Monday, August 06, 2007


After many years of nothing but trouble and constitutional rights violations by public school here in Tallapoosa Co. I have decided to homeschool my daughter this year. Late last week I enrolled her in Sacred Grove Academy, which is a pagan church cover school. I am currently and anxiously awaiting their welcome packet and so is Bell.

Homeschool in Alabama looks to be very unemcumbered by needless laws. All that is required is for me to keep an attendance sheet on file. Of course, we will be doing much more than that. Both of my kids have really high IQ's and teaching my daughter will prove challenging I am sure. I will not be homeschooling my son as he does extremely well in public school, has adjusted very well, has many friends and is old enough to tell school officials to FUCK OFF should they seek to pry into his personal and home life ever again.

I think it will be a blissful year to not have to deal with my daughter getting off the bus crying every day because some little mannerless tart made fun of her because we aren't bible thumpers, law lovers or Republicans. I won't have to deal with one teacher who tells me my daughter scored 145 on the IQ test and another teacher who tells me that she failed her DIBELS NCLB test and cannot read. I won't have to deal with angry teachers who get mad at Bell for having an opinion, challenging stupid rules and speaking her mind.

I also won't have to deal with the serious depression Bell has experienced in the past due to problems at school, the stifling of her natural creativity and curiousity, or her frustration at being able to do much more advanced work than what is currently offered for her age in public school. We can move along at whatever pace she is comfortable at. No pressure.

Learning should be fun and, in my experience public school's have made it their mission to remove everything fun about learning. Schools are more like jails today than institutions of learning. It is really disgusting and downright frightening when you think about it. Public schools seem to get kids ready for factory work or jail. They have become an extention of law enforcement with DARE cops and SRO's patrolling the halls looking for the next generation of inmates in order to ensure their job security.

Now, who out there among my readers homeschool's their children? Can someone recommend a non-religious based cirriculum for an advanced 10-year-old? Anyone have any cirriculum for sale? Any to donate or loan out? If so, please email me.


The Mad Patriot said...

I know you're looking more for textbooks, but you'll also need some reference material, and I'm sure that will be plentiful among your regular readers. For my part, you are more than welcome to borrow my copy of Richard Dawkins' "The Ancestors Tale" for use in your evolutionary biology curriculum. Or Steven Hawkings and Brian Greene books for astrophysics and cosmology. I don't any of these sorts of books would be over the head of a smart 10 year old working under a parent's tutelage.

I'm afraid that my usefulness will end at the science courses, though. Well, on second thought, I do have two books that criticize every American History textbook ever written - one for being too conservative, and one for being too liberal. They might be helpful too.

katrina said...

my daughter is wanting to home school because she is coming home crying and fighting with us.if someone can help me to find a place thatwould be nice.thanks mrs.murray.i live in locust fork ala.