Saturday, August 18, 2007

Ron Paul takes a Whopping 81% in Alabama Straw Poll

Woot!!! Go Ron Go!!!

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-Sepp said...

I don't wanna go off on a rant here but, for the very first time in my voting life, I'm finding in Ron Paul a guy I can stand behind without having the usual issue or two I don't agree with. I've yet to find that issue with Paul.

Everyone else on both sides of the field are promising more government controll on a plethora of issues aimed at regulating our lives all the more.

I honestly feel that if Ron Paul isn't elected, our rights as we know them now are going to be snatched by whoever else is elected. Look at their records, socialists who want to take the constitution and bill of rights away a little at a time or, neocons who want to ebb away at our rights until they're gone.

Here's a little quiz...
Other than Ron Paul, what other candidate has even mentioned the constitution?
Answer...NONE of them.

As always, the democrats are pandering to those who want cradle to grave handouts via the hard work of others while the neocons are promising to protect us all from the monster in the closet they named al-quaida.

I have a job so I don't need "saving" from the government and I have a Glock 22 for when al-quaida pops out so I don't need either of the "mainstream" snakeoil salesmen.
Sorry for the rant I said I wouldnt go on!