Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Great Coverage Today!!

Today I, along with fellow members of the Alabama Libertarian Party, and supporters held a news conference on the steps of the State Capitol. It was well attended by the media.

In attendance were representatives from WAKA Channel 8, For The Record (which is my favorite local show...I think Tim Lennox should take over as anchorman for NBC Nightly News...he is just SUPERB), The Montgomery Advertiser and Alabama Public Radio.

I hope to have a clip of the APR segment as soon as it goes online and the Advertiser article will be out tomorrow. FOr now I have clips of the FTR and WAKA coverage.

The FTR clip has a hum, which was my fault, and is very jumpy, which I assume is related to technical difficulties at Alabama Public TV. They will have it available online later which will fix the hum but not the jump.
Watch For The Record Segment (windows media video 2:00)

Watch WAKA 8 Segment (windows media video 1:38)

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David said...

I am so glad we have someone like yourself running for Governor. I will help your campaign anyway possible.