Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Flyers for Compassionate Care Meeting

Please download and print this flyer for our Compassionate Care meeting this Saturday. Hand the flyers out to your friends, post them around your town, leave a few at the oncology clinic...you know...get the word out!!

Monday, February 26, 2007

My Doctor SUX!!

I had to go and see my doctor today to follow up from an ER visit on Saturday morning. The ER visit came about because all night Friday night my left hip joint screamed in agony and when I got up on Saturday I could hardly walk, sit, stand or any of the everyday activities that a hip joint is required for. I took some of my anti-inflammatory medicine and waited for it to kick in. After two hours I decided I could take no more and went to the ER. I would have gladly gone to a regular physician, but there is not one open outside of BHAM or MTGY on the weekend and I was not able to drive that far.

At the ER I was told I had tendonitis in my leg. I told them I did not think that was the case as I hadn't done anything to get tendonitis in my leg and that it was not a muscle that was hurting. It was bone....grinding bone, as a matter of fact. I told them about my family history with osteoarthritis/porosis and rheumatoid arthritis and how all of my joints hurt.They took an X-ray and said "it's tendonitis"....but you need to follow up with the orthopedic specialist next week. They gave me a shot of Toradol (NSAID) which helped a great deal, a script for Motrin (why pay more for prescrition brand of something you can get over the counter?)and sent me home.

This morning I called the orthapedic specialist to schedule an appointment. They did not have one until next week but said in the meantime I could get the blood work to look for patterns that indicate rheumatoid arthritis from my regular physician and just have them forward it. I set the appointment for today and I just got back from one of the most frustrating doctor visits ever.

When the nurse was checking me in I went over why I was there and what I needed. I saw this same doctor back in late November for cervical spine pain and told him at that time of my family's history with arthritic diseases. He seemed skeptical. Today he walks in and says, "So, you are having some elbow pain is that right?"

"Yes. Elbow pain and knee pain and back pain from my cervical spine down to thoracic spine where the ribs meet the backbone. This is a follow up from an ER visit on Saturday."

"Yes...well I think you have tennis elbow. Lots of muscles connect the fingers to the elbow...blah...blah...blah. So, it's probably related to the work you do."

I let him finish this spiel and then I asked him, "So, what kind of work do you think I do?"

He looks down at his sheet of paper and draws a blank because there is nothing written there.

"Well your sheet doesn't say so I don't know."

"Don't you think that before you diagnose me with repetitive motion symdrome, tendonitis or tennis elbow that you should know if I do work that involves repetitive motion? Don't you also think maybe you should do some sort of physical exam? Have you not looked at the sheet I filled out detailing my family history with arthritis? The pain in my elbows is bad enough that it is difficult and painful to pick up a coffee cup in the morning and drive for more than 45 minutes. I do not have a job that involves any sort of repetitive motion. I work in the political realm which requires some typing, lots of driving and lots of talking but nothing that requires repetitive motion. And if it were tennis elbow then why do I also seem to have it in my neck, back, my knees and now my hips? Does tennis elbow cause joints all over my body to swell up and get so hot you could almost fry an egg on them?"

"No. Let me write you a prescrition for Loratab 7.5. That will take care of your pain."

"No Doctor, keep the dope please. I do not like opiate based narcotics. They make me itch, they make me nauseous and the incapcitate me to the point that I cannot get my work done. I am not here trying to score drugs. I am here for you to draw blood and perform lab work that looks for a pattern in determining whether or not I have rheumatoid arthritis. That is all I want you to do. Not dope me, not misdiagnose me, not refuse to perform even a basic examination because you think I don't have insurance. I do have insurance, as you will see on the form, and all I want you to do today is draw blood and send it to the lab."

And finally, that is what he did.

Why is it that doctors go to school for all those years and then not employ what they have learned once they get into practice? How can you possibly diagnose someone without doing a physical examination? Why is it that they offer you narcotics right off the bat? That should be the last line of defense in pain management. I just don't get it. Why do they treat people this way?

I won't be seeing this doctor again. Hell, he ought to pay me for diagnosing myself (as he apparently so no need to expend any effort towards that end) and for telling him how to properly do his job....and I've never even been to medical school.

Compassionate Care Meeting March 3, 2007

Alabamians for Compassionate Care
Citizen's Lobby Training Day

When: Saturday, March 3, 2007

Where: The BottleTree Cafe
3719 3rd Ave. South
Birmingham, AL

What Time: 3 PM to 5 PM

Who Can Attend? Anyone in Alabama who wishes to see a medical marijuana bill passed this legislative session.

What Will We Be Doing?: The purpose of this meeting is to train citizens on how to lobby their legislator on this issue both in person and on the phone. We will also discuss how to write an effective letter to your legislator and to the local media on the issue of medical marijuana, as well as lay out plans for a legislator education day at the state capitol after the session starts on March 6.

Alabamians for Compassionate Care is a grassroots organization working to pass legislation that would protect doctors who recommend marijuana as medicine and the patients who use it, from being prosecuted under state law. Cancer, AIDS, and other terminally ill patients should not go to prison for trying to ease their suffering. For more information please email us at alabamacompcare@yahoo.com or visit our website at Compassionate Care You may also reach us by calling 1-877-528-5647

Click here to join compassionate-care
Click to join compassionate-care email list

Sen. Hillary Clinton Coming to Selma

Montgomery Advertiser

SELMA -- U.S. Sen. Hillary Clinton will be in Selma on Sunday to speak, walk across the Edmund Pettus Bridge and accept an award for her husband, former President Bill Clinton.

Sen. Clinton, D-N.Y., will speak at a church just down the street from where U.S. Sen. Barack Obama will deliver an address.

It is expected to be the first time the two major candidates for the Democratic presidential nomination will appear so close to each other at the same time.

Obama, whose appearance was announced earlier this month, is to speak at Brown Chapel AME Church at 11 a.m. Sunday.

Sen. Clinton is to speak at Selma's black First Baptist Church at the same time. The two churches are only a few yards from each other on Martin Luther King Jr. Street

I remember the first Bloody Sunday re-enactment I participated in back in 2004. There did not seem to be a great deal of attendees present and only a couple of nationally known politicians and civil rights leaders. It shocked me to see that. If I were a black person living anywhere in the US I would try to make that event every single year. It is too important an event in Black History and American History to let attendance dwindle to such small numbers.

I am very glad to see Hillary and Barak coming to town.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Friday Doggie Blogging...On Sunday

This photo shows the blue coloring on Saul's muzzle.

Welcome readers to this weeks editon of Friday Doggie Blogging on Sunday. It was a very busy week and exciting here at Casa Nall and blogging was one of the things that got put on the back burner.

The steroids have made Saul fill out to approximately the size of a mammoth. Made him eat like one, too. His ribs and chest are massive and he is just now 6 months old. The rash has cleared up. No more gnawing at his feet and legs and constant scratching of his other furry parts. It has to be pretty miserable to itch like that. He still hasn't had a bath because he is too big for me to bathe in the house and it is still too cold to bathe him outside. He smells like a big bag of corn chips.

Earlier this week I had to load Saul up and take him with me to a meeting in Tuscaloosa. His pen is finished, but I only allow him in it when I am here to look in on him from time to time. He is a great dog to travel with. For now, he has to ride in his crate because he has not learned to check his excitement and stay off of the driver. He just get's too excited. In his crate he is so silent I have to check on him to make sure he is ok. He never makes a sound. The last two times I have taken him riding he has not gotten car sick. He drools a little, but that's it.

I've also noticed that he will not go to the bathroom while traveling. I stopped right outside of Tuscaloosa at a rest area to give him a break and all he did was walk around and sniff every other dog's little packages. Same thing on the way back. By the time we got home his eyes were floating and he spent a few minutes taking one of the longest pee's ever. I know some people who cannot use the bathroom away from home.....I didn't know dogs could be that way too.

This week Saul learned how to catch his ball in his mouth as opposed to fetching it. It came about by me bouncing it on the floor in front of him. At first he would stamp his front feet and woof at the ball. After a few times he caught it in his mouth. I decided to toss it to him and see what happened. He caught it on the first try. What's funny is he will actually bring the ball back and drop it at your feet because he likes to catch it so much. He also gets so excited when it's time to play catch that he jumps backwards and does a little half-turn and hangs his tongue out the side of his mouth....every time. With fetching, he will get the ball but you have to wrest it from his deadly, toothy, grip in order to throw it again.

A couple of nights ago my husband got to witness a game of catch for the first time. This dog has lightning fast reflexes...I mean like greased lightning. He rarely misses the ball, can leap up and catch it, catch it sideways, low, a curve ball...you throw it and he can catch it. Watching him leap and snap and his incredible focus on the object makes me realize even more what an amazing animal he is. That mouth and head are just incredible precision machines.

Snoot is my nickname for him. Don't ask me why we name a dog one thing and then call it something else. I thought Saul would look better on the registration papers than Snoot I guess....but Snoot is what I call him. The other night he became "Investigator Snoot" because of his reaction to anyone touching me. My daughter had sat down by my chair to give me a massage and as soon as she put her hands on me here came Snoot checking out the situation. Nose all up in the middle of it. Daddy Nall said, "Damn, he is really on the job investigating who is touching his mommy." When he was sure everything was ok he went and settled back down with his chew toy, which was a milk jug at that particular moment. Then the other day Alex and Bell were horseplaying and Alex thought he would sit on Bell...Snoot had other ideas about that. One 'woof' and they cut out the horseplay.It's almost like he is enforcing discipline, which is just hilarious. I wonder if he would accept a scooby snack to babysit?

We found out today that he does not like the sound of the air conditioner. Since it is warm today we decided to turn ours on just the fan setting. The dog went ape. Barking and snarling and growling. Full attack mode. I touched the air conditioner and turned it off and on to show him that there was nothing to be afraid of. He would have none of it. I don't know if the sound was just strange to him, too loud, or maybe sounded like a big monster about to gobble all of us up, but puppy was ready to eat it up, regardless. Eat first...ask questions later. Since his barking is loud enough to rupture your eardrums he won that particular battle for today. In a few months I suspect he will be parking his big hairy self in front of it, loving every single sound it makes and potentially trying to turn it on himself say around August.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Sentencing still critical

February 24, 2007
Montgomery Advertiser

Its conclusions are anything but new, yet it is important for Alabamians and their political leaders to take note of a new report from the highly regarded Pew Charitable Trusts on the seemingly uncontrollable prison population here and in many other states. The nonprofit organization does first-rate research and its observations are well worth heeding.

Alabama's prison overcrowding problem is all too familiar. It's been a pressing issue for years. The facts, as ugly as they are familiar, bear recounting.

The number of inmates serving sentences from Alabama now stands at about 28,400. About 1,200 of those are serving time in private prisons in Louisiana, sent there because our state's prisons have no place for them.

More than 27,000 inmates are in Alabama prisons -- in a system designed to handle about 13,000. It's been this way for so long that one suspects many Alabamians have come to see it as the norm, perhaps even to assume that there's little wrong with operating in this way.

There is a great deal wrong with operating in this way. As the Advertiser's Nigel Duara reported, Alabama's heavy incarceration of nonviolent offenders, in particular drug offenders, helps drive the overcrowding problem.

Since 1999, their numbers in the system have increased at twice the rate of violent offenders, and the average sentence for drug offenses is almost 60 percent longer than it was 20 years ago. This is a recipe for trouble -- unless a state is willing to embark on a enormously expensive prison building program that will create the capacity to handle so sizable an inmate population.

A far better approach, fiscally and in every other respect, is more sensible sentencing that sends to prison the offenders who should go to prison, but channels other offenders into less costly and more productive programs. Sticking a nonviolent drug offender in a prison cell is an expensive option.

The Pew report suggests a binding sentencing policy, something more than the well-intended but toothless voluntary standards offered by the Legislature. Although those standards are a decided improvement, the fact that no judge has to abide by them greatly reduces their effectiveness.

It's important to allow some judicial discretion in sentencing, but Alabama's sentencing structure has sentencing ranges that vary too widely. This can result in severely disproportionate sentences for similar offenses, and contributes to prison overcrowding.

According to a statistician with the Alabama Sentencing Commission, if the sentencing guidelines were followed in every court, the prison population would stabilize at about 1,000 inmates below the current level, rather than rising by another 2,000 by 2011. Consider the implications of that for our state.

The case for sentencing reform has been easy to make for years now. The Pew report is one more in a long string of arguments for it.

It's great that Pew Charitable Trusts came down and got these numbers together and issued these recommendations....but damn, I have been telling the state government this information for free for years and issuing the same recommendations. Stop locking up people who did nothing more than smoke a joint, top locking up people who have harmed no one other than perhaps themselves. It isn't the governments job to protect citizens from themselves.

Friday, February 23, 2007

I Want My FTR!!!


Around the first of this year Alabama Public Television royally screwed up my favorite show, For the Record with Tim Lennox. Before this change FTR came on 5 nights a week and was Alabama's only statewide news broadcast. It was also the only place one could tune into the news and hear insightful commentary and educated positions on the issues. It was the only news that was actually thought provoking and Tim Lennox is one of the only old-school journalist with ethics left in this state.

FTR was cut back to a Friday brodcast and a Sunday broadcast and I swear, if we can't get it back to what it was my brains are going to melt and run out of my ears. Network News blows. It is all about entertaining viewers and not about real news. If I see one more story on Britney Spears or Anna Nicole Smith someone might get hurt.

Help prevent me from losing my mind by writing Allan Pizzato at this email address or by calling him at 1-800-239-5233. Please tell him we want our FTR back to 5 nights week and to never, ever change it again.

I Want My FTR

Loretta Nall

VOIP Phone Service

Anyone else out there got VOIP phone service? I have used the Vonage service since 2004 and I love it. For those of you who are unfamiliar with VOIP service it is a phone service that runs over your high speed internet connection through secure networking. For what I used to pay just to have basic phone service in my home I now have a phone service with all the bells and whistles plus unlimited calling anywhere inthe US and Canada. I can get voicemail when I am traveling with voicemail attachments, I can forward calls to another number, see who is calling me and have an infinite number of phone numbers...even 800 numbers for my business. I guess the only bad thing about VOIP service is that if your power or internet connection goes down so does your phone.

(ad sponsored by Cisco)

Thursday, February 22, 2007

An Invitation to the HBHS Community

My reporting on the case of the head Coach at Horseshoe Bend High School striking a student so hard that he left huge bruises and a possible more serious back injury and the protest I conducted outside the school, has caused a major uproar in this small community. While controversy is nothing new to me it is new for the students, parents of students and faculty of this school. In light of that I am going to post my full position on corporal punishment and an explanation of why I protested outside the school.

I have received comments from what I assume are from students at HBHS. Most have been either of a threatening nature or completely focused on personal attacks that have nothing to do with this story. I haven't allowed those to appear where others could see them because none of it was civilized discourse and would not have lead to a civilized discourse or done anything to soothe everyones frayed nerves. It was emotional, hormone-fueled outbursts from young people who don't have children and therefore do not have the broader understanding that being a parent provides.

I want this thread to be a forum for civilized discussion on what has happened. I invite students who have their parents permission to be on this blog, the parents themselves and even he faculty at HSBS to use this as a chance to better understand where everyone is coming from and to ask questions.

Let me address a couple of issues that have come up that are not related to this directly, but have been tossed into the mix and need to be cleared before we go any further.

First Issue:

Some have incorrectly assumed that since I don't work a 9-5 at a set place of business that I must be living on welfare and somehow using tax dollars to fund my other political work.

Truth of the matter:

I want to make clear that I am Libertarian and I do not accept government assistance for personal use and certainly not for any of my political work. Republicans and Democrats are the political parties that use taxpayer dollars to fund primaries and general elections. We Libertarians fund our own.

Some people, like myself, are lucky in that public school was not able to teach us to go into a factory job. I set my own hours and do work that I love. Just because I am not a slave at Russell Mills or some other dead end job does not mean that I am unemployed...not by a long shot. No offense to the hard workers in factory jobs. There is nothing wrong with that if that is what people choose to do. I simply chose something else and there is nothing wrong with that either. I can do what I love and make a living at the same time, while having free time to do things, like protest occurances like this one at the school my children attend.

Second Issue:

Since I dared speak out about what has happened I must surely hate Horseshoe Bend School and Coach Keith.

Truth of the matter:

While it is true that I am no fan of public education in general and my family has had its share of conflict with the school I do not hate Horseshoe Bend School or Coach Keith nor do I wish to see it closed. My children do well there for the most part. My son has one of the highest, if not the highest, GPA in the school. He brings home grades like 104 in Algebra and I can't remember the last time he made a B. He has lots of friends and participates in band. My daughter also does well there, although I am considering homeschool for her for a year or so. Of all the schools in Tallapoosa County HBHS is the best one. I want it to continue to be. In order for it to do that then parents must feel safe sending their children there and students must be provided with a safe environment in which to learn. I do not currently feel that is the case with regard to what has happened with Coach Keith and the student who was injured.

I also have no prior personal grudge against Coach Keith. To my knowledge he and I have never met. My children have never been involved in any situation with him that I am aware of. I understand he is a popular faculty member at HSBS. But being popular does not exempt one from taking personal responsibility when a child has been injured as a direct result of the decision they (the adult) made. If any parent at HSBS had hit a child hard enough to leave marks like that then that parent would be in jail. That parent would deserve to be in jail. Why should Coach Keith be allowed to get away with something that a child's own parent would be prosecuted for?

On the boader issue of corporal punishment in general let me offer the following scenarios.

If I were to walk up to another adult and strike them repeatedly with a wooden board they would most likely do one of two things. They would either hit me back or they would file assault charges. And rightfully so. I would do no less. What about you? It's illegal for adults to strike each other.

If students at a school get into an altercation the police are generally called and the students face suspension or expulsion. It is against school rules and the law for students to strike each other....though the consequences are generally less severe than what adults receive.

If a student hits a faculty member for any reason the police are called and assault charges are filed against that student.

Why is it ok for an adult or a faculty member of a school to strike a child?

Why do we teach our kids on one hand not to resort to violence to resolve conflicts and, on the other hand, we use violence against these same children when they are part of a conflict? Doesn't that teach them that it is indeed ok to use violence as a means of resolving conflict? I am a hopeless creature of logic so please help me out here.

Not to say that I have never popped either of my kids. Up until about the age of five or so that kind of response to children is sometimes necessary. When my daughter or son would make a mad dash for a busy road at an early age I would use a pop on the leg to make them aware that what they were doing was very serious and not to do it again. I only used that method when my children, at younger ages, endangered themselves. As soon as they were old enough to carry on a conversation and understand an explanation of why they couldn't do certain things spankings were no longer necessary. I personally feel that after age five if a parent uses this method as a first line of defense against misbehavior then that parent is lazy, lacks the cognitive abilities to be more creative in disciplining their children and simply does not care enough to take the time to talk to a child and explain. Spanking does not require any thought or deductive reasoning and it does not teach a child anything other than it is ok to hit people.

Third issue:

Since it wasn't my child I have no right to say anything at all about this incedent and that I am a bad mother for not cowing down and keeping my mouth shut.

Truth of the matter:

Granted, what people do in the privacy of their own homes with regard to disciplining their children is their business, so long as the child isn't battered or injured as a result. But when a public school teacher at the school my children attend strikes a student so hard as to leave huge bruises and possibly more serious injuries IT IS MY BUSINESS and THE BUSINESS OF EVERY PARENT with children at that school. It doesn't have to be my kid. The fact that it could be my kid next time is what motivates me to speak out now. It has nothing to do with any political agenda or personal grudge against the school or any employee of the school. It has everything to do with protecting my children and making sure other parents know that they might need to do the same. That is my duty as a parent....to protect my children.

Further, I refuse to believe that if the students commenting on this incedent were to be sent home with bruises like his kid received that their parents would approve. Even parents who think corporal punishment is ok and allow it to be used on their kids would not stand for this. I have heard from many of them this week and that has been the concensus. If they did approve then they would need to be prosecuted just as much as the person who inflicted the bruises on their child.

Another scenario to think about....what if this had been a case of sexual abuse or an allegation of sexual abuse by a teacher against a student? Or what if it had been a young lady sent home with bruises on her behind?

In my opinion those who refuse to speak out against things like this because they don't want to rock the boat are not only cowards but also part of the problem. The 'so long as it ain't my kid' attitude is a dangerous one to have. As parents it is our job to protect our children and that is what I am doing and will continue to do as long as my children need my protection.

Now, if you are a member of the community who has a question please ask it here if you like. In order to have a chance at it being posted and answered you will need to be civilized and present a rational argument for your position. Otherwise, I will not publish it as I intend for this post to provide a place for civilized discussion and a way to move forward from here.

Please note that I am not always at the computer every second of every day. My work requires that I travel to various parts of the state on a fairly regular basis and sometimes it may be hours after a comment is submitted before I have a chance to log in here and approve or reject it. Please be patient if you submit a comment and it does not show up right away.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

An Update on Don Prockup

Back in June of 2006 I met a man named Don from Butler, AL who is a cancer patient spending the remianing days of his life fighting to stay out of prison for using marijuana as medicine. It's been eight months since I last saw Don in person and today, I did not recognize him. Here are photos of Don. The first one is from June of last year and the second one is from today.

Parent Alleges Assault After Son Paddling

Parent alleges assault of son after paddling

By Kevin Taylor
Alexander City Outlook

The parent of a Horseshoe Bend School student filed a report with the Tallapoosa County Sheriff's Office in which he alleges a coach assaulted his son, a student of the school.

The object used in the assault is listed as a paddle on the police report, and it indicates the incident occurred on Feb. 14.

Horseshoe Bend School Principal Glenn Fuller confirmed the coach involved in the incident is head football coach Andy Keith.

"We did everything according to proper procedure," Fuller said.

Fuller said the child had committed four minor offenses, which calls for punishment as laid out in the school's policy manual.

According to code 2.26 for habitual Class 1 violations, the punishment is three days of In School Suspension (ISS).

Fuller said the student approached him and asked to take a paddling instead of serve three days in ISS. Fuller agreed to the terms, so Keith administered the paddling with Fuller as a witness.

"I would have never dreamed anything like this would have come up," Fuller said. "If I could have turned back time, I would have told the child that he would have to serve the three days in ISS."

Keith said he could not comment on the situation as advised by his attorney.

The police report indicates the alleged misdemeanor assault was classified as simple and not aggravated assault.

Tallapoosa County Schools Superintendent Ginger East said the board is aware of the incident and checking into the situation.

"We are always concerned about the welfare of our students," East said. "We are focused on maintaining the learning environment and providing a quality education. We follow policy, and we followed policy."

Whoa!!! What a spin job!

Now, I guess the fact that this finally made the newspaper will have to convince those who have doubts that I didn't just make the whole thing up for kicks. This is a very biased story with no quotes from the family. Looks like a news release from the school. Also, are there any witnesses to this kid asking to be paddled? I bet not. Proper procedure was obviously not followed because,

1. There is nothing in this kids record to indicate that it is ok to use corporal punishment.

2. Neither of the parents were called before corporal punishment was administered and they should have been. A 14-year-old does not have authority to give consent to corporal punishment.

3. The bruises left on this child are far and beyond anything normal corporal punishment would have inflicted.

Stating that they followed all procedures does not make it true. They are still SUNK because this child was left with injuries. They can hem and haw all they like but the facts remain the same.

"He asked us to beat him" is not a very good defense and won't hold up in a court of law. Blaming a kid for beating him black and blue is beyond the pale.

I will not be around today to moderate comments. I won't turn off comment moderation because my children have received many threats against them since yesterday. To the kids who think they are anonymous on the internet....think again. I am logging your IP number and all it takes for me to trace you is to have anything happen to either of my children at school. Then I will get a subpoena for the IP's that have shown up on my site threatening my kids, take it to the ISP and have them tell my attorney who you are. It's very simple.

When that happens you will wind up in juvenile jail for assault and battery. I'd hate for that to happen. I know kids are very upset that a favorite teacher is involved in this. I don't like juvenile jail any more than I like adult jail and fight to keep kids out of it every day. But, if any of the kids who have made threats follow through with them I will have them locked up for assault and battery. I won't hesitate. For someone to stoop so low as to threaten my kids with violence because I spoke out against violence is very sick. I recieved many comments overnight that appear to be kids advocating for the right to be beaten by this coach. It is most bizarre! I guess this is how Coach Keith taught his pupils to deal with their problems. Nice!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Protest went well

I have finished my protest for today of the continued employment of child abuser Coach Andy Keith at Horseshoe Bend School. I arrived and dropped my kids off around 6:45. The principal and a sheriff's deputy were outside the school when I arrived. I believe we were close to the first people there. Originally I had planned to let my kids participate in the protest but that didn't work out. My son said he didn't want to and I decided not to let my daughter stay with me because I was afraid if I ran afoul of the law then DHR would be called and that would mean big trouble.

After I dropped off the kids I found a place down the street to park, well off school grounds, then walked back and stood on the right-of-way directly across from where people enter and leave the parking lot with a sign that said "Coach Keith Beats Kids".

Not ten seconds later a New Site police cruiser rode by and I thought, "Well now, that didn't take long did it?" The cruiser drove to the other side of school grounds, parked his car where all I could see was the top of the windshield and the light bar. I figured he was there mostly to direct traffic and I wasn't bothered by him.

As the cars and buses began to roll in and out a traffic jam formed. I guess there is nothing like a protest of any kind in small town Alabama. I imagine a goodish number of the parents dropping off their kids have only seen protesters on TV. As most Tallapoosa County citizens are still largely unaware of what has happened at Horseshoe Bend involving Coach Keith and this child many wore expressions of shock.

Two kids, who looked to be football players, tried to heckle me. One said, "I wish you would go home and stop trying to get people in trouble." I told him that Coach Keith had gotten himself in trouble for abusing that kid and that if anyone goes home it should be Coach Keith. Permanently.

Another one rode by and said "He never beat me" and I said "Should we wait until he does?" No response on that one.

I understand not everyone will be happy about this situation and I also know that young kids and teens may not have the ability to see this situation clearly and in an overall broader sense. I am not mad at the kids and hold none of what they said against them. They are entitled to feel however they like and I am glad to at least see them using their power of expression even if what they are expressing is not supportive of my position. At least they know how to use it if not what exactly to use it for. That comes with life experience.

After about 20 minutes the traffic jam got pretty bad. There was a long line of cars waiting to turn in, a long line waiting to get out and nobody really getting anywhere. The New Site police cruiser pulled up in the turn lane with its lights on and the officer got out and started to direct traffic. I thought he might be about to tell me to move but he didn't. After that jam was cleared the officer pulled into the parking lot next to the road and waited until the jam got bad again. Then he pulled up directly in front of me, got out and started directing traffic again. He looked over and smiled and said "Good Morning" and I smiled and told him I would be out of the way as soon as the morning rush was over. He said, "That's fine." When he got back into his car again he pulled over in front of me, rolled down his window and asked me, "So...it's true then?" I told him yes and that I had seen the photos. He said he had not seen them but was wondering about all of it. I told him about how bad the bruises were and that I had kids in school there and I am concerned. He seemed to understand that position and just kind of nodded his head and told me to have a nice day. Then he pulled up into the school parking lot and that was that.

I stayed on the side of the road for a few more minutes until even the latest stragglers showed up and then decided that was enough for one day. Everyone attending that school now knows that Coach Keith is in some very hot water and it will be the talk of the town for a while to come.

My son called me as I was preparing to leave and said he didn't feel well to please come and get him. He, for months, has had hives, really bad outbreaks and the doctor can't seem to pinpoint the cause. So, I placed the sign in my back window and drove onto school property.

When I walked in the door there stood the New Site police officer, a sheriff's deputy and the principal. While I was waiting on Alex to get his books the principal mosied over and asked me how things were going. He asked what was wrong with Alex and a few other friendly questions. I asked him if my daughter could pick up Alex's homework assignments and he said he would see to it personally. He was so sweet sugar wouldn't have melted in his mouth. I know it must have been really chapping his ass to have to stand there and kiss mine....but that's life sometimes. I will say that I have never had any problems with Mr. Fuller. Every time I have spoken with him on any issue he has always been friendly and helpful. We have even had discussions about the absurdity of No Child Left Behind. I kind of hate to see him caught up in this mess....but, the fact is, he was a witness to the abuse inflicted by this coach and was therefore complicit because he didn't stop it. He should have learned long ago that you ALWAYS DO THE RIGHT THING even if it means pissing off your friends or co-workers.

As my son and I were leaving he told me that Coach Keith was still there today and that he had come into the office while he was waiting for me to pick him up. Alex said the halls were full of kids and teachers talking about me standing out front protesting and about what this guy has done. Alex said Coach Keith said "Yeah I knew it was coming...I knew it!"

I am sorry that I do not have any photos to share. I was a lone protester today and I have not yet managed to master the art of self-photography. Some new readers coming to the blog because of this story may try and say that since I was all alone that no one else cares about this. I'd like to offer a number of possibilities for being a singular protester before they even get started.

1. Most people have to work outside the home and cannot get off work for something of this nature.

2. Most people here did not even know about the incident before they saw me standing on the roadside this morning with a sign.

3. Many people think it is perfectly alright to beat their kids black and blue.

4. Huge things often start very small and it only takes one person to get the ball rolling.

I won't be back at the school tomorrow due to a scheduling conflict. I will be back on Thursday morning if Andy Keith is still an employee of the school at that time, and everyday thereafter that I am able to protest until he is fired.

Please join me.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Protest at Horseshoe Bend School Tues. Feb. 20 at 645 AM

Local Readers,

Tomorrow morning at 6:45 AM I will begin protesting across from Horseshoe Bend School located on HWY 22 E in New Site, AL.

I will have signs that say "The Only Thing Coach Keith Can Beat is Kids" (since he has a 1-9 football record) "This School Employs A Child Abuser" since he was at work today and I have not received word from any BoE empoloyees reading this blog that he has been fired and jailed and "I Don't Beat My Kids...Neither Can You"
If you have other ideas please employ them in the form of a protest sign.

The local media has picked up on the story and will be there to cover it.

If you believe your kids deserve a learning environment where they do not have to fear being attacked for chewing bubble gum then please join me in the morning at 645 AM to protest HBS school and the coach who abused this kid.

Another Message to the Tallapoosa Co. BoE

Please instruct your elementary P.E. coach NOT to question my daughter about what she might or might no know regarding the child abuse issue currently breathing down your neck. I sometimes wonder how y'all can teach kids anything when you are such slow learners yourselves. Dealing with me and issues regarding illegal questioning of my children by school officials, law enforcement agencies (some not even working on the case) and DHR, ALL without COUNSEL or and UNBIASED ADULT present, for the last 5 years should have at least made it clear to you that I won't tolerate such things.

If your staff wants to know what is going on then I assume they know how to turn on a computer (you seem to know how) and find my website. If you ran things properly your staff would already know the scoop because Coach Keith would have been fired and it would be the talk of the town.

If you would like to avoid another lawsuit then I strongly suggest you teach your staff to find some other way to gather information besides interrogating ten-year-old girls.

Tallapoosa County Schools Checking Out This Blog

I notice in my traffic stats that someone from Tallapoosa Co. Schools in Dadeville is looking at the Child Abuse post. I assume it is the county board of education. Good!!

They will also now be aware that I plan to protest in front of the school tomorrow. They can stop this protest by firing Coach Andy Keith by the end of the school day today, pressing criminal charges against him for child abuse (if I sent my kid to school with marks like this kid has I would be in jail) and disallowing corporal punishment in Tallapoosa County Schools from here on out.

Wadda'ya say there School Board?



I just saw the photos of the marks left on this kid for the first time. It was sickening!! There are three very clear red/yellow/purple impressions of something rectangular....a paddle. The family is meeting with my attorney this afternoon.

I did not go to the school this morning because I had no definite proof that everything was as it was being portrayed...but I will be out there tomorrow morning. The only additional things I would add that I have learned is that the kid who got beaten was also wearing an earring and that the Coach did take him to the office where the prinicpal of the school witnessed the ATTACK! I will be talking with an attorney about where I have the right to be on school grounds or if I have to be off school grounds. I feel, since I am a parent with children enrolled there, then I have every right to be on campus protesting their continued employment of a child abuser.

If there are any attorneys reading this who know the answer to that question please let me know.

Updates will continue as things unfold.

Loretta Nall

My husband just came home from work and told me a horrific story about a kid who is my sons age (14) getting beaten black and blue by one of the coaches where he goes to school. My son also goes to that school and my husband works with the other kids mom.

On Valentines Day this woman's son was caught chewing gum in class. A Coach grabbed him up by the seat of his pants and started beating him with a paddle. When his mom got home late that night one of her other kids told her that their brother had been spanked at school and that his butt hurt. The next morning when the kid got up he was black and blue, his spine is messed up and his eyes are swollen terribly.

They took him to the hospital and they are not sure at this point what is damaged. They also filed a police report and the police said "Well, there's nothing we can do because you have to prove criminal intent."

Leaving a bruise on a child is CHILD ABUSE. That's a CRIME. You don't need criminal intent when you actually have evidence of a CRIME. If she ahd beaten her kid like that and sent him to school she would be in jail.

This family is new here. They moved down from Michigan and corporal punishment was outlawed years ago there. They did not know that Alabama still did it or that they could opt out. The school did not call and see if corporal punishment was ok with the mom and dad.

I am DISGUSTED and OUTRAGED!!! I called the school and told the lady in the office to check my kids schedules to see if they had any classes with this Coach. She wanted to know why and I told her about this incident. She said, "Well...I have never heard that. I know Coach *******. He is my sons baseball coach and we have never had any problems."

I said, "Yeah, well you work in the office so he probably would never strike your kid. The family, the police and the hospital have photos of the abuse so you can doubt it all you want but it is true. The police and the family have already been to the school. I am telling you right now that Coach ******* is not to be allowed anywhere near my children for any reason whatsoever. Do you understand me? If ever a situation arises where he will be near them call me and I will come get them."

I am now working out how to get in touch with as many parents as possible with children at this school to call and demand that Coach ******* be fired, arrested and jailed. I think maybe even a protest is in order. I will not tolerate this man even being in the same building with my kids. He is a child abuser.

A little later on today I am going to visit the young boy and talk with his family about the best way to pursue legal action. I won't fucking rest until this giant wad of child abusing shit is locked away...for the safety of the kids and for his own safety....cause I can damn well promise you this....if it had been my kid who came home with brusies and an injured spine for chewing a piece of fucking chewing gum on Valentines Day the person who inflicted the bruises would be dead. Fuck the sorry ass police, ditto the court system...I would have killed him and taken what ever came after with a steel spine and the knowledge that I helped to rid the world of one more child abuser.

Loretta Nall

Addendum: Here is the part of the code of conduct that deals with corporal punishment.


???? As a method to maintain discipline or to enforce school rules, a principal or principal?s designee, may administer corporal punishment through the moderate use of physical force or physical contact.? Such punishment shall be administered under conditions which do not hold the student to ridicule or shame.

???? Whenever corporal punishment is administered, a written report shall be made and a copy forwarded to the child?s parents.? A parent or guardian may request in writing that their son/daughter be exempted from corporal punishment and that an alternative punishment be given.? However, the school principal shall retain the authority to accept or reject the exemption request.? The request for exemption must be accompanied by the offering of an alternative disciplinary method by the parent or guardian that is acceptable to the principal.? When the alternative is determined by the principal to be ineffective, the use of corporal punishment may be reinstated.

????? The procedures listed below must be followed to guarantee proper and legally required due process on behalf of the student (For Class I and II Offenses):

The student must have been informed previously that his/her behavior could bring about the use of corporal punishment.
Prior to corporal punishment, initial efforts and/or alternative methods should be taken in attempt to modify the student?s behavior.
The administration of corporal punishment must occur in the presence of another professionally certified school employee, but only after:
a. The school employee is informed about the reasons for punishment in the presence of the student.

b. The student is given the opportunity to defend his/her position.

Right or Wrong?


ABBEVILLE, South Carolina (AP) -- A South Carolina man was convicted Sunday of murdering two law enforcement officers in 2003 after becoming irate the state was taking land near his parents' home for a road project.

Steven Bixby, 39, faces the death penalty when sentencing begins Tuesday for the shooting deaths of the officers in this small town near the Georgia state line.

His family was upset the state wanted about 20 feet of land near their home to widen a highway. Bixby and his father had threatened to gun down any officer on their land, according to witnesses. (Full story)

Bixby had stockpiled shotguns and ammunition in his parents' home and told a former girlfriend he was ready for a fight, according to testimony in the case.

Later, he bragged in a letter that he could have killed more people.

"Well, he's just a hell of a nice guy, isn't he? He only shot two people and he could have shot eight," prosecutor Jerry Peace said during his closing statements earlier Sunday.

County sheriff's Sgt. Danny Wilson was the first to die in the shootings at the Bixby home. He had gone there to discuss the family's anger over the road, only to be mowed down while standing on the front porch, his body then dragged inside, according to authorities.

State Constable Donnie Ouzts arrived to check on Wilson once radio contact with the officer was lost. He was shot as he stepped out of his patrol car and died on the way to the hospital.

Police surrounded the house for the rest of the day and the standoff finally ended after hundreds of rounds were exchanged. His father, Arthur Bixby, was wounded in the fusillade and also charged with murder. No trial date has been set in his case.

Rita Bixby, Steven's mother, was charged as an accessory because authorities say she knew her family planned to harm police officers. She was not home when the shootings took place.

On Saturday, Rita Bixby testified she was proud of her son.

"He has the right to protect his property by any means necessary," the 74-year-old mother said.

Defense attorney Bill Nettles stressed that the Bixby family asked the governor and other officials to help resolve the property dispute several days before the shootings, and noted the family attended public hearings about the road project.

"If this was an ambush," said Nettles, "it was the most well-published ambush in the history of the world."

Do you think this man had the right to defend his property? I do.

Pics from Oakland

Pictures from Hate Crimes Vigil

I'll post more on the event later today. Fo now here are some photos. Sorry fo the poor quality, they were taken with my cell phone.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Hate Crimes Vigil Sunday, Feb. 18, MTGY

Bump & Update:
I will be at the hate crimes vigil today handing out literature on medical marijuana and trying to sign people up. I need some volunteers so if you are in the Montgomery area and want to help pleae call me at 256-625-9599.


Sunday, February 18

4:00 PM

Alabama State Capitol – Front Steps

This month marks the seventh anniversary of the brutal murder of Billy Jack Gaither in Sylacauga. Join us to remember all those who have been victims of hate violence due to their actual or perceived sexual orientation.

Noted civil rights leader, Rev. Bob Graetz will be the featured speaker and the Montgomery UU Choir will perform.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Looking for New Music?

I get so bored with hearing the same songs on the radio day in and day out over and over again. I love rock music. Heavy metal has always been a favorite of mine. Somehow it is like stress relief. These days though there seems to be very little good metal in mainstream music. I am also a fan of reaggae music. Sadly there are very few good, new Reggae Artists.

Being so sick of the radio I have taken to searching the internet for fresh, unsigned, talent. I found Unsigned.com today and wanted to share it with my readers. Here you can check out every kind of music from hip-hop, metal, rock, country, jazz and blues. Who knows...you just might find the next music superstar.

(ad sponsored by PayPerPost

This is NOT NEWS!

I get so pissed off when I go to a major news site and the top story is "Britney Spears Shaves Her Head"

Well lovely, now it matches her ass. Too bad she didn't cut it off....that would have been worth reporting on.


Friday, February 16, 2007

Friday Doggie Blogging

Saul about to pounce his new red ball. Wook at those sweet ears!

Happy Friday Everyone!!!

Since it is Friday that also means it is Doggie Blogging Day and there is lots to tell in the Adventures of Saul Nall this week.

Last week I ordered a pinch collar for Saul. I hadn't wanted to use a pinch collar but Saul has gotten so big and strong I can no longer control him on a walk. I am a large girl, very stout but that damn dog simply has his way with me every time we go out the door. Last weekend as I was bringing him back in from a walk he jerked coming in the door and made me fall. It was very wet and I slipped and hit my left knee on the bottom of the door frame. My knee is solid black now and hurts like a bastard.

The next day his pinch collar arrived. It is an ABSOLUTE DREAM! No more lunging after the cats, dragging me through briars or generally making the walk unpleasant. No more jumping me either, which he has a bad habit of doing very unexpectedly. Every shirt I own now has a signature muddy paw print dead center.
Oh my goodness yes...the pinch collar makes him act like a perfect gentleman, he walks in heel, holds his head up high and does exactly what I tell him to do. To everyone out there who has a big, stubborn dog but hesitated using a pinch collar because they look mean.....GET ONE! Pinch collars are not mean. They only pinch if you make it pinch during a correction or if the dog darts out to the end of the leash. Saul did that....once....and hasn't done it again.

Last week I mentioned that Saul had a rash all over and was going to see the vet and be groomed on Monday. What a time we had! We arrive at the vet's office early and are the first ones there. We walk in and sit down. The receptionist comes out of the back and is greeted with a huge growl from Saul. He backed up against the wall and rumbled. Lots of bass. She came closer to him and he backed up farther. I was petting him and trying to calm him down. I told the receptionist that he was only a puppy and not really mean. She asked what our appointment was for and I told her a grooming and a check on his rash. Turns out she was the groomer and was, shall we say, less than thrilled by Saul's reaction to her. She called the vet who was not in yet and told him about Saul growling at her and that she needed him to come in. After she got off the phone she made a couple of offhand remarks about there only being one doggie dryer working that day and that she was grooming by herself and could I stay and help.

It was clear that she was scared to death of Saul and so I told her I would just bring him back another day for grooming if she would show me how to clip his nails, which were as sharp as cats claws. She agreed and looked very relieved. I thought it would be a bad idea to leave him with someone he clearly was not comfortable with. He would pick up on her fear and that could get ugly. I don't think people who are afraid of big dogs (especially when they are puppies) should work in a vets office. That seems like a bad career choice. She said, "You should socialize him a lot so he doesn't growl at strangers." I responded, "I want him to growl at strangers....that is why I got him."

The last time I took him in there were two young girls running the office and assisting the vet. They were both Shepherd owners and Saul took right to them. No growling, no backing away. He acted like he had known them all of his life. They also showed no fear of him.

Saul and I went into the exam room to wait for the vet. One of the young girls that was there last time came bursting into the room and Saul never flinched. In fact, when she said, 'Hello' his tail started wagging and he ran right over to her. I think any hesitance on the part of whomever is meeting Saul is what sets him off. When the doc came in he showed no fear or aggression.

I explained what was going on with the rash and was informed that they would need to sedate him and take scrapings from some of the bumps. The doctor said he wanted to be sure it wasn't some sort of weird mange that is incurable. It's fucked up how they sucker you into stuff like that. I fell for it because I love my dog and want to make sure he doesn't have incurable mange. He said he had to sedate Saul because scraping involved using a scapel to scrape all the way down til blood rises to the surface and that he knew Saul would not appreciate that very much at all if awake. He loaded a hypo up with a dose for a 60 pound dog (Saul is well over 60 pounds but their scales were broken) handed me a muzzle and shot my puppy full of dope. He said he would be back in 10 minutes to get started.

Yeah I know I need to vacuum!

Ten minutes later Saul was still up. A little sleepy and wobbly but no where near sedated enough to be scraped. The doc loaded up another needle and shot him directly in the vein. It was amusing to watch Saul's eyes get red and begin to droop. Even funnier when he tried to lift his head and couldn't when someone came in the door. He lost his cookies to the Nth degree and konked out.

During the procedure the vet looked at Saul's file and asked me about Alabamians for Compassionate Care. "What is Alabamians for Compassionate Care? Do you do hospice work?" I told him that ACC is a grassroots group pushinig a medical marijuana bill in the legislature. He said, "That's wonderful. I support that. Sick people should certainly be allowed to have it." This lead to a discussion about the drug war overall and I learned that he is also against the drug war. He told me that ten years ago he would have completely disagreed with me. But then the town where he lives hired a police officer who he became friends with and this officer told him one day that if the government really wanted to win the drug war then they would legalilze and regulate drugs and take all of the proceeds from the black market. He said he thought about it for a while, did some research and came to that same conclusion.

During this conversation the receptionist that Saul has such a problem with came in and got into the conversation. We were talking about pot being legal for anyone 18 and over. She said she thought it should never be legal because of all of the brain cells it kills. I told her that actually marijuana and prozac are the only two drugs know that enable brain cell genesis....meaning it helps you to grow new brain cells. The vet interjected and said that alcohol causes far greater damage and yet it is legal. She the said yea but pot makes people go crazy. I told her that I have been smoking since the age of 12 and that I just ran for Governor of Alabama in the last election. I am far from stupid or crazy. She then said, "I have a brother that got hooked on that mess and it ruined his life." The vet said he didn't believe it was pot that ruined his life. I asked her if she thought everyone who used a substance should be jailed because a few may have a problem with that substance and asked her why she believed in the drug war and prohibition because it obviously didn't save her brother. She didn't answer.

I dropped the conversation at that point. I knew it was pointless in that setting to challenge her way of thinking about marijuana and its connection to whatever happened to her brother. I strongly suspect that it was the laws regaring marijuana that led to his demise. But that was another topic for another day.

Anyway...Saul does not have some weird form of mange. He has food allergies. We are terrible about feeding him what we eat and something didn't agree with him. The vet changed the food from Purina Large Breed Puppy Chow to something called IVD made out of whitefish and potatoes. A 20 lb. bag of it cost me $50. OUCH! Saul seems to really love the food. Hell, we don't even get whitefish at my house. That is some good eating...and for a dog no less. I can guarantee you that as soon as this bag is gone he will be going back to puppy chow. I don't think he was allergic to his dog food but to the table food he had been getting. So we have cut out the table food and his rash has cleared up. I can't afford $50 for a bag of dog food that doesn't make my dog shit gold turds.

The vet also put Saul on steroids for a couple of weeks to help reduce the swelling associated with the rash. Just recently my husband and son have been on steroids and they were both very aggressivea and amped up almost like they were on speed......exceptthey ate like hogs. Saul has reacted the same way. Very agressive and snappy during play. He also barks at me when I do not respond to him immediately. He is hyper, eating like a hog (neat vet trick to give him steroids and incredibly expensive dog food at the same time) and has to go to the bathroom four times as much as he did before he started taking them. I'll be glad when he is done and I can get my sweet, laid back dog back.

I had to leave Saul for a few hours at the vets office. He didn't think it was a good idea to turn me loose with a dog that was totally konked out. So we hauled him out to a cage to let him sleep it off. I think he was the happiest dog on earth when I came back to get him. He was really groggy but he came charging out of that cage like something was after him. He even let the receptionist he doesn't like love on him some.

I let my guard down after we got home and I was bringing him inside. He was on his leash and regular collar and still very groggy and wobbly so my grip on the leash was lax. Hell, he could hardly walk and I didn't think he was capable of going after a cat. I was wrong. We came around the corner and there was a cat that wouldn't move. Before I knew it Saul had struck like lightning, closed his mouth over the cat's entire body, got the daylights scratched out of him for his effort, let go and ended up with a mouthful of tickly cat fur. The cat is fine, by the way...no damage done. I think she will move her dumbass next time Saul comes around the corner.

A blur of motion.

The rest of the day and night my puppy was pitiful. His eyes were blood red, he couldn't walk right, kept stepping in his food and water bowls and wanted me to be touching some part of him at all times. I wound up sitting in the floor with his sleeping head in my lap for a few hours. I brought up emotions I haven't felt since my kids were lap babies.

Until next time Saul says, 'GRRRRRRRRRRR'

AL Court Upholds Ban on Sex Toys

Appeals court upholds Alabama's ban on sale of sex toys

Associated Press Writer
Montgomery Advertiser

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) -- A federal appeals court issued a Valentine's Day ruling upholding an Alabama law banning the sale of sex toys. But the devices won't disappear from store shelves immediately.

WHEW!! That's good to know!

The 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that Alabama's sex toy ban is constitutional because "the state's interest in preserving and promoting public morality rovides a rational basis for the challenged statue."

(It' NOT the states job to promote their current brand of morality which includes providing poor boys and girls for the meat grinder in Iraq, imprisioning thousands of non-violent citiznes for ingesting a plant,and illegally taking away voting rights and never returning them to people who have paid their debt to society to name a few)

In 1998, the Alabama Legislature enacted a law that bans the sale of sex toys, but not their possession. Alabama residents may lawfully purchase sex toys out of state for use in Alabama, or use them if the devices have other recognized medical or therapeutic uses. The Alabama law doesn't regulate other items, such as condoms or virility drugs.

Alabama's solicitor general, Kevin Newsom, said he was pleased the 11th Circuit rejected the plaintiffs' argument that public morality was an insufficient basis for the legislation.

"In rejecting that view, which necessarily would have invalidated traditional prohibitions on, for instance, incest, polygamy, and prostitution, the 11th Circuit recognized and reiterated that 'the law is constantly based on notions of morality,'" Newsom said.

(This guy needs to get a grip....a sex toy has nothing to do with incest, polygamy or prostitution. It is the safest sex one can possibly have. Sex toys do not lead to disease, unwwanted pregnancy which sometimes leads to abortion, and have nothing to do with prostitution. Sex toys probably decrease the need for the services of prostitutes, they decrease unwanted preganacy and you can't get a disease from one. What's the problem?)

In previous appeals to the 11th Circuit, Williams and her attorneys had argued that the law was an unconstitutional intrusion into bedrooms, but the 11th Circuit held there was no fundamental right to use sexual devices.

This is all a covert operation by the cucumber growers assocaition to protect their profits :)

My PayPerPost Bankroll

About a month ago I signed up with a company called PayPerPost in order to try out their paid blogging service. I need to be able to make money while blogging because I spend a great deal of time doing it. PayPerPost offered me a way to do that by placing blog ads on my site.

I told all of my friends and business associates about this service and told them I would let them know when I got my first payment. That happened earlier this week....right when I needed it and every day this week more money has been deposited into my account. So far the sponsored content has earned me $350.00 with more coming in every day.

What I have done with the money so far is order Saul, my German Shepherd puppy, a new pinch collar and a ball that lights up and squeaks, I gave my daughter ten dollars for a field trip toimorrow, put gas in my car and I took Saul to the vet this week and the money helped to cover those outrageous costs. Next Week I have a great deal of work to do all over the state and will use the PPP money for gas and travel money.

All in all I am very happy with the results this far.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Clips from waaaaaaay back

I thought some of my readers might enjoy watching clips of production material from when I worked for Marc Emery as anchor of Pot TV News. If you search the POT TV News page for "Loretta Nall" you will find all of the video's my husband Terry and I produced beginning in 2003.
(NOTE: The scroll bar is on the left hand side of the page...don't ask me why)
I greatly miss doing video production and have to get back into that method of outreach and expression ASAP.

Here are some pictures I took of the coca fields, oil pipelines, US aerial fumigated patches of dead rainforest, soldiers, FARC, AUC, graffitti and other horrid things (all a result of the US war on drugs) in Colombia, South America, mixed with other images of the U.S. war on Colombia and some Guns-N-Roses. Looking at it tonight I would have mixed it slightly different if I had it to do over again. Still a great 45 seconds of your time though.

Pop Culture strikes back when this ONDCP propaganda tape gets the USMJP treatment.

Spinning USMJP flag with deep bass.

Pumpkins meet Ogre in Catnip Bust


MAPS magazine cover

Turn your volume down for this one.

Less than perfect credit?

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