Saturday, October 06, 2007

I told you so!

After months of circling the wagons and trying in vain to shoot the messenger it has been determined that the Rev. Gary Aldridge of Thorington Rd. Baptist Church in Montgomery, AL died with his hands and feet bound behind his back wearing two rubberized suits.
Please forgive my vast ignorance of erotic ashphixiation....but why two rubberized suits? How in the hell would you even get two of them on?

That translates to some serious KINK....just as I suspected. I wonder what all of the people who threatend me over my speculation will have to say today? Not much I'd bet.

As for the papers assertion that 'no foul play was involved....hehe oh it was foul all right and was certainly play.

Here is the story from todays Montgomery Advertiser

Aldridge autopsy released

By Andre Coe

A Montgomery minister found in his home this summer died with his hands and feet bound behind his back and dressed in two rubberized suits, an offical autopsy report showed.

The Montgomery Advertiser obtained a copy of the 13-page report on Friday, one day after District Attorney Ellen Brooks authorized its release.

The Rev. Gary Michael Aldridge was found dead June 24. Police ruled the 51-year-old pastor of Thorington Road Baptist Church was alone at the time of his death and that there was no foul play involved.

The autopsy, prepared by Senior State Medical Examiner Dr. Stephen Boudreau of the Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences, lists "accidental mechanical asphyxia" as the cause of death. It gave a one-paragraph description of what the examiner saw when he conducted the autopsy on June 25.

A toxicology report showed no signs of drugs in Aldridge's system, but did find traces of ethanol, also known as ethyl alcohol. Boudreau explained that a body that is decomposing creates ethyl alcohol. Aldridge's death has been the subject of rumors since the church asked the community to "refrain from speculation" until police completed their investigation.

Brooks said Friday that her office gets hundreds of cases requiring autopsy reports every year.

"I don't know anything about any speculation," she said. "I'm a prosecutor. I have no case to prosecute. It is not a criminal matter at this point. If you're asking about idle curiosity, I'm not going to comment on that."

Capt. Huey Thornton, a police spokesman, said Montgomery Police used an out-of-state agency during its investigation, but he would not name the agency. He said the agency corroborated MPD's finding that Aldridge was alone when he died.

The Montgomery Advertiser requested a copy of the autopsy in a July 11 letter to the Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences. On July 12, the department replied that "... the report(s) cannot be released to the public at this time because the District Attorney has determined that the case is still under investigation. ..."

After police reported on Wednesday they had completed their investigation, the Advertiser made another request for the autopsy report.

Rod Kennette, deputy director of the state Department of Forensic Sciences, said he received Brooks' authorization to release the report shortly before 5 p.m. on Thursday.

The medical examiner who conducted Aldridge's autopsy said Friday the long wait for the autopsy findings was not unusual.

"These things happen," Boudreau said. "We see probably two of these a year. If you're not used to seeing that sort of thing, it's probably unusual."


Anonymous said...

Loretta - again, your assuming a lot of things.

First, how the hell did Gary tie himself up.

Secondly, his older brother Jack from Greenville was sending him threating emails 2 weeks before Gary was killed - dispute over the handling of their parents estate.

Jack was not present at the funeral either.

Immediate family blames Jack for Gary's death.

Get your facts straight. I know you want to pin a minister down to look bad - but in the case honey, your off base!!

Art Scott, Aliso Viejo, CA

Don said...

Hands and feet bound behind his back (forget his rubber fetish) and the guy managed to find a way to find some way to perform erotic asphyxiation? Harry Houdini would have been proud of him.

Understanding how he managed to do that is beyond my pay grade, I’m afraid.

I can’t imagine how his wife must feel if she didn’t already know about and condone this sort of behavior on his part.

Loretta Nall said...


I think initially there was someone else involved. Perhaps things got out of hand and the other person fled the scene when he/she realized that accidental death had occured. That's why the police and autopsy report state that there was no foul play involved. It was a consentual act gone very wrong.

Bitter Old Punk said...

I know it is crass to speak ill of the dead, but....


Dig that last quote, too: "These things happen." Nothing to see here, move along, forget the fact that someone must have helped him into those cuffs.

Google unearths additional riches. From the Montgomery Advertiser article June 28, 2007, reporting on Aldridge's funeral:

"Dr. Wayne Barber delivered the main message....Barber comforted the church during his speech. He quoted scripture, saying, “We are human, but we still hurt.”

Hurt was okay, he said, because each one of us had a treasure inside that will help us deal with difficult times.

Barber then took off his coat to illustrate a point about how the church would be able to move forward now. He held the coat to his side and commanded it to wave, but the coat did nothing. He continued to hold the coat and commanded it to wiggle. Again, the coat did nothing.

“The only way to get this coat to do what I want it to do is to get inside the coat,” he said."

Or maybe, you know, a couple of coats. Really tight-fitting coats.

Loretta Nall said...


Read the autopsy report.

Are you actually suggesting that the good Rev's brother came down while the wife was out of town, somehow forced his brother into two wet suits, a scuba mask, rubber underwear, rubber gloves, tied him up using 11 different straps and inserted a condom covered dildo into his anus?

There is no doubt in my mind that another person was involved in getting the Rev. Aldridge all strung up and in position but I very seriously doubt it was his brother. That his brother did not come to the funeral says to me that maybe he was too stunned and embarassed to attend.

When this first happened someone wrote and claimed it was his sister getting even with him over an inheritance. Was that you?

Face it...this 'baptist preacher' was seriously into BDSM, erotic asphixiation and probably homosexual activities. I know that is hard for you to take but the facts speak for themselves.

Wonder how many sermons he preached against sins of the flesh?

Anonymous said...

I also heard that there were receipts that show Gary recently purchased all of the scuba gear.

Anonymous said...

And the people who just read the Montgomery Advertiser really have no idea about what really happened.

By the way, it is easy to cuff yourself behind your back. It is not even that difficult to unlock them if you can reach the key.

Anonymous said...

It is entirely possible to do this to yourself without assistance. Do some google searches on self bondage. It is very complex (some more complex than what the deceased was in), but there are ways, most of them VERY risky.

If we had a more open society and he could have been honest about his kinks, things may have turned out differently.

Anonymous said...

Someone was pretending like the Reverend wasn't involved in erotic activity. And that he just fell over dead.

Check out this report:

Anonymous said...

I have shared the autopsy report with several drs. and nurses and the majority seem to think the report is tainted with and perhaps not accurate. Even Gary's age is not posted consistent. The detective on this case told Pastor Steve Campbell, close friend of Gary and appointed executor of Gary's estate the following quote; "There was someone else present in the house when the Rev. Gary Aldridge passed away however, due to the noterity of that person in the local city government, no one would ever know who was there or what really happened."
So based on that fact to assume anything is specuation. Was this a total setup to make Gary look awful and embarass him, his church and family. Was this a murder.
Was this a sexual encounter between two people gone awry. Some has some explaining to do. For the cops to cover this up is not right. For his church to not demand a full investigation and to reopen is not right either. Someone knows the truth.

Loretta Nall said...

I have my own doubts as to whether Gary Aldridge was alone when this befell him. I think it would be nigh near impossible to get into two rubber suits and hog-tie yourself with bungee. I mean...I guess if you were an expert at such things you could do it but no one knows whether he was an expert or not. Wasn't there also a cooler of beer sitting outside one of his windows?

DisappearsXians said...

Glad to see another dead hypocrite xian.

He didn't tie himself up, no way. Someone helped him into that outfit. Maybe they had it in for him, given his estate situation, maybe not, but there was a helper.

It's probably the mayor or some conservative local personality who helped him into that situation. That's why there's no mention of his cohort and why the cops covered it up so quickly. Why no investigation into the person who helped him. Was the pope in town? What about all the sperm in his anus and on his face, under the mask? Why no DNA tests? Someone should have demanded an investigation into his helper, period.