Tuesday, May 16, 2006

More or Less

It appears that the Alabama media is picking up on my recent "Flash for Cash" campaign. Here is a blurb form yesterday's Mobile Press-Register.

More or less

There's been some discussion lately about whether all the pollsters and consultants have sapped the fun and spontaneity from politics. Folks who espouse that opinion apparently haven't viewed Alabama Libertarian Loretta Nall's ads.

One posted on the Mobile Libertarian Party's site boasts a photo of Nall, who's running for governor, leaning forward in a low-necked top, displaying her cleavage.

The slogan reads, "More of these boobs, and less of these boobs!!" Small photos of Gov. Bob Riley, Roy Moore, Lt. Gov. Lucy Baxley and Don Siegelman are included.

The ad can be seen here .

I'll be writing them today with the full story of how that came to be on my campaign t-shirts .

I finally tracked down a copy of the MSNBC segment in which I was featured. They charged the begeezus out of me for it but I will have a copy later today and will post it here.

I am also in the media today for oppostiton to National Guard troops on the Mexican border. That is being covered in just about every newspaper and on every TV and radio station in the state. Clearly, I am the only non-Republican running in this race.

On Thursday I will be interviewed by WSFA Channel 12 in Montgomery. Part of the interview will air on the 5 pm newscast on Sunday. The entire unedited interview, which will be 15-20 minutes in length, will beplaced on the WSFA website for the remainder of this election season.


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