Wednesday, October 10, 2007

110 lbs. of Hell

Thought my doggie blog fans might enjoy an update on Snoot.

Yeah, I know he looks all sweet, but his looks are very deceiving. You are looking at 110 lbs. of pure, unadulterated hell. He got out of his fence yesterday morning and ran all out in the road and into the neighbors yard. I was terrified that a car was going to come along and smash him. Y'all would have had to straight-jacket and rubber room me if that had happened. After he gnawed on the neighbor's kids football he ran back across the road and took a shit on one of my neighbors flower beds just like the old hound who shit on our steps a while back. What a jerk! Hehehe. It took me forever to catch him. He ran in his pen and thought it was a nifty game of chase when I came to get him out. I was really pissed but can't blame him for wanting to have a little fun.

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