Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Next Steps for the Nall Camp

Dear All,

Now that the primaries are over and I know without a doubt who my opponents will be in this election it is time to start campaigning in earnest.

First though, I want to address the question that will be asked of me ten thousand times in the coming days.

"Are you disappointed that you did not get ballot access and do you think the ballot access restrictions are unfair?"

Yes and Yes.

However, I knew when I entered this race that ballot access success was highly unlikely. Even if I had thousands of volunteers and tons of money that is NO GUARANTEE that the SoS office would have certified me to be on the ballot. One of the reasons I am running this race is to draw attention to the ballot access laws.

But, I did what I could with what volunteers and money I had and I am not disappointed in the number of signatures we collected. If Judge Myron Thompson had ruled fairly in our case we would have had until the run-off to turn in sigs. But he didn't.

Being that I am not much of a stickler for rules, dropping out of this race because I didn't meet the requirements set by the opposition would make me look as though I accept those rules as fair. I do not.
And, since I am a fighter and not a whiner, now is the time to start swinging hard.
It comes down to this. Alabamians who wish to vote for me can still do so by writing my name in on the ballot and I can still win the election. So, do not despair.

So, what is next for the Nall camp? Ads. Almost every dollar raised from here on out will go to television and radio ads and I have some doosies in mind...the likes of which the voters of Alabama have never seen before. I am not going to ask for more money right now. I have enough left over from ballot access to get the first ad started. I will release that ad to my supporters via email when it is done and if they like it then hopefully they will be willing to continue supporting me as a write-in candidate.

I am taking a couple of days off (yeah right) to reaquaint myself with my family. I want everyone to know how wonderful and supportive they have been and I want to thank them for their sacrifices, of which there have been many, to get me to this point. Terry, Alex & Bell...I love you more than life.

I am available via phone or email should anyone need me between now and Friday.


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