Thursday, March 13, 2008

Update on Local Police Brutality

The first story in the paper said....

Although being charged and indicted on the charges, Ray remains on active duty with the police department.

"We have nothing to indicate that he wouldn't continue to work," Alexander City Police Department's James Claybrook said. "He hasn't been convicted yet."

Now they are saying...


Update: Police officer on leave after indictment

By Miranda Mattheis

Alexander City police officials confirmed Thursday that an officer (Mitchell Ray), indicted this week by a Talladega Grand Jury for assault, has been placed on administrative leave and has been on leave for the past two days.

That's called CYA mode and I don't blelieve it. I believe they only put him on leave today after some 'public outcry'. Bump administrative his ass! I'm thinking of organizing a protest in front of the police station. Is his administrative leave a paid one or no?

He has been indicted for brutalizing a man whose hands were cuffed behind his back. What a pussy!

Here is something else to contemplate. This happened in October of 2007...yet not a word was uttered in the local paper until the indictment was handed down. I searched the archives only two relevant stories came up and both of them are from today.

Was this deliberately kept from the taxpayers of Alexander City? Did the Outlook not find it important enough to mention that one of our officers brutalized a handcuffed suspect so badly that he had to be airlifted to UAB? To me...that is pretty big news. I want to know why the good people of this city are just now being informed of this whole incident?

Regular citizens who engage in such conduct have their names printed in the paper almost immediately...and drug suspects even faster than that...yet this guy gets to keep a low profile for some six months...because....why?

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