Monday, March 31, 2008

Rep.Hurst seeks to ban sale of stun guns & tasers to public

So, I'm looking around the ALISON site at the upcoming Judiciary Cmte. meeting agenda for this week and I spot HB175 sponsored by Rep. Steve Hurst which would outlaw the sale of stun guns and tasers to the general public making them available only to law enforcement.

And there is absolutely no explanation given.

Under existing law, any manufacturer, distributor, or retailer may offer for sale to the general public an electroshock stun gun or taser.
This bill would prohibit the sale of electroshock stun guns or tasers except to an authorized representative of a federal, state, or local law enforcement agency.
This bill would provide an exception for sales by a manufacturer or distributor to a retailer. This bill would provide penalties for violations.

Absolutely no explanation. The audacity!

Well, I want one. Why would someone seek to outlaw the sale of stun guns and tasers to the general public? We can have real guns, which have a greater chance of killing someone, so why not a stun gun or taser?

Why can only law enforcement have them? If someone is trying to rape me and I have to wait for the cops to get there and use their taser then the outcome probably would not be in my favor or in favor of any woman...or anyone being mugged, kidnapped and generally attacked for any reason.

Do I not have the right to defend myself? If so, do I not also have the right to decide what sort of defense I might deploy if forced to fight for my own life or for the lives of my family?

It really angers me that there is no explanation given for this bill. Is it just because he can? Really? He can just introduce any old bill he wants and not have to explain what the purpose of it is to the taxpaying public? Really?


Anonymous said...

Thats BS every man and woman has the right to bare arms it states that in the constitution. Someone need to bring this to the attention of all non lethal defense sellers, dealers, and retailers. Someone should send this to Taser International. I own and carry a Taser that I purchased from There has to be something that can be done.

Anonymous said...

Hes a democrate know wonder

Oldsteel68 said...

I agree, total BS. Why ban something that can help lower crime and offer safety to the public? It is non lethal defense weapon. If more people were armed with weapons like this it would make criminals think twice about attacking someone, lowering crime statistics, allowing for less of a police force and save revenue. I bought a C2 taser from a few months back and Ive never felt so safe. But he doesnt have to worry about that, Im sure he has security detail for his entire family.. Our tax dollars....

Anonymous said...

I agree you see how all these political gurus have body guards and seceret service yet they want to take our gun rights away. Look at New York you can't carry a stun gun or pepper spray as it is against the law, yet there crime rate is way high. I care about me and my family the democrate liberals want our money and our right to bare arms. I purchased a TASER from Taser Dealer

Anonymous said...

You guys think a proposed bill banning the devices is BS? Ha! I live in Wisconsin, and recently found out the hard way that electric weapons are completely prohibited to sell or possess here. On my way to the store, I got pulled over, and the cop found a 100K volt stun gun, the lowest voltage model the company makes, in my car in the back seat. It was broken and didn't even work. I don't have a criminal record and now I'm getting charged with a felony for possession of an electric weapon and a misdemeanor for carrying a concealed weapon...for going to the freaking store for cigarettes! I'm about to have my first kid in a month and I going to be a convicted felon because of this audacious crime against society I have committed...Give me a break. I'm glad everyone on here sees my way at least. Banning electric weapons is rediculous.