Thursday, February 02, 2012

A frightening picture of drug war reality

In Andalusia, Alabama 16 people have enterEd guilty pleas for various crimes and offenses.

One of those people, Christopher David Hughes, 32, plead guilty to "sexually abusing an intellectually disabled female family member, He has remained incarcerated in the Covington County Jail since his arrest in May."

The paper goes on to inform us that Mr. Hughes had previously been convicted and incarcerated for raping a 15 year old girl.

And the judge and prosecutor agreed on a deal whereby Mr. Hughes will serve one year in prison. For raping an intellectually disabled female relative.

Meanwhile nine of the remaining guilty pleas were from drug offenders. No mention of violence connected with their crimes of possession or manufacturing and certainly no mentally disabled rape victims in their wake. Yet the minimum sentence for this group was nearly three years and the maximum was 25 years on two drug charges.

What's wrong with this picture? Who are you more afraid of walking the streets? The guy who occasionally likes to smoke a joint or the guy who preys upon defenseless handicapped girls?

If I were in Andalusia I'd make it a point to let the judge and prosecutor know just how out of line these sentences are and be looking for their replacements come next election. I will be writing a letter tonight. I hope you will join me.

Child rapist gets one year, drug offenders get up to 25

Here is a quote from the esteemed Walt Merrell District Attorney of Covington county Alabama where all of this took place. The quote is from a story a few months back about how he planned to cage all drug users.

“(Those arrested) have preyed on the young, the weak and the afflicted for long enough,” Merrell said. “The act of selling drugs is sub human, and we won’t tolerate it. Predators belong in a cage, and that’s where we intend to put anyone who sells drugs.

– Walt Merrell
District Attorney
Covington Co, AL

Please take a moment and let Mr. Merrell know what you think about his practices.


Anonymous said...

That is b.s. i dont do any type of drugs nore drink but 2 tel u the trueth id raither live next door 2 a pot smoker any time than 2 have a child prediter or any type of sex offender near me. what is going on with this government when ul put a pot smoker in jail 4 3 yrs or more but u let a child malester or rapist bk out on the street after 1yr. people get ur head out of ur butts these are our kids our family these creeps are destroying their lives damn how stupid can u people be. what if it was ur daughter or son or even ur mother they did this 2 think about that! stop being so damn stupid an put our kids lives 1st

Anonymous said...

Howard makes some good points about the benefits of legalizing marijuana. It is truly odd how the USA doesn't worry about killing thousands of people overseas, even on false accusations of "weapons of mass destruction", but gets very bent out of shape about people trying to "hurt themselves" with an intoxicant folks have been familiar with for hundreds, maybe thousands of years. Can't adults be allowed to decide what they can and cannot ingest? Why must the government "care so much" about us? Why doesn't the government just bug off and start caring about lowering our taxes? Why not stop meddling in our lives?

Anonymous said...

Because the war on drugs is about a lot of things important to government. It is a way to erode our rights and make them stronger. It is a way to create vast riches for those in power. It is a way to corrupt and control the police. It is a way to make us all criminals and control us as Ayn Rand said in Atlas shrugged. It is about divide and conquer so that we do not fight the real enemy -- tyranny.

jonjon said...

I live in Andalusia and I have put up with these backwards politicians and all the BS they put us through I'm very outspoken on this issue they treat a man with a gram of pot like he's a serial rapist orange something and jet let a murder free I don't know if you have heard about that or not it is ridiculous the way this town is run that whole court house is twisted and crooked and its about time someone realized it...please let me do what I can do to help blow the lid off this place

Anonymous said...

My educated guess is that he rapes children while sober. How dare he use a harsh punishment on his type of crime he can't deal his own guilt. law dogs and officials are regularly reported as abusers of sex industry slaves. These sick men are eating children alive for their pleasure. our government says child rape....all just not a big deal. No matter how horrible or brutal or lifetime injuries sustained...death penalty is too much? Not to me! How sick is this man? Hell makes perfect sense to me Now. The opposite reason is very smart people who r anti government use drugs. And the government locks them up to suppress the opinions.