Saturday, April 15, 2006

More Excited than the Lt. Gov

Another campaign blurb on For The Record.

I wonder if Tim's remark upset Lucy? I thought it was rather amusing myself.

Thanks Tim for sticking me in that segment....even if it does piss off your guests and my opponents.

This is going to be a wild year.


Dennis said...

I loretta, you're doing great! Don't forget to tell your audiences a few jokes to loosen them, and you, up. Keep an ace in the hole for crunch time before the election.

gregb said...

I'm following the Alabama election from British Columbia - doing what I can ie links to relevant sites and bringing up the race in various forums I participate in. Good luck.


Loretta Nall said...

Thanks for stopping by y'all and for your words of support. I am going to win this election.

My opponents may have money but they are not real people and no amount of money can give them the connection that I have as a regular, common, Alabama citizen.


The GTL™ said...

Ms. Nall, at this moment I do not have the money to contribute, but you've certainly got a link from my blog under "Libertarian Bloggers" and my vote coming your way. You seem more like a "Classical Liberal" than a Libertarian to me, but that is a PLUS in my book ;-)

Looking forward to your Guv'norship, Ma'am!