Thursday, July 31, 2008

D.A. in John Alexander Rochester Case Steps Aside

I got word last night from a source close to the case that Clay County District Attorney Freddy Thompson has recused himself from prosecuting the John Alexander Rochester drug trafficking case. The Alabama Attorney General's Office has now taken over.

I don't know if it had anything to do with my publicizing this case so heavily, but I like to think it did and I feel like it did. If the D.A. had wanted to do the right thing then he would have stepped aside at the preliminary level and would not have been the DA at the bond hearing. That he waited until after the heat was on to step aside tells me about all I need to know.

I understand Rod Giddens, of neighboring Talladega County, will be representing John Alexander Rochester and that the D.A. prosecuting the case and the judge hearing the case will be chosen by the Attorney General's office.

I mailed the judicial inquiry complaint against Judge George C. Simpson last week and am waiting for word from them as to what they plan to do. I'll keep you all posted on the outcome. I am currently working on one against Judge John Rochester because, according to the Canon of Ethics he is responsible for making sure everyone in his court follows the law and the Canon of Ethics. Ultimately it was his duty to make Simpson step aside and he didn't do that.


Schnitzel_Republic said...

A number of years ago...I had relatives in a Bama county, that the family had owned this property for well over 75 years. The old guy next door died, and the property got sold to the number one attorney of the county. It was a V-shaped property, and he desperately wanted access to the rear of his property, but not via his own personal drive-way. He offered to buy a 40-ft chunk of the entire end of their property (over 1,000 ft long), but they refused.

My relatives left for a month, returning to find that he'd put up a road while they were gone. They prompty fenced the entry to the road, which he immediately sued in court, claiming that the new survey identified this property as his. My relatives couldn't find a single surveyor in the county who'd validate their they hired a out-of-state guy who quickly viewed their original property line as perfect and correct.

The court decided that the lawyer was correct. The family sat there in shock and tried to regroup...but no local lawyer would touch this case. The antics, and tactics (including midnight phone calls to them)...all lead to a pretty poor professional lawyer, who was deemed the top attorney in that county.

So the family found a young lawyer straight out of school, and asked for a different tactic...unprofessional attitude by a lawyer, and to have him disbarred. While the locals lay in fear of what this guy could do in court against them...the state bar association was totally opposite.

Six months later...they came up and disbarred this guy entirely. Then the family came back into court to redo the line business....which the guy couldn't represent himself, and the younger lawyer had full control of the entire case as the disbarred attorney kept interfering with the case.

The family eventually won. The disbarred attorney got into deep financial problems...serious drinking issues....and eventually had to leave the county.

You basically can't fight cases in Bama court....thats the lesson learned. But you can sure disbar individuals when they demonstrate poor comprehension of law. You merely need a young guy straight out of school to write the complaint, and cite references...and the guy is either temporarily disbarred or permanently.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure that the fact that he has stepped down probably won't stop you from saying that whatever the verdict is unfair. It appears that you are out to get this young man because of his dad. The only reason we are discussing this is because of who his father is. You say that you want things equal, but it's you Mrs. Nall that have chosen to discuss this so public. You are a public figure and you are choosing to talk about one that's not. You've turned him into one because of his father, but not because he is a public figure and you are calling him out. He was a regular private citizen and you've turned him a public figure- someone to taunt and tear apart every small thing. I've seen you do it time and time again. I agreed with the Troy King thing, but this is ridiculous. Poor guy. And you want drugs legalized, but you don't want innocent until proven guilty. SHAME ON YOU!! YOU'RE NOT WELCOME IN CLAY COUNTY!

Loretta Nall said...

That last comment was so silly that it got a whole post all to itself.