Friday, February 01, 2008

Montel Fired for Speaking Truth to Fox News

This just in from my friend and fellow reformer Kevin Zeese.


Montel Williams, who has been an outspoken and effective advocate for
medical marijauna was fired for taking a discussion of the death of Heath
Ledger and focusing instead on deaths in Iraq. No doubt the conversation
would have been about a celebrity drug death if Williams had not taken
control of the conversation. Bravo for Montel for not playing the ratings
game by focusing on celebrity death and bringing the conversation back to

The video of Montel Williams expressing outrage over coverage of celebrity deaths vs. coverage of Iraq War deaths is here under the Fox & Friends link. Click the 'Fox & Friends link in that post then scroll down until you see "Famous Faces" and click on Montel Williams.

I can't help but wonder sometimes about the timing and coverage of celebrity sex/drugs/alcohol/divorce/child custody battles/ bald-shining coochies vs. coverage of other actual news stories. Sometimes I wonder if people like Brittany Spears, Paris Hilton and so forth aren't somehow controlled by the CIA and programmed to show their asses when say there is a huge explosion in Iraq that killed 550 people, mostly American soldiers, or when President Bush does things like condone torture or when the economy is totally tanking.

Hat's off to Montel for attempting to discuss real news on a Faux news show.


Anonymous said...

you know i think much the same thoughts. britney going crazy and all, it is ver possible. have you read a book called " The covert opertaion against rock music" or somthing like that.
mind control and such things are no joke.

Anonymous said...

Hello above anonymous,

It's called The Covert War Against Rock and it's by Alex Constantine.
FANTASTIC book everyone should read to see what this government is capable of and has done. You can get it through Amazon.