Saturday, August 01, 2009

81 Year old MeMaw arrested for bad bladder

This is SICK and makes the Mobile Police look like uncaring buffoons...which they obviously are.

A little 81 year old MeMaw with a really bad bladder was at her bank near Bienville Square in Mobile when nature called. The bank didn't have a bathroom so MeMaw set out for the nearest ones...the Port-a-Potties on the other side of the park. She didn't make it and when her bladder let loose she jumped in the nearest bushes, which, unfortunately were attached to a police substation in the park. An idiot cadet saw MeMaw, called for back up and MeMaw was arrested, booked, mug shot taken and charged with public lewdness. Now she is going to trial.

Do cops not have any decency at all? Hell do they not have any brains at all? You don't arrest MeMaw with her bad bladder for peeing in the bushes.

You. Just. Don't. Do. That.

If you have even a shred of human decency you turn your head and act like you didn't see know give her a little privacy. If she sees you then you should immediately remove your coat or jacket or shirt and use it to cover her so no one else sees her. You don't call for back up and have MeMaw arrested ya fuckin' moron!.

It's a shame MeMaw didn't turn that little punk-ass cadet over her knee and wear him out. And the punk-ass cadet is damn lucky it wasn't my MeMaw he caught peeing in the bushes. Cannie P. Sapp would have beat his ass with his own baton.

This MeMaw is taking her case to trial. Oh what I would give to be on that jury!!


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Christie O'Brien said...

Sad sad sad. Wtf is wrong with this picture?! Hopefully when that cop gets old...he will be completely incontinent. Would serve him right!

Unknown said...

What the hell is it with these punk asshole cops?

Are they out to prove just what obnoxious idiots they are? If so, good job.

Thanks for keeping 'em honest, Loretta.

Don said...

I guess I’m fortunate to not have been executed or at least arrested, tried, convicted and sentenced life in prison with no chance for parole.

Around 1969 I was in San Antonio, TX as a patient in the USAF Hospital awaiting the second surgery on my lower spine. After being there a couple of months and still waiting, my family was thankfully allowed to move there from Tinker AFB, OK so we could be together. One day we all went downtown to see the Alamo, some of the filming of a movie taking place there, and to stroll a bit on the famous River Walk. Suddenly I was hit with severe stomach cramps and an almost instant case of severe diarrhea. I thought, “Oh shit!” and told my wife and two daughters to go on to where our vehicle was parked. Then I quickly got behind the closest bushes and blasted off. Luckily, I had a handkerchief in a back pocket which I’ll never see again and no cop saw me.

Fred said...

Where to the bank employees go when they have to pee? Pretty piss-poor, so to speak, customer service!

Vape_1:29 said...

Christie O'Brien said...

- Sad sad sad.

Wtf is wrong with this picture?!
Hopefully when that cop gets old...
he will be completely incontinent.
Would serve him right!

- Christie,
You know what's WRONG w/ this picture?
Hoping that the cop becomes

(Shame on you!!! ;-) )

- He ought to become
completely-incontinent NOW!!!

(For not having
"even a shred of human decency",
as Loretta said...)

- - - - -

Fred said...
- Where do the bank employees go
when they have to pee...?
9:39 PM

- - Fred,
- The bank employees have an
employees-restroom to go to...
(I would presume),

(Think about that for a moment...)

- Have you EVER SEEN
a public-acessible restroom
at a BANK ???

I haven't....

Ann Gardner-Marull said...

Bank did not have a bathroom????? Yeah right!!!!! Do their tellers also use the bushes or portipotties? To start with, the bank is stingy with it's ban~o! The cop was an ass, but the whole thing could have been avoided by compassion from bank employees.

Jeff T said...

Does anyone have any contact information for either the arresting officer or the ranking officer of the local police station involved with this? This is outrageous. I think people should be calling, letting these assholes know their opinions of such a ridiculous arrest.

Loretta Nall said...

Hey Jeff T...I haven't seen that info anywhere. I don't imagine we will know the cadet's name or the name of the officer who was called in for back up until this case goes to trial. Best bet would be to call the substation at Bienville Square Park since that is where the arrest took place. I'll see if I can locate that number for you.