Saturday, October 28, 2006

To the Media: Get The Story STRAIGHT

Ok, so I have been enjoying the national and international media coverage over the last week. But I am becoming increasingly unhappy with all of the stories that make it seem as though I one day decided to whup out 'the twins' and start campaigning with them. So this post is to set the record straight.

In March of this year an Alabama political columnist named Bob Ingram wrote a smear piece dismissing my campaign and me as a candidate. I was not contacted before this article ran for an interview or given an opportunity to state my platform. I had never met and still have not met Mr. Ingram although we have talked on the phone.

In that article he used a picture of me which was obtained by the editor of The Montgomery Independent. The editor, instead of contacting my campaign for a campaign photo, decided to search Google images and the photo he used was from a few years ago....long before I formally announced my campaign for Governor of Alabama.

The next week after this article ran Mr. Ingram again referred to me in his column stating that,
"In 55 years of political writing no women had ever displayed cleavage in his column."

I got HOT about it and called him up and asked him what on earth he was thinking. How could he possibly form an opinion about me or my campaign since we had never met.

So, I wrote The Montgomery Independent asking why they ran a photo that has nothing to do with my campaign and expressing dismay at two well respected journalists discussing my anatomy instead of my platform. After all, they never discussed the fact that Lucy Baxley also has breasts and they did not dig up any old photos of her to run in a smear piece.

Then I made the t-shirts and other items that are all the rage today and shortly after one of my campaign workers came up with the idea of a "Flash for Cash" animation which you can view free of charge at the following links.
1 ($2)
2 ($20)
3 ($50)

So, please, if you are the media GET THE STORY RIGHT if you plan to report on me.


Anonymous said...

nice greetings from a german worker

i think you have good chance´s to win


Anonymous said...

I agree -- those are big boobs; The politicians. Fact is people are bored with corrupt politics, so anything to spice up the evening is always welcomed. The fact that you are Libertarian means your IQ is higher than your measurements. This is a move in the right direction for Alabama.

Pete from Georgia

Fran / Blue Gal said...

You know what I think, Loretta. Nice that Pete from Georgia said it for me. And I'm ashamed of the Alabama Democratic Party right now. Just ashamed.