Monday, April 16, 2007

Interesting Loretta Nall Case Factoid

I mentioned earlier today that the DA prosecuting the case against me tainted the jury pool.

This is the second time in this case that an agent of the state has deliberately and maliciously tainted the jury pool. The first incident was when District Judge Kim Taylor commented about the facts of the case to the local media. I filed a complaint with the Alabama Judicial Inquiry Commission (see page two of the complaint here)and the Judicial Inquiry Commission reprimanded Judge Taylor for his actions.

I don't know what it is going to take to get it through the prosecution's thick skull(s) that I am documenting every mistake they make and that I will fight this all the way to the supreme court if I have to. They have lied and conspired every step of the way in this case. The whole case is a complete fabrication by the police and the DA's office.

I mentioned last week that the DA's office offered me a deal that kept me up all night laughing, but that I would refrain from commenting on the terms of that 'deal'. Well, today the gloves come off and I am going to share with my readers and the public what the 'deal' the prosecution offered was.

The Deputy D.A. (Damon Lewis) indicated that the State would probably grant Pre-Trial Diversion and even waive the costs (fee) if I would consider doing it. The hitch is, they are going to require me to drug screen occasionally.

My response was,

I am fighting this all the way through. Tell Damon Lewis I said blow
me! The only offer I will take from the state is sign a waiver not to
sue them if they dismiss the charges. Tell him that for me please.

When the witnesses did not show up in court the case should have been
dropped. They should have been arrested. I would have been.

But NO I am not taking any plea bargains, any pre-trial diversions,
any piss tests...none of that. If they convict me and sentence me to
it anyway it won't be because I caved in and I can still appeal any
conviction. Looks like this one may go all the way to the Supreme
Court. I am not doing anything that would allow those law breaking,
first and fourth amendment rights violators to save any face. They
deserve every humiliation I can think to heap upon them.

I don't really advocate pre-trial diversion. I mean it is better than
jail for people who have substance abuse problems. I don't have one.
What I advocate is the government and police leaving people who aren't
bothering anyone else alone regardless of what they might be
ingesting. Until we get to that point pre-trial diversion is about the
very best option for people addicted to hard drugs.

You know Damon Lewis has a great deal of nerve to even come at me with
that offer. He knows I'll never take a plea deal or agree to piss in a
cup or plead guilty. I think he must be smoking crack. Maybe he needs
pre-trial diversion. Mental help he needs most definitely."

And so, Damon Lewis and E. Paul Jones, in case my lawyer was courteous and diplomatic and left out the meat of my response to your desperate plea to let you torture me for free for 12 months, here it is in black and white. I will not deviate from my plan to expose all of you for the criminals and constitutional rights violators that you are.
BRING IT! I'm ready!

I have to be back in court on Wednesday. My attorney says he has no idea if my case will actually be called, due to the fact that the DA's office regularly refuses to produce a list of cases detailing the order in which they will be called in any given session. My attorney says the DA's office will wait until the night before they intend to call the case to let the defense attorney's know that their case is coming up on the next day's docket leaving the defense attorney's no real time to prepare.

Another reason the DA's office is doing this is because they know I can draw a huge crowd of supporters and media to the courtroom and they want ZERO witnesses to their illegal activities. If you aren't busy on Wednesday please consider coming to the Courthouse in Alexander City to attend my trial or bear witness to the continued misconduct of the prosecution.

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