Sunday, November 11, 2007


I was out and about some yesterday and took a few pictures. This first one is of a very old wooden church waaaaaaaaaaaaaay out on a dirt road that cuts across Hogg Mountain. It is still an active church and I can just about guarantee you that they get down on Sunday morning. There are also two very old graveyards nearby that I will get some shots of soon.

This second one is of a sign at a gas station in Millerville, AL. Not sure if you can read it so what it says is "Trade Day Nov. 10 Rent You A Spot Now". Love the way they phrased it.

This last one is of a hickory tree in my back yard. It is absolutely stunning when the sun shines through the leaves and the sky is that pure autumn blue that just makes you feel happy. This picture does not do it justice.

Later today I am going to take my puppy for a walk in the woods and get some more shots of pretty trees. My favorite ones are the maples that are so orange they look like they are on fire!

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