm afraid your idea of a 'Brand New Day' would be the dawn of the New Dark Ages for the rest of us.

Every four years it is like this in Alabama. I can't decide who is dumber....the candidates or the people who give them money to put stupid shit like this on my TV screen and then vote for them.

I really wish I had thrown my hat in the ring for governor again this year.....if for no other reason than to make incredible and satirical fun of these bumbling fools who wish to keep Alabama a third world country. Is it too late?