Thursday, April 26, 2007

Back Pain

I must be getting old or something. I threw my back out while working in the garden over the weekend. It didn't hurt too bad afterwards. I took an anti-inflammatory and went about my business.

It was fine all day yesterday while I was lobbying at the State House with some medical marijuana patients. When I got home I dropped something and bent to pick it up and when I did that my back went out again. I took some more anti-inflammatory and went to bed. It was hurting pretty bad. However, when it woke me up at one a.m. hurting is not even close to the right descriptive word. I tried every laying in position known to humankind, to no avail. I might get easy for a few seconds and the pain came roaring back with a vengance.

I finally got up at two a.m. Well, actually it was more like 2:30 because it took me that long to figure out just how I was going to negotiate hauling my sizeable ass up out of bed and to work up courage to do it. I knew it was going to hurt like a bastard and I didn't want to wake up my husband. So much for that. I woke him up anyway when I unleashed a blood curdling scream halfway through getting out of bed. Bout scared him to death. The pain was so bad I almost threw up. I cried. Scared my husband worse. I almost went to the ER, but I hate doing that, so I ate some more anti-inflammatory and decided to tough it out until the doctor's office opens. I won't have a stomach by the time this is over. I spent the rest of t he night on the couch with towels rolled up for back support.

I can't walk straight. I have almost zero range of motion in my right hip. I can't sit, stand or lay for more than a few minutes. Getting up and down is near impossible. And there is a huge, hot knot right next to my spine and hip. I'm thinking slipped disk. I'll be headed to the doctor's office this morning.

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Anonymous said...

I can really empathize with you because I've been through that, plus two spinal surgeries. I hope you can get some relief and not face the prospect of surgery if at all possible.