Friday, May 25, 2007

Oh Give Us a Home

I have a whole pile of really beautiful kittens that need good homes. Please take a look at these sweet babies and, if you are in Alabama and want one, reply in the comments section. I am not sure of the sex of any of these.

This first cutie has a black nose and one black eye. Looks like it has been in a fight.

I am actually going to keep this precious baby. We named it 'Velcro' because yesterday it climbed my daughter's leg and just stayed verticle on the side. I told her to pick it up and stick it on the side of her leg again. When she did it just stuck there. It looks like a Himalayan and has the sweetest disposition. Demands to be snuggled.

This next one is a real yowler. Makes me think it is a male. It is wirey, spunky and likes to make noise. Has beautiful markings like a leopard.


Anonymous said...

Awww...i want one!
Wish i could...

Anonymous said...

I would LOVE the black one but I think the person I live with would not appreciate me bringing home a cute little kitten! But I"ll ask