Sunday, March 22, 2009

War on Drugs as Effective as Prohibition

In today's Opinion section of the Mobile Press-Register there is a Special piece by Michael Thomason comparing the modern day drug war to alcohol prohibition.



Don said...

A suggestion, if I may:

Proponents of HB434, The Michael Phillips Compassionate Care Act, should deluge the Mobile Press-Register with letters to the editor saying something such as the following, but in their own words:

“In light of the ‘War on Drugs as Effective as Prohibition’ article recently published in the Press-Register which concluded that the war on drugs is not only ineffective, but also too costly and even counter productive to continue, the first logical and sensible step the Alabama legislature should take is to pass HB434, The Michael Phillips Compassionate Care Act in the current legislative session. Passage of this bill would allow physicians in Alabama to prescribe marijuana for certain of their patients who suffer from chronic and often devastating pain from various illnesses and who have not found relief from prescription drugs that are already legal, some of which cause unbearable side effects for which more drugs have to be prescribed, and often to no avail. Under the provisions of this bill the doctors, nor their patients could be charged with criminal conduct which could, in many instances, improve the quality of what life remains for the patients.”

Proponents of HB434 can also send letters to the editors of other papers, citing the article in the Press-Register and saying the same thing.

(AN ASIDE TO LORETTA AND ANY OTHERS SO DISPOSED: The article in the Press-Register could be posted as a diary on the Left In Alabama website or on other Alabama websites or blogs.)

sixstring said...

Won't this give credence to those who argue the compassionate care bill is about legalizing marijuana?