Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Republicans Get SPANKED ASS Handed To Them!

Since the end of the primaries I have been riveted by the now finished election. It has been the most fascinating thing I have witnessed in my 34 years and last night history was made with the election of Barack Hussein Obama to the Presidency of the United States of America. Americans wanted change and well, it would be hard to top this change. You couldn't get any more change than that. An African-American with a Swahili name. I never thought I'd see it in my lifetime.

I started this election as a Ron Paul supporter. When he was no longer in the race I had to make a decision between the two major party candidates. Surprisingly, the decision wasn't hard at all.

I voted for Obama. Not because I agree with him on everything. I don't...and most others don't either. But, is there anyone that you or I agree with all of the time? No. I voted for Barack Obama because I wanted to punish the Republican Party for the last eight years of driving our great country straight to hell in just about every possible sense.

I voted for Obama because during the election cycle he never sank down to the bottom feeder levels that the McCain campaign did. He was always cool, calm and collected. Grace under fire.

I voted for Obama because he is an intellectual and God knows we need some intellect in the White House after 8 torturous years of a President who mangled the English language every time he opened his mouth.

I voted for Obama because I believe he will once again engage our enemies in diplomacy instead of just bombing the hell out of them. Diplomacy is always preferable to war.

I voted for Obama because McCain had one too many 'senior moments' while the cameras were rolling. He never had a clear plan for getting our economy back on track. Hell, 90% of the time he acted like he didn't even know what the economy was.

I voted for Obama because McCain said he wanted to stay in Iraq for 100 years. My oldest child will be 18 soon and the Republicans cannot have his brilliant mind and great potential to feed to their meat grinder. Hell No! Ain't happening!

I voted for Obama because McCain is just too old to be President and the thought of Sarah Palin in charge of our country was the most frightening prospect ever. Plus, her voice annoys the hell out of me...and the way she does the beauty pageant wave, walk, wink and smile , and the fact that she bombed on all of her interviews, the fact that she knew nothing...not even simple things like a Supreme Court decision she disagreed with or what newspapers she reads and most frightening of all....her complete lack of understanding of the Constitution and what powers it bestows upon the Vice President. She answered that question wrong at least 4 times.

And...this is a big, big reason...I voted for Obama because of the way McCain supporters acted during rallies by shouting out 'traitor', 'socialist', 'Muslim', 'terrorist' and worst of all 'Kill Him'. The fact that it took so long for McCain to chide them for their repugnant behavior and the fact that Palin never did. Even last night as McCain gave his very eloquent concession speech his supporters were booing. What a bunch of low class swine! I am sick to death of that mentality.

I could go on and on about the reasons I voted for Obama, but I think you get the idea.

I believe Barack Obama will be a great President and will get our country back on track. I wish him well.


Anonymous said...

*Thumbs up*

Anonymous said...

Whoo-hoo! All superb reasons to vote for Barack Obama, but punishing the Republicans made me laugh. Obama's got A LOT of work to do and undo.

Schnitzel_Republic said...

I'm still waiting on an Obama speech which isn't 97 percent "fluff". The one true negative of this guy is that he doesn't put out any substance or program path. The speeches are presidential in is the appearance and look...but I'd like to hear something about "change in America" which tells what will absolutely change. Other than ending the war (which he's been real careful about dates lately), and fixing the economy (magic glue that involves government funding each & everytime)...this doesn't excite me much.

The McCain promises were too "Bush-like" and weren't much better than Obama's in terms of substance. Add in the Palin factor which was plus-minus at the end...and it just didn't excite folks.

Face it...we had two losers, and we picked or accepted the best of the two losers. If Obama comes out with negative achievements in the first year and no relationship with congress...then it'll be a repeat of Clinton's first year....and the Republicans take back congress in 2010.

The only sad thing I see is that Jay Leno and Jon Stewart lose half their comedy material when Bush leaves office. I think both shows will fail by the end of 2009, without a Bush in office.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Ripley van Winkle, I guess you just woke up. I'll fill you in. Here's what happened while you snoozed:

1 Enron
2 Cheney’s Energy Task Force
3 Jeff Gannon Journalist Mole/Closet-Gay Playmate
4 Jack Abramoff
5 Katrina Response
6 Veto Stem Cell Research
7 Federal Funding for Churches to Distribute Community Based Services
8 Carbon Dioxide (a Greenhouse Gas) Cannot Be Regulated as a Pollutant
9 Kyoto Protocol Rejection
10 New Nuclear Weapons Development
11 No Child Left Behind Underfunded
12 Bankruptcy Bill (Ties to Credit Companies/Banks)
13 Dick Cheney Saying, “Fuck himself,” on the Senate Floor
14 False information disseminated on Jessica Lynch & Pat Tillman
15 US Attorney Firings
16Torture World Wide Via Extraordinary Rendition
17 Falsification of Iraq WMD Claims
18 Valerie Plame/Joe Wilson Retribution & CIA Leak (Bush Knew)
19 No-Bid Contracts (Afghanistan, Iraq, Katrina, )
20 Halliburton Gas Price Gouging Military
21 GOP Phone Jamming Scandal
22 Justice Scalia Refuses to Recuse Himself from Cheney Energy Task Force Case (Roberts Does the Same)
23 Niger Uranium Forgeries (Bush Links Iraq & Niger in State of the Union Address)
24 Bin Laden Still Free
25 Dollar Drops to Record Low Against Euro (Dollars up today)
26 Bush Allowed FBI to Confiscate Records of Business’ Customers Without following proper legal procedures
27 Troops sent to War that are Unfit for Battle (
28 Walter Reed Scandal (
29 Patriot Act
30 NSA Spying on Peace Groups
31 Photographers Banned on U.S. Military Bases from covering the Arrival of Caskets
32Paying Iraqi Journalists to Write Positive Only Accounts of the U.S. War Effort
33 Military Erasing Journalists’ Footage of Civilian Deaths in Afghanistan
34 Matteo Fontana Placed on Leave from the Department of Education for Receiving $100,000 in Stock from a Student Loan Lender
35 Raised Levels of Arsenic for Gold Miners North of Yellowstone National Park
36 Bush’s #2 Domestic Policy Advisor, Claude Alexander Allen, Going Down in a $5,000 Shop-lifting Spree
37 Terry Schiavo Intervention Theatrics
38 Guantanamo Detention (UN Urged Closure & Military Panels Flawed, a Sham)
39 Guantanamo
40 Geneva Convention’s Provisions for Prisoner Treatment Labeled “quaint” By Gonzales
41 Abu Gharib Torture & “Gitmo-ized” by Maj. Gen. Geoffrey Miller
42 Erosion of Habeus Corpus

There are about 200 other things I could mention...but I don't want monopolize Loretta's space.

Don said...

Loretta, I agree that the Republican Party needed to be spanked, long and hard, but I didn’t vote for Obama because of my reasoning, as follows:
[1] Presidents are elected by the Electoral College, and not by popular vote.
[2] It was obvious that no matter how I voted McCain would win Alabama’s 9 Electoral College votes, so my vote wouldn’t help nor hurt either Obama or McCain, nor any of the 3 minor party candidates listed on the ballot in Alabama.
[3] The two major parties

(SIDEBAR You might say one major party, because there's not a dime's worth of difference between them now except in the rhetoric Republicans spew before gaining office, but then governing much as Democrats do once elected END SIDEBAR)

AND this country's mainstream media need to be sent the message that millions of voters are fed up with the 2 party system, its stranglehold on government and elections, and the candidates it puts on the ballot.
[4] Since "None of the above" doesn't appear on most ballots we need another way to send that message.
[5] Congressman Ron Paul, who was my choice for the presidency, suggested a few weeks ago that the message could be sent by voting for ANY of the minor party candidates or even writing in the valid name of anyone. All of those votes, added together, would send that message. Hopefully it will be heard and not ignored by media and the two major parties.
[6] So I cast a vote of conscience for the person I believe is best qualified to govern in these difficult economic times, and to govern in accordance with the US Constitution, by writing in Ron Paul on my ballot. I had even kept my Ron Paul yard signs after the Republican primary and added a piece at the top of them that says "WRITE IN" and put them back out.

Anonymous said...

Nice post Loretta!

— Brandon

Anonymous said...

Writing in Ron Paul's name sends a message all right. But not the one probably intended.

Anonymous said...

Sure McCain's people booed, but we will never know what Obama's people would have done had he lost. I am sure it would have been a whole lot more than booing. The local media was preparing for the worst if he lost. Why? What were they expecting. They expected riots galore. At least they weren't worried about McCain's people rioting. By the anger in your post and revenge on Republicans, you are proving that this is true. At least the Republicans shut up when they were hushed. You aren't shutting up about McCain and his followers even when Obama won. At least the Republicans lost gracefully. You can't even win gracefully. What a disgrace!!

Deb Murphree/Alabama Politics said...

I had seriously considered Huckabee to begin with. I also considered Ron Paul. I visited his website and was astonished at his delivery of over 4000 babies. That was something! I know delivering babies doesn't qualify you for President, but it was an interesting tidbit, otherwise :) With Huckabee, we would have gotten Walker Texas Ranger in the White House as a presidential aide, and Walker (Chuck Norris) can kick some serious butt! I considered all of the candidates before I made the decision to vote for Barack Obama. I considered that Barack had both white and black ancestry, and I felt that he could be a common denominator for both whites and blacks. He could be the thread to bring unity, where all else failed. I didn't vote for Barack because he was black, nor did I vote for Barack because he said he could bring change. EVERYONE SAYS THEY WANT CHANGE! I didn't vote for Barack to make history. I voted for Barack because I felt he was the best candidate to move us forward with the economic crisis. I also voted for Barack, because God forbid, if something were to happen to him in the presidency, and he would be disabled to carry out his term, then I felt confident with Joe Biden to be able to step in. I COULD NOT see Sarah Palin leading the nation, although she is a powerful and strong woman. She might be strong enough and knowledgeable enough to lead in 4 more years, but not this year. She was a little rough on the edges, and like you, Loretta, her voice drove me crazy! LMAO!!!!! GOD BLESS BARACK OBAMA AND GOD BLESS AMERICA!!

Anonymous said...

So you won't even post my comment...And you guys think that Republicans are closed minded. You won't even post a comment of someone having a difference of opinion than you. No wonder you didn't get very far in the election. The people obviously saw right through you.

I also read your first post about homeschooling. How sad that you took your daughter out of public school because she can't respect authority or those with a difference of opinion. I am sure she got into trouble not b/c she has her own opinion but of how she expressed it. I bet she got that from you.

Loretta Nall said...

anon...first I did not block your post. For the last couple of weeks only certain comments are sent to my email address and unless I check the comments moderation page I do not know the comments are there. This is what happened in your case. I thought blogger had worked tht out but apparently not. I raise my daughter is none of your business and most Republicans I know who are true Republicans are no friend to public school which turns out statist children who can't read, write or do math.

As to your frist comment...what a total load.

>>Sure McCain's people booed, but we will never know what Obama's people would have done had he lost. I am sure it would have been a whole lot more than booing. The local media was preparing for the worst if he lost. Why? What were they expecting. They expected riots galore.<<

All of that 'RIOTS IN THE STREET' garbage was being pushed by Faux News the mouth piece of the neocons. True, James Carville, a Democrat said things would be very, very tense if Obama had lost and they would have been, but that is a far cry from chaos and riots in the streets.

>>At least they weren't worried about McCain's people rioting.<<

That's because McCains supporters never had two elections stolen from them. I recall on more than one occasion McCain supporters plotting to kill Obama. That's some class there...let me tell you.

>>By the anger in your post and revenge on Republicans, you are proving that this is true. <<

There is no anger in my post. In fact there is JOY in my post. My post states why I decided to cast my vote for a Democrat and not a Republican. If Ron Paul had been the Republican nominee then I would have cast my vote for a Republican.

>>At least the Republicans shut up when they were hushed. You aren't shutting up about McCain and his followers even when Obama won. At least the Republicans lost gracefully. You can't even win gracefully. What a disgrace!!<<

Every Republican but you right?

Republicans got deservingly trounced and from some of the things I have read on Republican websites they lost with anything but grace. There is no disgrace in celebrating a victory that one is hoping for. It's no different than celebrating when your home team wins a big game.

The Republicans deserved to get slammed like they did for walking in lock-step with Bush for the last 8 years and getting us where we are today. They don't deserve grace from anyone. They deserve to be punished and punished severely so that they learn their lesson and never travel down this tyrannical road again.

Take your lumps sonny earned them!

Anonymous said...

Walker the Texas Ranger is so old he's probably on a walker.

The only butt he can kick are the ones in the script.