Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tuscaloosa News compares John Edwards story to Troy King story

Journalists must find a fair way to report on rumors

John Edwards has emerged as a world-class sleazebag, admitting to a sexual affair with a campaign aide in 2006 as his wife, Elizabeth, dealt with breast cancer.
A somewhat similar situation has developed in Alabama with the controversy swirling around Attorney General Troy King. Blogs and Internet sites have been ablaze for weeks with rumors about King's sex life. But there has been almost nothing about the controversy in the mainstream media.


Thanks T-Town News for throwing some much needed accelerant on this fire!!


Don said...

Loretta, the Tuscaloosa News article seems like it should have been an Editorial rather than being posted under Local News. I noticed that it isn’t attributed to anyone by name, and as an editorial it would have been if the newspaper’s normal procedures were followed. Is the editorial staff there reluctant to become involved?

Loretta Nall said...


I found it in the editorial section on the bottom of the front page. It has also been my experience that editorial writers are rarely named. Columnists and OpEd writers are named but usually editorials have no name attached to them.

I also don't think they are reluctant to get involved....quite the opposite I think they are chomping at the bit. They are the only paper so far to compare the Edwards saga to the King saga in terms of what the media's role is.

Bob King said...

Loretta, a prankster might just submit that photo as an illustration for a wedding announcement to a paper in Mass. or CA.

Loretta Nall said...

hehehe Bob....The person who sent it to me said it was from a wedding....can't help but think it was Troy & JW's wedding in Mass....that was my first thought anyway.