Monday, April 24, 2006

For the Sake of Clarification

An Alabama Blogger over at A Bama Blog has decided to malign me without asking for clarification on my stance on race issues.

Anyone who knows me personally, knows that any charges of white supremacist, holocaust-denier, are UTTER HORSESHIT, and nothing more.
Even the most basic google search should have turned up my speech to the Alabama Conference of Black Mayors or perhaps, ONE ... OF ...... THESE results, available on any google search, would have saved us all this trouble.

I have posted the following at A Bama Blog and am reposting it here in case it disappears from there....mysteriously

None of my principals support white supremacy or denial of the holocaust.

When I posted that blog entry I did not know that Larry Darby held those views.

He and I share the same views on drug policy reform and some of the same views on religion and that we do not believe any theology.

Our similarities end there.

You can see first hand my views on race issues by watching this video of my speech to the Alabama Conference of Black Mayors on the 41st Anniversary of the Edmund Pettus Bridge Crossing.

http:// nallforgovernor.blogspot....candidates.html

I am a firm believer in Liberty being one of the things you can never have if you are not willing to give it to others as well.

Please take the liberty of contacting me directly in the future if you have questions about my stance on any issue....before you report it to your readers as fact. I am happy to answer your questions.
Just ask.

In Liberty,
Loretta Nall
Vote Nall Y'all...It's Just Common Sense
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Lee P said...

Ms. Nall,

I appreciate your response, and I have posted the following reply on my blog:

"Thanks for the response and clarification. I'm glad to hear that you do not endorse Mr. Darby's views on the Holocaust. I had assumed that a self-professed friend of Larry Darby would be aware of what he has said on that topic. His enemies certainly are.

"You are a candidate for Governor of Alabama and the most prominent leader of the Libertarian Party - a minor party that dreams of becoming a major party. If you expect your campaign and your party to be taken seriously, I suggest that in the future, you should be more discriminating in your endorsements."

I agree with many Libertarian principles myself, and I think that the Party can be a positive force in Alabama politics - by winning issues, if not elections.

However, I am sure that most Alabamians (and most Libertarians) would find Larry Darby's statements concerning Jews and the Holocaust appalling. I hope that you and your supporters will weigh your options heavily when you go to the polls in June.

Thanks for listening...

Lee P