Saturday, May 31, 2008

This is No Accident

This is the picture from the current top story on CNN. I'm appalled! I would expect to see this kind of outrageous trash on FOX News...but CNN?

I hope the women in the picture SUE the hell out of CNN. I would.

Friday, May 30, 2008


Doggie I will eat you up! You should have heard her when I put her next to Snoot's pen. Vicious kitty. She took a swipe at him.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

This Weeks Garden Shots

Well, this kitty isn't technically a garden shot...but it is too cute not to post.




Squash. The first three shots are of a zucchini plant. It is HUGE! The last few are the regular crookneck variety



Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Pitchfork Rally CANCELED!!!


Due to a number of different factors I have decided to cancel the planned protest/shadow session which was to take place Thursday from 11 am til 2 pm at the State House.

Although we had a great lineup of speakers, including Alabama House Members and heads of various organizations, to speak about their bills I did not get a good response from the public as far as what attendance might be. Most people I did hear from said they would be unable to attend due to the enormous cost of gasoline.

It also looks like tomorrows weather for Montgomery will be inclement, further decreasing turn out. It would be bad to have a great speaker line up with no audience and I fear that is what we might get.

I am not discouraged by this. Being poor myself I know many families are simply unable to afford the extra money for gas to get there. They also can't afford to lose a day from work. I still feel it is very important to capitalize on their anger at the way Alabama government doesn't function and will keep searching for a way to direct it into positive action with tangible results.

Thank you all so much for your support for this project and for your willingness to speak at this rally. I hope that you aren't too disappointed and that you will join me for future projects that seek tomake our government work better.

Loretta Nall

Awwwwww...... Who Could Say No to That Face?

This is the ultimate begging face. How long do you think you could resist?

Monday, May 26, 2008

Rally Getting Larger

Over the weekend Rep. Patricia Todd, Rep. Chris England and Rev. Kenneth Glasgow confirmed they will speak at the rally on Thursday.

We need contributions. If you have a buck or three to spare please paypal it to me at

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Announcing Alabama Government Reform PAC

Everyone seems to be unhappy with government these days. After the last two years of the Alabama House/Senate shut down, the 62% pay increase, the push to have citizens who are having trouble affording gas and who don't have health insurance foot the bill for health care for the legislature and senate, physical violence on the Senate floor and a whole long list of other unacceptable transgressions by our elected officials people are FED UP!

Our friend Dan Roberts over at Daily Dixie has joined together with others around the state to form the Alabama Government Reform PAC an Alabama political action committee dedicated to electing a functional Alabama Senate.

And you know what...they certainly have their work cut out for them. If you listened to any of the Senate proceedings this session you'll understand why this is a monumental task.

Head on over and check out the website. Sign up, pitch in and tell your friends and neighbors. Nothing will change if the people don't step up and change it. Do your part.

Pitchfork Rally/Shadow Special Session Details


Who: Loretta Nall and other disgruntled citizens and organizations fed up with the way the Alabama Government conducts (or doesn't) the business of this state.

What: A Pitchfork Rally/Shadow Special Session to express our extreme displeasure at the dysfunctional government in Alabama.

When: Thursday, May 29, 2008
11 a.m. until 2 p.m.

Where: Steps of the Alabama State House
11 South Union Street
Montgomery, AL

Confirmed Speakers:

Loretta Nall

Rep. Cam Ward

Rep. Patricia Todd

Rep. Mike Ball

Matt Murphy

A representative from Free the Hops

Angry citizens and voters who wish to take the mic

Others to be announced

Government isn't working for any of us regardless of what our political stripes are. This rally seeks to unite the people against the government. Please leave your partisan ideologies at the door. It's a BIG TENT event and everyone is welcome...but not to bash one side or the other.

During the rally those Representatives who have agreed to speak will be speaking about good bills they had die this session. After they speak the audience will vote their legislation up or down. I have invited representatives from various organizations to speak as well. If they agree they will speak on bills they promoted this session and then the audience will vote them or down. This is to show the Alabama Senate how things are supposed to work...since they obviously don't have a clue.

If you are speaking or attending and you want your bills to pass then you need to turn out some people.

Now, I'm bringing my pitchfork. It is a stage prop. I promise not to poke anyone with it. I will not attempt to enter the State House with it. The pitchfork represents a peasants uprising. Descending on the State House with pitchforks is very appealing to me right now. The message it sends couldn't be clearer. Others are not required to bring a pitchfork. But please do if you feel so inclined.

Also, bring signs that display your message loud and proud. I am partial to "No Work No Pay"

It will be hot...dress appropriately. Also bring your own drinks as there will not be any vendors at this event. Obviously no alcohol is allowed.

More info as it becomes available. Please email me at and let me know if you are attending.

Loretta Nall

More Good Press for Rally

Jennifer Foster at the Opelika/Auburn News has posted a great blog entry at the Clarion Caller plugging the rally on Thursday.

Thanks Jennifer....and you can bring your plastic rake that's been glued back together....or I'll loan you mine.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Audio: Loretta Nall on the Matt Murphy Show Google Yahoo

Updated Speakers List

I've set the date for the Shadow Session/Pitchfork rally for Thursday May 29, 2008 from 11 a.m. until 1 -2 p.m. This rally will take place on the steps of the Alabama State House located at 11 South Union St in downtown Montgomery, AL.

Confirmed speakers so far:

Rep. Cam Ward

Rep.Mike Ball

Rep. Patricia Todd

Radio host Matt Murphy

Loretta Nall

A Representative from Free the Hops

I am working out the agenda for this and will post it shortly.

Loretta Nall on Matt murphy at 5:15 today

At 5:15 today I will be a guest on the Matt Murphy Show to discuss next weeks possible protest of our dysfunctional Alabama government.

You can tune in at the link above.


I can't be reading this headline correctly.....from the BHAM News

Alabama attorney general to sue two-year college's ex-chancellor

Friday, May 23, 2008
News staff writer

MONTGOMERY - Attorney General Troy King said Thursday that he will file a civil lawsuit against indicted former two-year college Chancellor Roy Johnson and others to recover money "stolen" from the state.

Johnson pleaded guilty last month to receiving nearly $1 million in kickbacks for himself, his family and friends while working in the college system.

"The crimes to which they have admitted constitute a monumental fraud and abuse of the postsecondary education system, and diverted funds that were needed for junior colleges and trade schools to educate and train our citizens for the betterment of their lives and of our state," King said in statement issued by his office. "To the fullest extent within my power and under the law, I will do everything I can to see that these losses are restored to the State of Alabama for the benefit of our people."

Now, if I recall correctly, Attorney General Troy King helped Johnson dispense with some of that cash by requesting a job in the two-year college system for the mother of one of his employees. Didn't King hand off the two year college corruption probe case to the St. Clair Co. district attorney because of that very thing? And whatever became of that, by the way? Seems it has fallen off of every radar screen in the state.

King and Miriam Shehane tried to further secure pieces of the pie by requesting grants from Johnson for Shehane's group VOCAL.

Yet, the brief blurb in the BHAM News fails to mention any of that. They only report that King is prosecuting Johnson.

I'm really confused by this. How can King prosecute to recover money from Johnson when he stepped aside in the corruption probe after he himself asked for some of the loot from Johnson?

That'd be like King prosecuting me for purchasing that blow up pig which he accepted as a gift.

Only in Alabama!

The Pugilist Kitty

A new, fat, butterball kitten emerged at my house a few days ago. I think it may be one of the cutest I have ever seen. I got the following shot yesterday. My daughter said it belongs on LOL Cats. I think she may be right. He looks like he is about to knock me into next week. Even has his mouth set in a frown. Hehehehee.

Saul, my giant German Shepherd, is utterly fascinated with the newest member of the Nall clan. He searches for it every time we go outside. If he hears it meowing while inside he will stand at the door and cry to go out. I've held the kitty for him to investigate. All he wants to do is lick it. Reminds me of that old Looney Toons cartoon with the big ol mean bulldog wearing a spiked collar and the little stray kitty that gets left on his owners doorstep and the dog falls in love with it. I think Saul would bring it in and let it claw around on his back just like the cartoon kitty did if I would let him.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Confirmed Speakers for Shadow Session

So far Rep. Cam Ward has agreed to speak about the Alabama Autism Council bill at our rally next week, barring any scheduling conflicts.

Rep. Mike Ball has also agreed to speak about his transparency bill and about Initiative and Referendum.

Let's nail down a date y'all.And find some more angry legislators to join us.

Let's Organize a Special 'Shadow Session'

I am hearing from a legislative insider that the special session of both house and senate will be called to order at 4 p.m. on Tuesday May 27. It will last a minimum of five days.

So, that gives us a little time to get organized. Here is what we need.

1. Set a date. We could do this over a period of days that they are in session or we could have just a one day event. I think having an organizer (me and whoever else can be there for an extended period) on hand for each day of the special session would be useful. It might enable people who couldn't be there one day to be there on another day.

2. People to commit to showing up. This is HUGELY IMPORTANT!! I cannot over stress how important it is. What good is a protest/rally if there are only a handful of people there?

3. A list of activities meant to shame the house and senate for wasting our time and money. Their jobs should have been done the first time around. I think those that do show up need to be willing to march into the house with me a disrupt shit so badly that we shut it down....then we demand $50,000 and health insurance benefits for our trouble. I also will begin working on a Senator Phil Poole puppet tomorrow. He'll be wearing a diaper and sucking a pacifier. We also need to create our own 'Senate Calendar' to show them what one should look like. Then we need to promptly pass the bills on our calendar to show them how it is done. They seem to need a lesson or ten in that area.

4. Signs. Lots of signs. I don't really care what they say. I am not trying to present any message other than we've had quite enough of this. There are many ways to say that. Whatever beef any citizen has with any member of the legislature should be proudly and boldly displayed on a sign.

5. Speakers from various groups who had good legislation die in the senate this year. I want someone from ACCR, Alabama Arise, Free the Hops, No2RealID, TOPS, Alabamians for Compassionate Care and the Alabama Autism Council there to speak. Even though I am wholeheartedly against the smoking ban I even invite the folks that support that to come and have their say. Who else should be there?

6. Members of the House. There are many members of the House who worked hard this year. Listening to the audio from the last night of the session it is glaringly apparent that many of them seem to be as angry as we citizens are about the way things went down and have gone down for years. I will invite all members of the House to join us and speak if they are so inclined.

7. Media coverage. I can handle that part but others participating please feel free to put out your own news releases and to encourage all of your media contacts to cover us.

8. Pitchforks - I'm serious about that. Everyone that comes needs to bring a pitchfork, or a shovel, hoe, rake, a big stick etc...we won't be using them on anyone...but we want to get the message across that if things don't change there will be war....very shortly.

9. Contributions - In the form of money (if we march in and shut things down then chances are really high that some of us will be arrested so we'll need bail money), beverages (water, juice, sodas), speakers and a microphone, a tent, tables, chairs a video camera to record the event. A whole bunch of stuff I haven't thought of.

10. I should probably get a permit....but I disagree with a permit because I think it violates my 1st Amendment right to assemble. Besides, I don't have the money for it. So, we need a vast number of people so that we outnumber any police officers trying to break up our little party. If you don't want to chance a tangle with the boys in blue then make a monetary contribution so I can get a permit.

What else do we need? Who can commit to being there? What day(s)?

Garden Shots

Why are all of my pea leaves gnarled and spotted? How can I fix it?


Beans & Corn

Mama spider's House. Between the time I took this pic last night and this morning when I made my garden rounds Mama spider and Co vacated the premises. I'll take a pic of the empty nest later.



The first squash

New corn sprouts

New okra I planted last week

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Something's Gotta Give

Dear Alabama Readers,

For those of you easily offended by coarse might wanna skip this one...I'M PISSED!

I don't know about you, but I’m sick of this whole, raw, shitty deal that we Alabamians are getting from our government. We just about have to be the most powerless people in all of the USA. No matter which way we turn the house and senate hamstring us.

Because of our antiquated constitution we don’t have home rule, so anything we want to do, like say fart, at the county level, has to waft through the legislature for their golden stamp of approval.

We don’t have Initiative & Referendum, so all of the deciding power about what we can and can't vote on is in the hands of the legislature. How do you like that? Judging by the actions of most members of the house and senate they feel you are not in any way, shape, form or fashion qualified to decide what issues you would like to vote on. You are simply too simple to understand the complexities of issues that you live first hand each and every day of your life. But, strangely you are 'smart' enough to vote for a candidate.

We don’t have recall so these sorry asses (like Phil Poole just as one example of MANY) get to serve out their remaining years and there isn’t a damn thing we can do about it, but keep paying the sorry SOB’s $50,000 (or more if they decide to vote themselves another pay raise) for three months of kindergarten antics in our State House. And they want us to pay for their health insurance too boot! I'm ready to pay to send them to the hospital...but I would pay in the form of bruised knuckles and a visit to the pokey in handcuffs....unlike Senator Charles Bishop.

There is so much that needs to be done in Alabama. This is a GREAT STATE with GREAT PEOPLE and so much potential. But the way government is set up here means if you aren't part of a huge multi-million dollar lobbying firm or you don't have millions of dollars to buy a representative or senator to push your personal legislative agenda then you might as well hang your shit up. You are nothing in the eyes of those you elected to serve you.

I know that is a harsh reality for some of you who might have taken the time to meet with your reps and senators. Yeah, I know, they smile all nice, tell you they are happy to see you, act concerned and interested about the things you tell them and then promptly forget your name the minute you walk out the least until election time anyway and they need a campaign contribution. All our elected officials do when they get elected is plot and scheme on how to get elected again…. The people be damned. The business of the state be damned. (Note: I do not feel this way about all of them and know for a fact that some of them couldn't be further from the description I've just provided.)

Most of us regular folks also don’t have ties to a large, powerful, rich lobbying firm to move the bills that are important to us and we don’t have access to millions of dollars in our personal funds to move bills ourselves. Truth be told it is hard for most of us to afford the gas right now to even go to Montgomery and visit with our elected officials.

And don't even get me started on how impossible it is to try and break into politics as a candidate not affiliated with either major party. Most regular folks I know won't even consider the possibility of running for office because it is such a NASTY business.

So….I’ve decided to sharpen my pitchfork. I can’t sit around and take another year of this shit. I can’t. I won’t. Alabama is long overdue for a little revolution. Where the hell is everyone else?

We need to put our angry, disgusted, collective heads together and figure out a plan to make our government work for us. I know many of you will say "Vote'em out!" and I will certainly do my part come 2010...but what about between now and then? And, let's be honest here, if there isn't a HUGE grassroots effort born of the people to educate voters and to recruit and support better candidates then most of the sorry dogs will be voted back in in 2010. And there we'll be...again!

I don't care what your political stripes are, what you think they are, what color you are, what bills you support, whether you support my efforts in drug policy reform or not we ALL have to come together and start plotting how to bring about better government in Alabama. This ain't cuttin it!

I'm thinking that when Governor Riley calls the special session that all of us who are able should travel to Montgomery and host a 'Special Shadow Session' of our own where we lay out what we want from our governing body and present it to them. This will be the highest form of mockery and embarrassment for members of the House and Senate.

I've found through my own political experiments that mocking the silly, smug bastards brings about the quickest change. They don't care to be humiliated in public. They are terrified of it. Take Attorney General Troy King and the blow up pig for instance. Troy's moralistic hard-on was a ragin' til he was gifted with the pig. Then he shut the hell up for the entire session about tougher anti-obscenity laws and sex toys. He didn't make so much as another peep and didn't so much as send a representative from his office down when HB12 was brought up in committee. Shame is a very powerful tool in politics. And we need to shame them so bad that 98% of them won't even seek re-election in 2010.

If we can get enough people together to hold a shadow special session then those are the kinds of things we need to do to our elected officials. Be thinking on that and what some of those actions could be. For instance...we should all get together, march into the halls of the state house, disrupt things as much as possible so nothing gets done and then demand to be paid $50,000 for our efforts....with health benefits too.

We should build a puppet of Senator Phil Poole wearing a fucking diaper and sucking on a pacifier because he was such an infant all session because he didn't get his pork last session.

Let's think of something to humiliate those senators who filibustered all session long over a silly electronic bingo bill.

Get those brain gears turning y'all...we have a lot of work to do.

Listen to the Shroud Award

I have the 2008 Legislative Shroud Award audio now posted.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Why...Yes I'll Give You My Autograph

Believe it or not I am often asked for my autograph. I have given out a number of them since 2003 or so. While I always want to decline I never do. I am not an autograph type gal for the most part. I feel like when people ask me for that they think I am somehow superior to them or possess something that they do not. That is never the image I want to portray to my readers and fans.

However, I also realize that people like to collect autographs and I admit that the flattery is nice. It makes me feel really weird...but it is still nice.

Yesterday I got the following request via mail.

I just wanted to post it here on my blog and to thank Gloria for writing and asking. And thanks for reading my rants, diatribes and verbal explosions on the blog. You are always welcome here. I'll drop your autographed photo in the mail today!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Garden Shots


Gerber Daisies

White Field Corn

Purple Hull Peas

Giant Red Zinnia about to bloom

Mater blooms

Tasseling corn

Eggplant bloom

The two big rows

I made this row yesterday. Half is planted in okra and the other half is planted in white field corn.

Okra - My okra seems slow to take off. Is there a trick to growing okra that I am unaware of? Any gardeners out there who have some magic tricks for okra?