Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Veteran's Day. What Happened to the Iraq War?

Watching the news on this Veteran's Day here in America I saw a video that moved me to tears. Please watch.

Why are America's fallen men and women not given the same welcome home? Why aren't we allowed to see them come off the planes? Why is the Iraq War suddenly not on the radar anymore? We hardly ever hear it mentioned. It's almost like the government wants us to forget that it is happening. Why do we never see footage of the actual war happening in Iraq like what America experienced during Vietnam? If we could see some of that goddamn horror maybe Americans would have acted sooner to bring it to an end.

I've never supported the Iraq War. We never had reason to go there. They did not attack us. Saddam Hussein was no threat to us. However, I do and have from the beginning supported the troops. This war was illegal from the start and now the powers that be want to pretend there aren't dead coming back by the score and that is a fucking disgrace! They want us to forget the war and pretend that there are no dead sons and daughters. It is complete DISHONOR to those who answered the call, be it legal or otherwise, to pretend they don't exist and to give them no welcome home at all when they are repatriated.

What has happened to my country?

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