Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Willie Nelson spared jail time

ST. MARTINVILLE, La. (AP) -- Country music star Willie Nelson and his tour manager were spared jail time Tuesday after pleading guilty to a misdemeanor count of marijuana possession.

Nelson, his sister Bobbie, his tour manager and two drivers were issued citations last September 18th after state troopers said they found marijuana and mushrooms on his tour bus during a commercial vehicle inspection on Interstate 10.

A district judge fined Nelson and tour manager David Anderson one-thousand-24 dollars each. He also gave both on six months probation.

As part of a plea agreement, the citation against Nelson's sister was dismissed.

The 73-year-old Nelson had performed in Montgomery a day earlier during a birthday celebration for the late Hank Williams

I'm pretty sure no one thought Willie would do even a second in jail....including Willie. I'm glad Willie got off, but this story highlights the double standards that are applied when it comes to drugs. Willie Nelson is an international music legend, so, of course, he isn't going to do any time in jail. However, if you or I were truckin' through Luzieanner with a couple of pounds of primo weed and some mushrooms and the highway patrol stopped us we would not see the outside of a jail cell for a very long time.

But...I'm still glad Willie got away.

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-Sepp said...

Yer exactly right about us "reglar folk" not being able to dodge jail for the exact same thing. BTW, speaking of Hank Williams, check out his grandson Hank III's album titled "straight to hell". I never cared too much for country music (Johnny Cash being the exception) until I carpooled with a guy who played it and got hooked. Give it a listen and let me know what you think!