Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Gee...Guess I'll don my Burka

Apparently Alabama's premiere political columnist ran a picture of me in his column last week in which I was showing cleavage.

Allow me to express a personal note of appreciation to Bob Martin, the editor of this newspaper, for finding a picture of gubernatorial
candidate Loretta Nall to run with my column last week. I am sure it attracted a lot of readers.

In 55 years of political writing, that was a first for me—-a picture in my column of a woman displaying cleavage. I can only hope that my mother...and I know for a fact where she ended in the after life...didn’t see that column. She wouldn’t have approved of that picture.

Not sure what is wrong with cleavage as all women have it....even Bob Ingram's mom had it surely. Additionally, any picture taken before September 29, 2005 was not actually for campaign purposes.

It would be ever so nice if Mr. Ingram had instead contacted me about a photo to run with his column, which I only learned about through this column and have yet to read.

I guess maybe it is time to release the "Every naughty-girl thing I ever did" book to the media so people like Mr. Ingram won't have to waste time digging for what I would readily tell them if only they would bother to ask.

On the up side my web traffic has been through the roof....I guess nothing drives people to website quite like a shot at seeing some high profile boobies.

If I ever get Mr. Ingrams contact information I think I'll start by saying,
"Now that you and the rest of Alabama have been introduced to the twins perhaps you'd like to meet the rest of me."

Mr. Ingram, if you are reading this please contact me at your earliest convenience.

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