Saturday, August 30, 2008

You gotta be effin kiddin me #@!!?

So, John McCain picks a hottie, former beauty queen as his VP running mate in hopes of snagging some Hillary supporters. That might have been a good idea if this woman actually shared any of the political ideology of Hillary supporters. But she doesn't. She's pro-gun,which is great, because I am too. She's pro-home school, which is great, because I am too. But she is also RABIDLY PRO-LIFE and she loses me there. She lost Hillary's supporters way back there with pro-gun.

But her largest and most glaring drawback is that she lacks any hint of foreign policy experience, which is a big, big, HUGE deal because we are currently engaged in two wars in the Middle East and trying to start third and fourth ones (Iran and Russia/Georgia).

And what do the Republicans have to say about her lack of foreign policy experience?

"Uh...she lives next door to Russia and they haven't invaded Alaska."

No shit....that is what they are saying in her defense! I heard it all day yesterday on talking head cable news, then Dax Swatek said it, with a straight face, (which I can't even keep typing it) on FTR and then late night TV had a damn field day with it.

Well, I live next to a bank...does that make me bank President material? There are some homeless people who live near the White House in Washington D.C. Does that qualify them to be President? There are baggage handlers who live near the airport. Does that qualify them to fly your plane?

Why, hell no! And living near Russia doesn't qualify Sara Palin to be one heartbeat away from being the President of our country. That's one finger away from THE RED BUTTON!

This isn't coming from an Obama supporter nor a die-hard Democrat. This is coming from me, Loretta Nall, the small Libertarian voice in the political wilderness of Alabama politics.

It's LUNACY I tell you. L-U-N-A-C-Y! The next eight weeks of the national media raking her over the coals should be an interesting viewing experience. I almost feel sorry for her.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

More Troy King Rumors

Just when I was starting to get a little concerned that this thing had run out of gas along comes THIS!

H/T Left in Alabama

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I love Bill Clinton

That's really all I have to say.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Bill Maher is HYSTERICAL!

In case you missed Bill Maher's cameo last night on MSNBC's election coverage........

I can't believe he was allowed to speak that much truth on TV.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

John Alexander Rochester Case Update

I've learned from my sources that the Clay County Grand Jury will meet Monday, August 25 and will be presented with the John Alexander Rochester drug trafficking case. I won't be able to make it for the handing down of the indictments, but, if everything goes as planned there will be at least one reporter there, on my tip, to get the information out to the public. I'll also be monitoring the Clay Times Journal to see if they will set politics aside and step up and fulfil the role of an actual newspaper.

Will update everyone when I know more.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Troy King Alert!

Two pieces about Troy King today.

First this piece from Huffington Post

Alabama Attorney General Seeks End of "Bunny Bliss" -- Will Launch Rabbit Hunt
(This article has some inaccuracies. Everything said about Troy King being gay is still a rumor at this point. Troy will neither admit nor deny so most people have already made up their minds that he is, in fact, gay, but that isn't proof. Also, he has not resigned from John McCain's campaign as Alabama Chair. Troy was in Mobile last week campaigning for McCain.)

Then for some serious laughing our friend J.D. Crowe, editorial cartoonist for the Mobile Press-Register, has another toon tease posted involving Troy King. The actual toon will be posted on his website later today.

UPDATE: The toon is now posted.

And they wonder why no one respects police anymore

Blain Barnett aquitted in brutal attack on motorist

A McIntosh police officer videotaped Tasering and beating a man he dragged from a pickup truck during a traffic stop in March was cleared of criminal charges this week.

A Washington County grand jury found that the allegations of assault and harassment against Blaine Barnett were not sufficient to warrant prosecution, according to District Attorney Spencer Walker

In May, Barnett was placed on administrative leave after he fired a gun at a motorcycle during a police chase. The bike never wrecked and the driver was not injured. Barnett's current status with the department was unclear Thursday.

Mr. Barnett has an upcoming date with KARMA. I hope it's caught on video tape.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

You've Got My Vote

Alexander City Mayoral Candidate Arrested for Marijuana

Jackson’s Gap authorities arrested and charged an Alexander City mayoral candidate with a number of charges, including attempting to elude police.

Timothy Wayne Kellum, who is running against incumbent Alexander City mayor Barbara Young, was taken into custody Thursday afternoon when police officials found him parked in his car in the middle of a road.

“He was charged with driving under the influence of drugs, attempting to eude and possession of marijuana in the second degree,” said Jackson’s Gap police chief Mike Keyes.

Keyes said the traffic stop happened on Blackwelder Road in Jackson’s Gap and Kellum was the vehicle’s only occupant.

“He was stopped in the middle of the road out in the middle of nowhere,” Keyes said.

Keyes said he stopped to do a routine investigate stop to see what was going on.

“Upon talking to him, I had him exit the vehicle,” Keyes said. “I went back to my vehicle to run his driver’s license when he jumped back in his vehicle and sped off.”

Keyes said he followed Kellum, who was driving a Chevrolet Tahoe, for about three-fourths of a mile before Kellum stopped again. Keyes then took him into custody.

Keyes said he also confiscated three weapons from Kellum — two shotguns and a handgun.

Well, well, well....seems I'm not the only person with political ambition and an affinity for tasty green plant material. I hope Mr. Kellum doesn't drop out of the race. Going green is no reason to drop out of a political race. After all, I ran an entire gubernatorial campaign based on my false arrest for weed. In fact, I think I will contact him and encourage him to stay in. We could use someone friendly to the cause as Mayor of Alexander City.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Baby Raping Bama Cop Caught in Washington State

Birmingham News

Wednesday, August 20, 2008
News staff writer

A former police officer facing first-degree rape and sex abuse charges involving a child has been arrested in Washington state after leaving a note at the Birmingham airport saying law enforcement officers would not find him.

Ronald L. Whitworth Jr., 35, had been listed as one of the U.S. Secret Service's most wanted fugitives before he was caught at an apartment near Tacoma on Monday night. Whitworth was wanted on a federal warrant stemming from federal charges of possessing child pornography and transporting a minor across state lines, authorities said.

Shelby County sheriff's investigators arrested Whitworth, a former Vestavia Hills police officer, in April on charges of child endangerment, sexual abuse of a child under 12, rape and sodomy. He made bond a week later.

A search of his home on May 2 by the Secret Service's Birmingham Electronic Crimes Task Force turned up images of child pornography, including 250 movie files on Whitworth's computer, authorities said.

Finally, a PROPER use of law enforcement resources. My question is why he was ever granted bond in the first place?

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Former Prison Guards Sentenced for Smuggling Drugs

I posted about this a couple months back.

Daily Home

By David Atchison

ASHVILLE — Two former state correctional officers were sentenced to 5-year split sentences Monday for smuggling drugs into a prison.
St. Clair County Circuit Court Judge Charles Robinson sentenced Tommie Borden, 34, of Gadsden and Mark Clark, 27, of Anniston to each serve two years in prison, followed by three years of probation.

In June, a St. Clair County jury found both former correctional officers guilty of second-degree promoting prison contraband. The correctional officers smuggled a small amount of marijuana into the St. Clair Correctional Facility in Springville.

Before the sentencing, Assistant District Attorney Joey Stevens told Robinson this case wasn’t about the small amount of marijuana, but about the betrayal of the public’s trust by officers who were sworn to uphold the laws of the state.

“They earned a prison sentence,” Stevens said.

“They say there’s more dope in prison than there are out on the streets,” Judge Robinson said.

And therein lies the rub. What is the point of sending someone to prison over drugs? To keep them from getting more drugs? That obviously doesn't work. To prevent others from doing drugs? Well, that hasn't worked either. To hope that one day the government will lock up every 'drug user' 'drug dealer' in the U.S.? Laughable. Nearly every citizen in the US would then occupy a prison cell.....if enough cells could be built and tax dollars collected to house them.

The drug war is an abject failure. Let's scrap it and move on.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Australian town mayor pleads for 'ugly women'


Mayor John Molony found himself under attack Monday over comments he made to a local newspaper that read: "May I suggest if there are five blokes to every girl, we should find out where there are beauty-disadvantaged women and ask them to proceed to Mount Isa."

To which the women of Mount Isa responded...

Several local women said there aren't a lot of gems to be found among Mount Isa's men, either.

"We've got a saying up here that the odds are good, but the goods are odd," 27-year-old Anna Warrick told The Brisbane Times.

God I love a smart ass!!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

More from the Rochester Peanut Gallery

I love rattling folks cages....especially when the folks in question are powerful judges or attorney generals. Judging from the responses the Rochester Peanut gallery is leaving on this blog and my other blog I'd say I've rattled them so hard their teeth are about to fall out. Here is the latest comment from the Alabama Court Watch Blog....peanut gallery in bold/italics and mine follow.

Just to let you know- so you don't have to take credit for anything. I believe that I told you that George and the DA would be stepping down.

Nonsense. Prove that you told me or my readers that. I remember a comment on my other blog where some anonymous person (perhaps it was you) said Judge Simpson DID step down and DID NOT handle the bond hearing. Which was a lie. I have the paperwork to prove it. The DA didn't step aside til things started getting a little hot and not until after I began talking about it on the radio.

Believe me it had nothing to do with your letter writing and calling campaign- that's really not an effective way of handling things anymore.

Sure, sure. Except that most people are smart enough to figure out that if the Judge and D.A. were going to do the right thing and step aside then they would have done it at the beginning and never handled the bond hearing. That they didn't do it until after I started talking about this case tells everyone reading this blog and following this story all they need to know about what happened and why.

As to whether or not calling and writing is an effective way to handle things this day and time....well it was obviously effective for this purpose because it got you scurrying around like a rat trying to cover your ass.

Especially when it comes from a mentally unstable, druggie, that complains about everything and everybody.

Now that's about the pot calling the kettle black ain't it? I admit an affinity for weed and make no bones about it. I also advocate for changes in the drug laws that, if implemented, would have prevented John Alexander Rochester from being arrested in the first place. If that makes me a 'druggie' then what does trafficking meth, trafficking cocaine, pills and marijuana make John Alexander Rochester? And you for supporting his free ride through the legal system?

Mentally unstable? How so? I'm obviously mentally stable enough to bust your ass for tinkering with my justice system.

Complains about everything and everybody? Oh, you mean since I am not a Democrat or Republican and go after both instead of towing a party line that I complain about everybody? You'd be right about that. You are all fair game in my book and at least I am consistent.

Oh yeah, personal attacks (mentally unstable druggie) only show everyone that you have no real argument or defense for your actions.

It's hard to take you serious anymore. It's like the little boy that cried wolf. You've cried wolf too many times. Most people around the state think you're a joke.

Where and when have I cried wolf before and not been vindicated? Please provide some examples with documentation. Further....there are just over 4 million people in this state...your statement implies that you have talked to ALL OF THEM and that, in your opinion, they think I am a joke. We all know that cannot be true. If you want people to believe you then you have to post things that remotely resemble HONEST.

Alex's trial is coming up. A new judge will take over. Alex will plead to something, hopefully he will serve no time to 5 years because this is his first offense. He's been in rehab for 6 months now with limited privileges and drug tested weekly.

It is my understanding that this is not his first offense. And, it must be really nice to spend six months in treatment when you are charged with drug trafficking. It is unheard of in anyone elses case that they are granted bonds as low as John Alexander Rochester was for the same offenses. Ahhh the elite and priviliged. Must be nice. You should tell JAR to enjoy the comforts of treatment while he can....prison won't be nearly as posh and gentle.

Judge Rochester will be retiring in a year to two years- so don't think you're running him off.

Good. One less corrupt, holier-than-thou, asshole on the bench. Not that I have much faith that his replacement will be any better. Further...Judge Rochester might want to consider moving that retirement date up a bit....else he will leave the bench with some nasty black smudges on his record.

Be sure to read the comments on yesterday's post. The last 5 are really good.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

It was me...I admit it

I farted in the post office.

If I had known they were gonna call in the cavalry I would have stepped outside....wait a I wouldn't have.

The Rochester Peanut Gallery

Sometimes I get comments that are so retarded on this blog that they deserve a whole post of their very own. Such is the case with the most recent comment left by a supporter of John Alexander Rochester and his daddy, Judge John E. Rochester. Their comments are in bold/italics and mine follow.

I'm sure that the fact that he has stepped down probably won't stop you from saying that whatever the verdict is unfair.

You're probably right on that front. There are only about 53 judges in Alabama for 67counties. It's a small circle of folks who are as tightly knit as the boys in blue. I may be able to change the players in this case but probably not the outcome. But that will only add more credence to the claim that the judicial system in Alabama is anything but fair if you are just a regular person whose daddy isn't a judge. Not that too many folks have doubts about it. I don't know Rumsey, the former D.A. of Talladega Co. who will be prosecuting the case, so I don't know what to expect from him. Hopefully, he will surprise me and treat John Alexander Rochester like any other alleged drug trafficker by asking for the maximum sentence with enhancements....but I won't hold my breath.

It appears that you are out to get this young man because of his dad. The only reason we are discussing this is because of who his father is.

I've stated over and over again that I don't think anyone should go to jail or prison for any non-violent drug offense. That includes John Alexander Rochester. I've made a career out of reforming the drug laws in this fucked up, ass backwards state. But, if everyone else has to go to jail/prison under the current law then, by God, John Alexander Rochester does too. He doesn't get a free pass because of who his daddy is. My tax dollars help pay for the criminal justice system, the judges salaries and everything to do with the court system. I pay for it to be fair and work the same regardless of who ones parents happen to be. Further, if Judge John E. Rochester, Judge George Simpson and D.A. Freddy Thompson had OBEYED the law, (yeah those same laws they demand others obey) and let this thing run its course without trying to rig it in favor of John Alexander Rochester then I would never have become involved in the first place. The blame lies squarely at the feet of John Alexander Rochester for allegedly trafficking drugs at the city park and the two judges and the DA for thinking regular citizen's are too stupid to figure out that they are being screwed.

You say that you want things equal, but it's you Mrs. Nall that have chosen to discuss this so public. You are a public figure and you are choosing to talk about one that's not. You've turned him into one because of his father, but not because he is a public figure and you are calling him out.

Every private citizen in Clay County and every other county in Alabama who is accused of the same things that JAR stands accused of immediately becomes a public citizen becase their names and the lurid details of their alleged crimes are printed in the newspapers. It is a matter of public record. The local fishwrapper of a newspaper decided (for obvious political reasons) to only run the police blotter on this story and not an actual informative piece like they would have for anyone else who is not the judges son. Like they did for the little hispanic guy who got drugs from the post office and the guy who was taking a whiz in the woods that the cops busted for possession of meth. If the newspaper won't report in a fair and unbiased way then the only ones left to do it are people like me. Private citizens with a very public persona.

He was a regular private citizen and you've turned him a public figure- someone to taunt and tear apart every small thing. I've seen you do it time and time again.

When John Alexander Rochester chose to do what he allegedly did in the park he gave up his right to privacy. I didn't make him sell drugs. Had nothing to do with him selling drugs. He made that decision all on his own. Now he has to suffer the consequences of a very bad decision. No one is to blame but him. Additionally, I have not pegged him as someone to taunt and tear down. I have never met him and know nothing about him other than what I have reported in this case. I've simply reported the story and the underlying unfairness of the judicial system for folks who don't have an immediate family member on the bench. You're not mad at me because I am reporting this story you are mad because you and others got caught doing things you should not have been doing. Plain and simple you are pissed because you got BUSTED.

I agreed with the Troy King thing, but this is ridiculous. Poor guy. And you want drugs legalized, but you don't want innocent until proven guilty. SHAME ON YOU!!

Very few people disagreed with me on the Troy King thing. That you were one of the ones that agreed says you have some sense. Why can't you see and admit that what is happening in the JAR case is plain wrong?

Yes. I want drugs legalized. All drugs. Legalized. Who says I don't want innocent until proven guilty? I haven't said he is guilty. I have simply reported what is in the police reports and the case action summaries. That is neither a testament to his guilt nor his innocence. Just the facts as they have come to me from the courts. Additionally, and I know you already know this, the innocent until proven guilty bit is total bullshit. It is the exact opposite in our system despite what we are raised to believe. When you are arrested and dragged into court you are GUILTY until proven INNOCENT. Ask anyone who has ever been arrested and tried in court if they were treated like they were innocent until proven guilty. I can nearly bout guarantee you won't find anyone who will tell you that is the case.


Oh, really? Do you own Clay County now? No. In fact, I think I will come to Clay County today just to piss you off. I don't need to have your welcome or blessing. What will you do if I come to Clay County and you find out about it? Nothing except maybe run your ignorant mouth. But,let's put that theory to the test. You give me your phone number and I will call you personally when I make my next trip to Clay County (I'm there fairly often). I'll tell you what road I will be coming in on and give you my itenirary while I am there. Hell, I'll even buy you a cup of coffee at Maggie's on the square if you possess the testicular fortitude to show up. I'm putting my money on "Won't show up" though.

Stories like this just tear me up!

Sara Baysinger of La Salle, Colorado, and her 2-year-old son, Lane, reunite with their German shepherd, Cash.

Loyal dog guards owners body for 6 weeks

GREELEY, Colorado (AP) -- A dog stood guard over her owner's body for up to six weeks after the man committed suicide on the remote northeastern Colorado plains, authorities said.

The body of 25-year-old Jake Baysinger of La Salle, Colorado, was found Sunday on the Pawnee National Grasslands about 75 miles northeast of Denver, Colorado. Cash, his German shepherd, was found beside him, thin and dehydrated but still alive. The dog had apparently survived by eating mice and rabbits, authorities said.

Baysinger was reported missing June 28. An extensive search failed to locate him, but Kip Konig, a rancher, saw the dog last weekend, went to investigate and discovered Baysinger's body and his pickup.

He said Cash kept running back to the pickup and jumping into the front seat.

"I got the sense she was trying to tell me where her master was," Konig said.

Cash was reunited Monday with Sara Baysinger and her 2-year-old son, Lane. She said her little boy is "very close to that dog" and happy to see her again.

Investigators said the dog probably kept coyotes away from the body.

Now that my friends is pure, unadulterated love and loyalty and if it didn't make you tear up or at least get a funny feeling in your stomach then you have no soul. German Shepherds are the absolute best dogs on earth. I won't ever own another breed....or more accurately I won't ever be owned by another breed.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tuscaloosa News compares John Edwards story to Troy King story

Journalists must find a fair way to report on rumors

John Edwards has emerged as a world-class sleazebag, admitting to a sexual affair with a campaign aide in 2006 as his wife, Elizabeth, dealt with breast cancer.
A somewhat similar situation has developed in Alabama with the controversy swirling around Attorney General Troy King. Blogs and Internet sites have been ablaze for weeks with rumors about King's sex life. But there has been almost nothing about the controversy in the mainstream media.


Thanks T-Town News for throwing some much needed accelerant on this fire!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Troy King Story Makes Huffington Post

The John Edwards Story Invites Us to Seek Out the Skeletons In Republican Closets

As for hypocrisy, check out Alabama's chief law enforcement officer, who says the state can put someone in jail for up to one year for selling a sex toy. "I took a little bit of pride in the state being first in something that is good, decent and right," said Attorney General Troy King in 2004, when Alabama became the first state to refuse recognition a same-sex marriage begun in Massachusetts. That year, he reaffirmed an editorial he wrote as a law student in the early 1990s in the University of Alabama student newspaper. "The existence of the GayLesbian Alliance on this campus is an affront to the state of Alabama, its citizenry, this university and its students," he wrote. So would an Attorney General who conducted a homosexual affair with a subordinate in betrayal of his wife and three children be an affront to the state of Alabama and its citizenry? King isn't talking.


Sunday, August 10, 2008

A Happy/Sad Birthday To Me

Today is my 34th birthday. It is also the day my firstborn son leaves home for Alabama School of Math and Science. Having a child accepted to ASMS is about as good a birthday present you can get. We are so proud of him for all of his amazing academic achievements. A 29 on his ACT. A 4.0 grade average. Having to turn loose of him on today, of all days, is beyond hard. I am a crying wreck and I am gonna miss my boy so bad that mere words will never be able to adaquately describe the empty ache left in Mama's nest.

I know we will adjust eventually but the first little bit is gonna be so hard on his little sister, dad, mom and Snoot who adores Alex like he is the sun and moon.

I love you kid. I know you will study hard and do well, but regardless of what happens from here on out please know that I am already proud of you.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

The John Edwards Saga

I don't normally cite tabloids in the things I write and I am not a reader of the National Enquirer, although I admit to glancing at it while in the check out line....but sometimes the NE breaks a real news story that MSM won't touch until AFTER NE breaks it. Such is the case with John Edwards, the former Senator from North Carolina and 2004 - 2008 presidential candidate. He has been accused of having an affair with a campaign staffer and fathering her child. The National Enquirer has been covering this story for months but the mainstream media has largely left it alone.

Until now and because of this....


From McClatchy and Mark Johnson of the Charlotte Observer

RALEIGH, N.C. — Former Sen. John Edwards has a deadline to save his spot on the national stage.

With two weeks to go before their national convention, a number of Democrats are saying that Edwards needs to publicly address National Enquirer stories that have alleged he had an affair with a campaign worker and fathered her baby.

If Edwards fails to clear up the story in short order, he risks party officials deciding not to have him speak or, if they do, creating a distraction from a week focused on Barack Obama accepting the nomination.

"If there is not an explanation that’s satisfactory, acceptable and meets high moral standards, the answer is 'no,' he would not be a prime candidate to make a major address to the convention," said Don Fowler, a former Democratic National Committee chair.

"He absolutely does have to (resolve it). If it's not true, he has to issue a stronger denial," said Gary Pearce, the Democratic strategist who ran Edwards’ 1998 Senate race. "It's a very damaging thing. …

"The big media has tried to be responsible and handle this with kid gloves, but it's clearly getting ready to bust out. If it's not true, he's got to stand up and say, 'This is not true. That is not my child and I'm going to take legal action against the people who are spreading these lies.' It's not enough to say, 'That’s tabloid trash,' " Pearce said.

Edwards' political currency declines with each day the story goes unresolved, Fowler and other Democratic strategists said.

Read the rest

There are so many parallels between this story and the Troy King/JW Godwin Gay story. What Democratic operatives are saying Edwards should do is what many people in Alabama think Troy King should do about the rumors still circulating concerning him and JW Godwin. Either deny it or fess up. But Troy is keeping his silence and apparently employing the same strategy as Edwards. Troy has even referred to blogs as tabloid internet websites in the past. Sounds like they have the same person giving them bad advice.

I think most of us agree that Troy King's political currency declines the longer this story is out there without any response. But, that isn't a bad thing if you ask me. The smaller the chance of him holding some future elected office that has any power over my life the better my life will be.

Atta boy Troy!! SHHHHHHHH!!!

Sex Toys for Troy King makes Huffington Post


Sex Toys: Find out which states still outlaw them

The creators of Ms. Piglet, an inflatable blow-up sex doll, probably had many uses in mind when they conceived of her, but chances are they never thought she'd grace the floors of an Attorney General's office--at least not as a political ploy.

But in November 2007, Ms. Piglet was sent to Troy King, the Alabama Attorney General, as part of the "Sex Toys for Troy" campaign. The brainchild of Loretta Nall, a former libertarian gubernatorial candidate and political activist, the campaign is in protest to the state's Anti-Obscenity Enforcement Act, which prohibits the sale of any device that is used "for the stimulation of human genital organs."

Yes, that's right dear lovers of Rabbits, Magic Wands, Power Dancers, and Ms. Piglets, the Heart of Dixie wants to make the electrical orgasm illegal.

Read the rest here

Troy King Round-Up August 7

WZTV Nashville
Alabama AG seeks stronger cockfighting law
The headline was just too good to pass up. Of all the things to take a stand on right now this would have to be the absolute worst. Cockfighting? Oh Dear God you couldn't make this stuff up! Is Troy going PETA on us?

Montgomery Advertiser
King Pay Practices Questionable

Who's Running for Gov. in 2010?
An editorial in the Wetumpka Herald names names of the potential candidates for gov. in 2010...compares Troy King to Barney Fife. I don't think Barney deserved that! Mentions Kaye Ivey who is a hateful, intolerant old bat that I wouldn't vote for dog catcher after this.

I heard from a source in the Attorney General's office that none of the other staff knew about JW Godwin's enormous salary, that most are very upset about it and that the morale in the office is very low because of it. I also heard from this same source that Troy King and JW Godwin haven't been to the office in a while....they've just kind of disappeared.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Tomato. Sandwich. ADDICT!

Above is a picture of my coveted Brandywine tomatoes. Since they started coming in about three weeks ago I have become a total tomato sandwich addict. It's a very pleasant seasonal affliction that only comes round once a year for about three months. A tomato sandwich is all I want to eat. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. In between meal snacks and for dessert. They are soooo yummy! Easy to make too and preparation doesn't heat up the house. Slice a slab of mater off, lather some mayo on a slice of bread, add tomato slice, salt, pepper and the other bread slice and eat up! I can't get enough.

One slice of my brandywine is so large that you almost have to mash the bread slice out to fit the tomato. They are so juicy that when you bite into it the juice runs down your chin.

I wish I could share with y'all...but I'm greedy when it comes to my Brandywine's.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008


Daily Dixie, my favorite Alabama blog, calls it quits!

I wish you well Dan...but no matter what your reason for throwing in the blogging towel it still SUX!

Senator Barron Explains his Side of the Story

Today in the Dekalb Co. Times Journal Senator Lowell Barron explains his side of the speeding ticket story.

In Florida near the state line, I came up on a motorcycle and passed the motorcycle.

“The motorcycle came right up on me with his high beams on. I drove a ways and tapped my break lights to try and get him to back off and he would not. I sped up and he sped up. I sped up and he sped up some more.”

“This was a very isolated area,” Barron said. “I became concerned for my safety and maintained my speed. Finally when I got to Andalusia I was relieved to be at a town. When I got to Andalusia, I was pulled over by three or four officers.”

Barron said he was pulled over by Andalusia officers. The plain clothes man on the motorcycle started yelling at him, Barron said.

“He said, ‘if you’re not going to give him a ticket, I will,’” Barron said. “He comes up and chews me out a second time. I listened and did not respond. The Andalusia police did not write me a ticket. This plain clothes officer wrote me two tickets. I don’t know what his jurisdiction is. I have an attorney working on that.”

Barron said he learned the plain clothes man was Blaine Wilson, and an elected official told him Wilson was a former police office but now is a radio disc jockey.

Wilson said Monday he quit the Andalusia police department in December to take over ownership of the radio station. He also said he is a part-time police officer for the city.

However, Deborah Spivey, human resource officer with the city of Andalusia, said Wilson resigned as an officer in December. Andalusia Police Chief Wilbur Williams said Wilson should have been transferred to part-time but that never happened. Wilson is not employed by the city.

Williams said he believes the tickets will stand.

If Senator Barron's recounting of what happened is accurate then I do not blame him for not pulling over. I wouldn't have either.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Co-hosting Larry Barton Show today

This morning from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. I will be co-hosting the Larry Barton radio show "In the interest of the people" in Talladega, AL.This show is broadcast on 89.7 fm and 1230 am. Today's topics will cover police corruption, judicial corruption, state politics and other topics of interest. We will be taking live calls from folks who have had bad experiences with law enforcement and judges.

If you are in the listening area tune in!

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Sen. Lowell Barron tries to outrun Hell's Angels...sort of

By Eileen Jones - bio | email

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - One of the most powerful members of the Alabama legislature has a court day in Covington County. State Senator Lowell Barron was caught speeding late Sunday night right outside of Andalusia. WSFA 12 News has learned that Barron was issued two traffic tickets and police say one of the incidents could have been far more serious than it seems.

Andalusia's Chief of Police says Senator Barron was driving at speeds so excessive they went beyond receiving a regular speeding ticket. Instead, Barron was ticketed for reckless driving. Because that's still a serious charge, it means the senator must go before a judge and according the Covington County Clerk's office that violation also carries an automatic suspension of his driver's license.

Barron also received a ticket for running a stop sign and a warning for reckless endangerment. According to the Chief of Police, that warning means he came close to endangering the lives of others and that would have been criminal violation.

Barron said he was speeding at excessive speeds because he was trying to get away from someone who looked like he was a member of Hell's Angels. He said the officer was in plain clothes, had his high beams on, pursued him for 30 or 40 miles and because he was in a deserted isolated area Barron said he was afraid to pull over for fear he might have a gun. So, Barron said, he decided to speed up.

Police say no alcohol was involved. Barron is set to appear before a Covington County judge on September 16th.

Ummm....I didn't know we had Hell's Angels in Alabama. learn something new every day. One has to wonder how the police officer could have been mistaken for a Hell's Angel. Was he wearing leather and spikes and riding a Harley? From reading the story I deduced that the officer was driving a patrol car. After all, I have serious doubts that cops in rural Covington Co. have motorcycles. I could be wrong on that....but I'd be real surprised if I was. And how do you see what someone driving the car behind you looks like at night?

I won't fault Sen. Barron for not pulling over on a desolate stretch of road at night....I wouldn't either....but his explanation is just bizarre.

H/T Danny

Friday, August 01, 2008

The kind of beer loyalty that every brewer yearns for

Alabama Man Stabs Friend over Wrong Beer

MOULTON -- Authorities say a dispute over cheap beer left one man in the hospital with stab wounds and another man charged with assault.

Lawrence County sheriff's officials said Friday that 64-year-old Grady "Skip" Wilburn Dollar of Trinity is accused of stabbing 37-year-old Mickey Joe Hill during a dispute early Thursday.

Sheriff's Sgt. Mark Richard said the two men had been drinking together when Dollar gave Hill $10 and told him to go to the store for more.

Richard said Hill brought back only four cans of Natural Light, a low-cost brand, and Dollar got mad because he didn't get more for the money.

The victim then asked for one of the four beers, leading to the stabbing.

Hill remains hospitalized but is expected to recover. Dollar is free on $5,000 bond.

Troy King Roundup August 1

Anniston Star
Something's just not right: King's hiring practices

Decatur Daily
King Plays Fast and Loose with Taxpayer Money

Gadsden Times (July 31)
Salaries out of line in King's office

And just for fun go back and listen to Troy King on Dale Jackson's show yesterday.

I have some follow-up questions for Troy on his comments yesterday. I know he won't answer me directly....he doesn't have that much courage....but for my friends in the media who are reading this blog, should you get the chance, please ask Troy King the following questions.

1. You stated that your 'team of advisors and chiefs of staff' make recommendations to you. Who, exactly made the recommendation that you hire JW Godwin into a position he is unqualified for and at a pay grade that is way above his experience level? Ditto Chris Bence and his promotion into a position he has had no training for.

2. Exactly what were those recommendation's based on?

3. What exactly, in very specific, terms does JW Godwin do that makes him so indispensable? Saying he is worth the money doesn't answer the many questions raised by his meteroic rise to the near top of the food chain in the AG's office.

The public has a right to know. It is our tax money after all that pays all of the outrageous salaries in the AG's office.

I still contend that Troy King isn't denying these rumors because they are true and someone out there somewhere has the goods and is just waiting for Troy to deny it so they can publicly humiliate him ....even more so than what he is experiencing now.