Friday, March 28, 2008

McIntosh chief: Son will be exonerated in Taser case

Friday, March 28, 2008
Staff Reporter
Mobile Press-Register

A Washington County police chief whose son was videotaped Tasering and beating a man during a traffic stop said Thursday that he wasn't able to comment on the case because of a pending investigation, but that the facts would exonerate his son.

McIntosh Police Chief Mike Barnett said he and his son, Blaine Barnett, were anxious to explain their version of events, but that District Attorney Spencer Walker was still examining the incident.

Barnett would not say for whom his son was working when he and an officer pulled over Ronald Reed in the McIntosh area.

Barnett had been working for a tri-county task force, but resigned the day before the incident, according to Walker, who sits on the task force board. Walker said he did not know whether Barnett's letter of resignation had taken effect.

A WPMI news crew, in Washington County on March 14 for an unrelated story, taped the incident. The video shows Blaine Barnett and an officer pulling over Reed's truck.

In the video, Barnett rushes the truck, fires a Taser through the window and drags Reed out the door. The footage shows Barnett punching Reed in the head and smashing his face to the road several times.

WPMI has been replaying the video this week, much to the chagrin of Barnett, who called their coverage of his son "character assassination."

Give me a break!

Watch this video and tell me how Blaine Barnett will 'be exonerated' cuz I don't see it myself.

He clearly thought he would get away with it because he wasn't aware a camera was rolling. And what about his partner? How come he didn't step in and protect the guy getting beat up? I think he should face some heat too. To serve and protect huh? serve yourself and protect your own a**.

And it is awful funny that none of the law enforcement departments Blaine Barnett was working for want to claim him just now. Even his daddy's department won't claim him. You know it's bad when Daddy won't claim you. Yet daddy says he will be exonerated.

As to character assassination....I guess it's only character assassination if you are a cop and/or the son of the police chief, because they damn sure don't care about the character of anyone else caught on tape committing a crime. In fact there are a whole bunch of different TV shows dedicated to that very thing.

Bad Boys Bad Boys
Watcha gonna do
Watcha gonna do
When they come for you
Nobody gone give you no break
Police not give you no break
No soldier gonna give you no break
Not even your "Daddy" gonna give you no break
Bad Boys Bad Boys

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